Good evening smelly pickle. Feels like we’re exclusively looking for arcanologist and doomsayer here for a really strong 2 drop(cough). Paladin is really fast a lot of times you really need to hit those, I have a frostbolt to kill off those murlocs, (plus?) it could be slower midrange paladin. Against slow paladins it’s like not keeping acolyte is pretty painful acolyte is so good but acolyte would not be good if he was a Murloc Paladin, it would really only draw one card with Warleader coming out and stuff like that. Let’s get our barrier down before block. If we had Medivh’s valet it would be block first.This is the first game ever played where I felt like I couldn’t cycle through my entire deck very fast, I did cut one acolyte though but I never had this problem before.The add-on? Hearthstone deck tracker, I’m actually showing everything now like my overlay(cough cough). We need to cycle this to get more draw(L) I don’t even think we’re Medivh’s valeting any minions even if I draw Medivh’s valet it’s going to be for the face.. After. ‘Cus he’s playing Control Paladin we need to save as much damage as possible.

We have to beat forbidden healing which is very very hard. Okay, actually I’m happy to see this Murloc ‘cus if he’s not playing the Murloc ‘Cus, ‘cus he played nothing for the first like 5 turns I thought he was playing control paladin meaning that’s a harder matchup. Could try for the frost nova Doomsayer, It’s a big payoff I normally like timing frost nova doomsayer turn 8 before I Alexstrasza. That way if they have Lightlord(Ragnaros) but you clear they can’t really play Lightlord like it’s really good ‘Cuz you can send them to 15 then fireball, fireball, frostbolt with the Alex up that’s like checkmate plus if they Lightlord they still die, but with this hand I’m actually .. Need to take a risk here if this goes off here because my hand is so bad I have no DRAWL I have no AI, Acolyte, Loothorders stuff like that, even glyph could potentially DRAWL more cards. This is a play where I’m praying it goes off hehe.

That way I get back in this game ‘cus right now I’m in trouble.Seems like some sort of getaway kodo if he’s not making a hero power. We need DRAWL.. I guess we try and take Tirion turn 8 it’s a fast matchup I feel like I’m going to valet to keep the damage down a little bit if he’s playing Murloc I should have enough damage with Pyroblast and everything after also it’s a little bit annoying for the getaway kodo to still be up going to Tirion that means I have to kill the unit first before killing Tirion ‘cuz I don’t know if it’s getaway kodo or..or getaway kodo on Tirion is not that bad because it doesn’t really matter to get double Tirion in this matchup. But! Redemption would be bad I guess ‘cus I need to get my Tirion through to get the damage in. What do we ping here? I don’t think any is relevant we can ping the biggest minion and set up for AoE.

We don’t have.. So it’s just like the blizzards, ping his face but I think we’re all hmm. I actually there… let’s count so okay we have 15 +10 I have 25 damage I guess we ping face I mean minions just straight don’t matter where as face… I don’t know if I get Alex really really late I might just decide to have to Pyroblast him instead of Alex.

We need to be careful with that line though (cough cough) for this reason. Hehehe,‘Cus paladins run heal so you can’t just count that you have 25 damage and say it’s checkmate ‘cus it’s not true. I mean first of all we don’t have DRAWL, I might as well try this. There is no downside to this I feel. Umm if this fails he kills with equality right? That means I go face here I can also frostbolt his face to prevent Equality Truesilver I don’t think that matters..

If he equality Truesilvers It’s fine I don’t need to clear his board all I need to do is kill Lightlord. I don’t even care if doomsayer goes off. If he Equalities I’m okay ‘cus I can just ping it. I guess if he Equalities he’ll heal to 30 again but I’m still on the Alexstrasza plan. Alright, well that’s good for him that’s fine though it went off, and I didn’t have to expend any burn. Yeah, we not going to have damage if we pyro here we have 25 then another frostbolt I mean it’s just bad ‘cus.. Might as well go for Alex if I keep hitting DRAWL. hmm, so should we start fireballing him now? It’s like I can just keep hitting this DRAWl right and then start fireballing I don’t have to Pyro first. I mean, technically we do have enough damage and he has used his Lightlord.The thing is we have so much time ’cus he has..

I’m at 40 life and he has a 2l6, if I was more in a hurry. I guess, but he can still have Lay on hands. Tirion doesn’t really matter here. I’ll assume that most people aren’t running lay on hands but, then if he’s not he’s losing anyways. As long as I have enough time to use all my spell. That’s some damage, Maybe just take Firelands and just go for it but its only 5 damage though for 5 mana or 7 mana not exactly the best mana efficiency.

This I’ll just go for DRAWL. Hopefully, it’ll give us more damage than 5.. but it’s slow.How much time do I have? Actually, I have some time. I can kick bunch of useless cards though, like Flamestrikes, Meteors, All removal is useless.I have 8 more cards okay. Actually, let’s take Firelands portal. Uhh, let’s go for his face here. This takes some sort of compromise here. Like maybe, we do this.. and let’s see Fireball Fireball Frostbolt one turn, This one turn.I’m just going to ping to maximise my damage. I kinda wanna leverage around Alexstrasza too. If I get Alexstrasza next turn I still play it or else I’m just going to pyroblast him next turn, and set up for 2 turn lethal here. It’s not, It’s not giving us.. Like even if we get Frostbolt or Valet we’re not 1 turn lethalling him at 21 instead of 23. Still can’t burn burst for 21. We can still burst over 2 turn with pyro and then Fireball Fireball Frostbolt that’s 25. Yeah, this way it’ll allow us to leverage Alexstrasza to save some burn. Alexstrasza into uhh..

