(Deviant Gaming Presents) Mind Control Tech Value! Woo-hoo! Aww. We got a 1-drop. (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft | Arenas | Episode 2) Silver Hand Regent: “Be purged!” So that’s a 2-0. (Mind Control Mayhem) (Deviant Gaming) Hearthstone Rogue Arena with HSDae, June 14, 2016. Innkeeper: “Valeera vs. Anduin.” Anduin: “The Light shall bring victory!” Valeera: “Watch…your…back.” So I’m going to hold on to the Nerubian Prophet here…and the Deadly Poison. I’ll throw back the Fan of Knives. I’m not okay with any of this really, but the Deadly Poison is the — closest thing to…what I’m okay with having than the rest of it. Sweet. So I just weapon up here — save that charge because I have Deadly Poison. If they don’t give me a reason to Deadly Poison up next turn, I hold the charge — anyways and Nerubian Egg because I do want to follow the Nerubian Egg with a Twilight Summoner. Ooh…you know what? Yes…yes we’ll Silver Hand Reagent here. Valeera: “Here we go.” Aww man, Velen’s Chosen. Oh wow….Welp, re-weaponing here isn’t really a huge concern of mine. Getting rid of that Annoy-o-tron is damn sure a concern though.

So we will. Oh…my…god…. Alright, you know what? We will go Undercity Huckster. We have no heals — steals we have no big minion removals. Undercity Huckster could give us a Shadow Word: Death — it could give us Shadow Word: Pain; it could give us a whole lot of gay crap we — really can’t use like a Embrace the Shadows. there are a lot of good Priests cards we might be able to get off of it.

If I could do…more than one damage to it I would’ve traded the other way around — and took five so one damage really isn’t a big deal. Anduin: “I must consider….” Holy Champion: How many fingers do you see? “Twilight Summoner: “This document looks legally binding.” Undercity Huckster: “Hey…hey, you wanna buy a funnel cake?” I’m not going to give him anything to heal to go ahead and increase that Holy Champion. If he wants to heal something he can heal my face!” And then he can have more attack power. Otherwise he doesn’t get more attack power. He has to attack a minion, and then heal. Evil Heckler: “You smell like a Leper Gnome.” Okay, so he gave me Mind Games. Let’s see what Mind Games gives me. Tomb Spider…it’s not that great but…meh, okay. Defias Ringleader: “This is our town, scrub!” I’ll attack face first He could Holy Nova here and…maybe..he could Holy Nova and trade into the 5/5 — that this Twilight Summoner is going to release.

But most of his best options here are really just to trade, heal the minion, and lay — something new. Honestly lay something new with near seven value is his best option. But healing that Holy Champion is not a horrible idea, either… Per say. Anduin: “I must choose quickly!” If he does heal that Holy Champion I can get three cards. Cult Master: “Join. Or Die. Or both.” Twilight Summoner: “Signed in blood.” Gadgetstan Jouster: “My mount very rarely explodes.” Defias Ringleader: “You looking at me?” Now he’s going to want to get rid of that Cult Master first or he — gives me a bunch of cards for whatever trades into. Well, he could trade the Holy Champion, trade into the Cult Master, Shadow Word: Death the — 5/5. That would leave him three mana. He could heal the Holy Champion and have a six-mana minion and then….trade into whatever he feels like. If he trades into the 5/5 he loses her. He could Power Word: Shield her and buff her.

Giver her more life so he can remove it. Trying to think of what all possibilities he has here. Anduin: “I must choose quickly!” Shifting Shade: “My echoes are eternal.” Valeera: “Hmm….” So…we definitely Psycho-Tron here. I’m not going to pop that Shifting Shade here. Defias Ringleader: “You looking at me?” Anduin: “I must consider….” Violet Teacher: “Pay attention, class!” Defender of Argus: “My shield…for Argus!” Violet Apprentice: “I’m ready to learn.” Hey! MInd Control Tech Value! Aww…we got a 1-drop. Psycho-Tron: “Hello!” Defias Ringleader: “You lookin’ at me?” So that’s a 2-0. Darkshire Alchemist: “Just a pinch of liquor.” Not really seeing a whole lot to do here. I was initially thinking trade was good here, but I only have a Chillwind Yeti and not a lot of follow through. Anduin: “Well played.” If I don’t remove — my minions off the board for them they really can’t remove enough minions — from my board to survive.

Okay, so…they’re going to trade into the 4/4… Shit, I should’ve traded there then, because of that Mind Control. Anduin: “I must consider….” Oh…he obviously must want to keep that. Yeah. But he did that backwards. If he had traded her into this — I couldn’t kill Bog Creeper here. But now I can kill the Bog Creeper. What crack is he on? Anduin: “Hmmm….”.

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