Welcome guys with this video want to start in you serious which I call what’s the play am should come up with a better title feel free to let me know in the comments below am as for now it’s called what the play and it’s about an in-depth turn analysis our game plan allows us of a given game stayed of a given game play and where tried to evaluate the am possible options try to combine it with the knowledge that we have about the am situation and the game and to come up with um probably like optimal place or options that we have for this and maybe future turns so to get huge to get used to the format and we’d we start with the more simple example but it will get a little bit more sophisticated overtime I can promise bad but as for now we start with the more of a basic problem and what I got from Reddit from STM medio are however you want to pronounce this name band wolf on dreaded who wrote with it I’m playing a pass under deck at the moment and I’m still trying to figure out how to believe paste image and port control so a.m.

The games that pretty obvious them he played a leper gnome turn one and its opponent mates calling out a snow Checa am so what are the options now it’s basically like a little bit more than it seems like because you could play and from the left to the right could play collects you could go all famous clips to cut shape to look for GNOME could play leper gnome go phase leper gnome trait the lebanon forward good player all and trade delivered on the board or al interface or you could just your power and you know they’re go face with a lot for GNOME or train at that the check a since other are already it a few options a lot of them sub-par obviously but I am we probably don’t want to play the Second Lebanon from hand because it’s of curve and it’s very likely that we like me to lebanon to smooth out the curve maybe the in maybe even then the next turn but on the future trends so we know that it’s probably make mange given that the place no trigger thats but I would assume from the Sun games than so we want early aggression and early part control to not get snowball by some kinda love a.m.

Power-play affairs maybe like a macro for something we don’t want to get frozen by the striker if possible because we run probably for weapons are back and we already got one from in our hand so the play that comes into mind is playing the Clippers aka and to avoid being frozen and trade the leper gnome this seems to help to be the optimal playing for this particular turn am but what will follow after that and mmm you get the bar 10ish to so he can play at too many many in the next room the good thing is that he calling out the snow checkers so weak to put trade 141 we already got some tempo and you get finished have of developing the next am million on the board we don’t know how many carts cap that’s what the like and important am information at this point and but let’s assume you can play it to dry up and given that we assume it’s make mange it will probably be something like make proper second circa or and maybe an annoyed Sean we couldn’t kill any of these but given that their are not this many good silence targets in make mates anyways we could silence one of them hit with Eclipse aka and played a nap lebanon to make sure that we have something on the board that can deal with whatever he plays am of course something like make Wolper and clockwork no clockwork gnome would put us under severe pressure but the pressure doesn’t get away by Knotts trading with the snow Tiger are not a.m.

Dealing with a right away so polemics turn we might just play them I’ll let her know maybe just leper gnome your power depending on how he develops a sport and of course of what we draw our given the low curve of 800 X am it’s very likely actually to get something that we could play next turn maybe even like a wolf rider to deal with their AMEC Papa right away or something like that but as for now I would suggest to play the clip so good to trade the leper gnome into the snow China so the remaining question is do we go pace with Eclipse aka and this is actually an interesting question especially because if you place my Cooper and withdraw you are both for example it might be rights to get rid of the charge so that we don’t have to like waste to charges of the clips aka but as things stand at the moment it might get all might get into trouble getting the ball control so on the long run like in the firsts mmm in the next two or three turns so I would suggest not to attack but the club soccer but it’s a very close call here so equipment let’s look at treating the Lebanon into the subject is pretty pretty much given but attacking it and the mate just space with lets the corn on is kind of a close call and I would probably saying no just keep the keep it because he might play something like annoy a Tron and then we can silence that with the owl kill the noise Sean and played a leper gnome with it and have a 2-1 weapon that too and 221 a.m.

Millions on the board which will give us a good way to deal with let’s say SpiderTech the turn off towards but of course the everything might went wrong and might go a rock and he might play americorp run redrawn you go hard bound want to deal with all my cooperate away am these things of course happen but we still have the owl to deal with that so we can be kept silence the MacBook Pro two like stop the bleeding of him getting makes up very early and then hit it with the clip soca and play the leper gnome with it so he can upping our guys the way it’s one term before he could play a and global investment also so it’s likely that some of our minions will survive so that we can trade with my papa later on now that’s in about a this form and I hope you like it let me know your opinion in the comments please so that I can maybe improve or continue or well maybe retire this format if you hated and of course feel free to and bring your own gameplay things so that we can cuss discuss these also and thanks for watching guys until the year and I’ll see running time: bye bye home

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