(Deviant Gaming Presents) So… Three…seven…11…. (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Arenas – Episode 1) …14, yeah we have enough. (Get Hunted) So we’re just gonna do that. (Deviant Gaming) Hearthstone Rogue Arena with HSDae, June 14, 2016 This is gonna get a little bit weird. I think I give up all of this right here. Oh, we’re against a hunter I think I’m going to hold on to my Deadly Poison. I would prefer a better option than using the Deadly Poison but if I have to use the Deadly Poison for removing and controlling. I like coining out Flame Juggler here; waste the Battlecry cause the Battlecry will at least ping face. If it was one to a random minion then I might…I might wanna wait for him to actually drop one but since it’s not I – I really give no fucks.

And between a Backstab and weaponing up, I can Do three damage to whatever he calls. Welp, not popping the Nerubian Egg, that’s for sure. I’m not doing that yet. I can go ahead and use a charge here ’cause I will Razorfen Hunter next turn, and, if I must trade I will face and Backstab whatever…. Rexxar: “I wonder….” So…I don’t need to face anything there, but…Backstab and Razorfen Hunter happens. Voodoo Doctor: “Someone called for the doctor?” I’m going to trade into the 2/1 and…board control. I’m still gonna Razorfen Hunter here, ‘Cause…that 1/1 can assist me in killing this Nerubian Egg when I pop this egg. So I kinda want it there. Raging Worgen… might have been a good option but…it really depends on what he plays? Injured K’valdir: “I’ll take you down with me.” Alright, alright, alright. This is…. Valeera: “I wonder…” So… I wanna weapon up here. Oh wow! It’s a Dart Trap. Oh thank God.

Thank God, that makes life so much simpler. So we’re gonna pop that, we’re gonna kill this thing, we’re gonna kill all of it, and we’re gonna do this. Ok, so, Am’gam Rager…that not gonna actually, like, do anything. Whatever the hell this dude was thinking when he drafted this arena — if he was thinking — it wasn’t…it wasn’t right. or he just drew really, really, really badly here. Rexxar: “Hmmm…” So, we’ll Journey Below, we’ll Xa’ril Poisoned Mind here. We’ll go ahead and draw that card, ’cause we can. Bladed Cultist: “A Little Cut….” Razorfen Hunter: ‘Suck steel, swine.” Maiden of the Lake: “I am freed from the curse.” So… Three….Seven….11….14, Yeah, we have enough, so we’re just gonna do that. Copyright 2016: HSDae | Hearthstone Guide | Hearthstone Rogue Arena | Get Hunted | Thank you for watching! And don’t forget to Like and Subscribe!.

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