Hey, do you like winning? I love winning. That’s why I’m making this hearthstone beginner’s guide, so you can win as much as I do. Today, we’re talking about Playing on curve, which is the most important concept to understand when you need to play which cards. If you just learn about Playing on curve, you’ll be able to reach legend with the easier to play decks. Playing on curve, what does it mean? it means using all your mana crystals every turn. Now why is this important? In hearthstone you get limited resources, you have 30 health, you have your cards, you have your hero power and you have your mana crystals. So to have the best chance to win, you need to use your resources as best you can, every little thing matters. If you end your turns with mana left unspent, you’re throwing away resources, you can’t get them back, you lost your chance, it’s wasted. So before you make a play always think about the best way to spend your mana crystals this turn, but don’t stop there, the next turn, and maybe even the turn after. It’s really easy, we’re just counting. I’ll explain more with some examples and exercises: It’s the start of the game, we drew these cards, we need to mulligen, which means, replacing the cards, but which cards do we mulligen? Keep the focus on mana cost.

Well, we don’t mulligen any card at all, we have a 1 mana card for turn 1, on turn 2, we have 2 mana, so we have a 2 mana card, and on turn 3, we have 3 mana, so we can play our 3 mana card. So just like that, you’re able to look 2 turns ahead. Druid has a lot of mana manipulation that you need to understand to play the class well. Here is turn 1, how do we play the first 3 turns? This is how I’d play it, turn 1 innervate play raptor, turn 2 wild growth, turn 3, we have 4 mana now, because of wild growth, gnomish inventor. This is a bit more complicated, because we’re playing shaman, and shaman has overload, in fact every single card in our hand has overload. which of these cards would you mulligen and which ones do you keep? And how would you play the first 3 turns? Take a moment to think, remember, we have a coin as well. So what is my thought process, well we have a few options, he has turn 1, so he might play a shawshburgler and get a patches, neither are good targets for lightning bolt but in general, I’m not too afraid of rogue in the first few turns, if they don’t have the coin at least, so that means, I’m probably not going to play lightning bolt, on turn 1 or turn 2.

Instead totem golem, should be able to deal with anything he plays, if we coin it on turn 1, we are overloaded on turn 2 for 1 mana, so we’ll have 1 mana left, and you might say, “hey, for 1 mana I can play lightning bolt”, but there is nothing to lightning bolt, and actually playing it on turn 2 will leave us overloaded for 1 mana on turn 3, which means we won’t be able to play feral spirit. Since we can’t play lightning bolt on turn 2 or 1, we get rid of it. However against a different class you might want to play lightning bolt on turn 2.

In that case you’d coin totem golem on turn 1, play lightning bolt on turn 2, but only have 2 mana turn 3, so you wouldn’t be able to play feral spirit. Which means, you get rid of it. And you also get rid of the 2nd lightning bolt in that case. If we’re talking about playing on curve that’s a good play as well. But just not good against rogue. Now we’re at turn 3, but do we actually play the feral spirit? Why am I asking you this? It’s the best play on board and it plays into our mana curve. Well, if we play feral spirit now, we’re overloaded for 2 next turn, we won’t be able to play flamewreathed faceless next turn. so in some match ups, I wouldn’t have played feral spirit, I would’ve sir finleyd and hero powered, so I would be able to play the faceless next turn. However, we’re playing against rogue and I don’t want to have my faceless sapped, leaving me overloaded without a board.

So we do play feral spirit. Ok now I’ll show you a real game I played, and explain to you how I was thinking about my mana and how to play on curve. These are all too much mana, to play early game, so we get rid of all of them. ok, I have no 1 mana cards, so we pass. I have no 2 mana cards, so I hero power. I have 1 3 mana card, so it’s an easy choice. The game is pretty straight forward so far. It looks like I might have to play swipe on turn 4, but now I drew arcanosmith, which is a much better play. Turn 5, now we have 3 choices, but swipe leaves us with 1 mana left unspent, so it’s not very good right now, also it’s not very good on board and it will be much better later on with spell power. Druid of the claw is not bad on board. But what we really want to do, here we’re thinking ahead a few turns.

Next turn we have 6 mana, so we want to swipe hero power. Probably next turn. The turn after we want to play ancient of war. And on turn 8 we want to play Ragnaros. And Ragnaros is really good, if we clear his board, because Ragnaros is really bad against small minions. So if we’re going to swipe hero power next turn, we want to set up for it. How do we set up for it? We trade our 3-2 into his imp. So hopefully he will trade in such a way that the minions on board all have 2 health. And hopefully the azure drake we’re playing this turn will survive. And then we have a spellpower swipe, that just clears the board, and we win the game from there.

Ok, this is perfect for swipe, hero power. 7 mana, we play our biggest minion. 8 mana, but we drew innervate, so we have potential of 10 mana. So instead of playing Ragnaros here and playing into twisting nether, We can Innervate, feral rage, hero power, kill his emperor, only for 5 mana, we have 5 mana left. We can play druid of the claw, which we still have because we didn’t play it on turn 5. 5 mana plus 5 mana is 10 mana, and we did 9 damage to his face. Just 1 warning, be careful of playing innervate first, because you cannot go over 10 mana. Ok, 8 mana, we can play Ragnaros now. And I was thinking about playing the living roots here. But it doesn’t help us, 2 extra 1-1s, they still die to aoe. So instead I just want to keep the extra card in our hand, it might set up lethal for us later.

Here we have 1 mana, so I was thinking about playing living roots, but, it doesn’t help us, instead I rather keep it as a card in our hand, so we can use it to kill him later. At this point, playing on curve isn’t that important anymore, we’re more concerned with finding a way of killing him. Which we do. Just by keeping in mind the concepts of playing on curve, we only had to make a few choices about which cards to play. Let me know in the comments below which decks you think are best for playing on curve.

That’s it for this hearthstone beginner’s guide on playing on curve. Please ask me any questions you have about playing on curve in the comments below. And hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching, see you in the next video..

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