It’s still 2 turn lethal then I will beat lay on hands too, ‘cus we don’t waste too much damage.Even Truesilver is.. Let’s see, he can have another Truesilver as well. Just gonna freeze him. Can we possibly beat lay on hands? I don’t think so at this point.I mean I have enough damage to beat lay on hands but there’s also Truesilvers. Probably a second one too.So then I’m not sure if we can beat lay on hands and second Truesilver. It’ll be too much healing, with Alexstrasza being the last card. Cuz it doesn’t feel like they develop too much pressure and then.. You DRAWL more cards even though they probably save their Alex to heal whereas, you have to use Alex offensively but .. it’s just Medivh is too much of a power.. Like puts you so all in that you can’t really beat Alexstrasza and ice blocks anymore. Whereas, if their board isn’t so big you can still be up ahead and still have enough time.

Crab tech. I don’t think there’s reason to trade. I’m gonna close my door and stuff. There are reasons to trade it’s just it’s not worth it (cough cough).. Like consecration and stuff. He’s playing control paladin.We need all the damage we can muster. We also need to DRAWL cards. Umm, Nah, I don’t think I ever keep my..I don’t think I ever fireball it to keep my guy alive. Some incentive to play my Bloodmage instead but (cough cough). I just need to keep DRAWLing and then I play Bloodmage for damage.If we go to AI we go to 10 cards. It’s actually kind of weird. The most important thing to do is have a good way to deal with Lightlord or have 15 damage Alexstrasza and have Frost nova Doomsayer going off on turn 8. Or if the board is clear on turn 8. Then I can just Alextrasza him. If we Alexstrasza him to 15 he needs peacekeeper. he can’t Lightlord or if he Lightlords he can’t peacekeeper equality. I’m just only trying..Alexstrasza that’s like the number one thing I need right now.

Some more damage. Do I ever Bloodmage here to try to DRAWL more? Instead of this glyph. I think so, forget about the spell power. Umm, here. We’re getting to the point where he might not be wanting to Alex. Like I don’t even need to Alex. He’s running at 22 maybe. Let’s start chipping him more. Then maybe he’ll have to Lightlord. Then maybe we can Alextrasza after Lightlord or Lay on hands.I don’t like Freeze mage why the change of heart? I actually don’t like it, I feel like I should branch out and playing decks that I don’t like even more. Like freeze mage and (cavern druid?) and stuff, Like they’re really good to mix into tournament lineups. I noticed that Aggro(cough cough). Aggro lineup won in a CN vs EU, I play al Mid-range decks really weak to aggro. Control beats Aggro, Aggro beats Mid-range, Mid-range beats Control.

If Aggro is too strong I can’t win with Mid-range lineups. Freeze Mage is kinda more control it’s combo but Freeze mage crushes Aggro. Anything deck with Doomsayer beats Aggro basically. Nah, There is no way we wait for Alexstrasza I think.umm.. Give me like burn DRAWL. Yes.. DRAWL iceblock and then we still have 10 cards. Mana efficiency wise we better fireball him actually.

It’s ‘cus he has a taunt if there was no taunt the 2l3 development makes more sense but..(takes a deep breath) I don’t think I played this match up right actually I realised, I need to save burn. I mean ah.. It’s so weird. I need save burst burn because forbidden healing if we can force him to forbidden healing. Actually, yeah. Okay, might as well let’s do this. Let’s force a Forbidden healing to 30 then we.. I mean I still don’t have Alex(takes a deep breath). But I feel like.. If I didn’t fireball him add more burn. He would have to forbidden healing at around 15 or 16 or 17 depending on how yolo he is and then I can Alexstrasza him after forbidden healing. But, Ultimately we don’t have Alex yet. Now, we’re just waiting for Alex. I’m never winning the board I’m not even gonna bother. I guess pinging the minion makes more sense if I’m always Alexing.

I should leave as many minions damaged for Lightlord though. I think I am going to have to run the second acolyte.There’s suddenly not enough DRAWL. Although I can get stuck with like too many of these cards. Acolyte’s hard to use.Is he gonna [cough cough] block here? It’ll be bad to spend mana on block. This is still a double Stead. I don’t think we ever connect with Alex with this taunt here and the Stead too. Yeah, we aren’t gonna bother. Alex is just useless with the body. Can we leave any damaged minion for Lightlord? Not really. Oh, I lose to eye for an eye too if he has consecrate. If he can set me to one I lose. Oh, this matchup is kinda hard. Maybe, I should have.. Oh, no no frost nova is useless if I’m at 3 ‘cus he can still consecrate me and eye for an eye.

The minions don’t matter here at all for eye for an eye ‘cus the 3s can’t actually set me to 1 with the minions but he can still set me to one with consecrate. Oh, he is at 7. So unfortunate for that. We can’t do 7 in one burst. I can go for a tie if he was at 6. Oh, he didn’t have consecrate. Or he messed up. He’s dead now..

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