Hello everyone. It’s neonangel back again in the Plague Quarter. We’re going to be facing Heigan the Unclean today. He’s the second boss in this wing. His special power is Eruption and it deals 3 damage to the left-most enemy minion. And he uses Deathcharger, which we’ve seen in previous fights before – 2/3 Charge for 1. And his special card is Mindpocalypse – both players will draw two cards and gain a mana crystal. So let’s go ahead and see how this goes. I’m basically using what is a modified zoo deck and I’ve got Dreadsteeds in there, which are really important because once you get them out you don’t have to worry about anything else dying again. You just put them to the far left and they’ll get hit every turn with his Eruption ability and you don’t have to worry about anything else dying.

Now what I typically like to do is – and this actually started out pretty well – I like to use a Shadow Bolt on the Voidcaller and then whatever gets summoned from the Voidcaller use the Sacrificial Pact on it. Or [haha] well, he decided to use Demonfire on his Voidcaller. A lot of times about the best way to deal with that is to go ahead and use the Sacrificial Pact on it. And that’s not good. But instead of going for my face he decided to try and kill one of the spiders, so I’m actually going to be able to kill him here anyway. If he would have ignored that I still would have been able to get him, but you know, he should have went for the face. He gets cards – I get cards – we all get cards. I’m gonna go ahead and get the um, Swamp Ooze out of the way because I want to make sure that I can actually kill what I’m targeting there, cause you don’t want to have a bad roll on the Imp-losion.

And placement is really important in this. You want to make sure that you’re putting things like the Haunted Creepers or the Nerubian Eggs to the far left, so whenever his special power triggers at the start of his turn it will go ahead and bust them. Sadly you can’t control where the Imps go. They just automatically go to the right. And he gets to wipe out everything [haha]. Yes – I am threatening him right now. And there’s a Dreadsteed. So that will definitely come in handy here very soon. And whenever it dies it just spawns in the same place, so like I said, whenever you put him out there just make sure he’s at the far left and don’t put anything on the other side of him. Of course now he has his own Dreadsteed. He is such a copycat. [haha] He’s like “Oh, you have a Doomguard. I’m gonna put one out too!” I’m glad I went ahead and drew there first. That way I can hang on to the Soulfire a little bit longer.

Yeah, what you gonna get with that Voidcaller? Oh – nothing! And I don’t want to kill my uh, uh Dark Iron Dwarf, but I also want to put something big out there. So I’ve got a decision to make here if I want to go ahead and blow it up or give it another turn or two. I guess I’m gonna blow it up. He would have died next turn anyway from his Dreadsteed, so you know, why wait? And of course it got rid of the Soulfire, but that’s alright. And he shouldn’t be able to play anything to prevent me from winning. Yeah, see even that’s not gonna do it. So he will be dead. So that’s the first win and like I said in the beginning, you gotta really be careful of the placement, where you’re putting your minions.

Just make sure you aren’t accidentally getting something blown up that you could have saved. I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I win five games. And we’ll see how that goes. I hate it whenever he uses that Demonfire on something because he can make any of his minions just huge right away. And likewise, if you get something huge on your side a lot of times he’ll end up copying it with the Faceless Manipulator. And he should be dead here next turn. Yep. That’s win number two. That’s a nice start there. Uh, two eggs and a Dreadsteed. Of course he kills it immediately. Awwww, he didn’t have anything in his hand. And I’m already getting pretty low, but I think I should be able to make a comeback here.

Well there’s a Healbot, so that’s gonna help a lot. Oh, oh…that’s gonna be close [haha]. Definitely need to kill that right away. I think I managed to make it out alive on that one. Just by the skin of my teeth. Win number three. And like I mentioned before I hate it when he gets those starts where he just puts Demonfire on the Voidcaller, but I was able to go ahead and Sacrificial Pact it and he just got an Imp – Blood Imp. Seems like he always has a Soulfire in his hand. He’s just waiting for those Doomguards. Uh, uh this one could be pretty close too.

But I do have a Sacrificial Pact so that’s gonna come in handy here. Again, just too close for comfort, but I got it. Win number four. Let’s see if I can go undefeated here. And getting a…an Infernal out on like the second turn is just really a pain. Sometimes he’ll just have crazy starts like that and it’s hard to recover from. And it’s looking okay right now. I think I might be able to make it. It’s pretty close though with that Doomguard. And he’s dead. So that is five in a row with this deck. So it’s a pretty solid deck, as you can see.

And I’d say probably the best card in it is the Sacrificial Pact because you can usually kill his minions – and it doesn’t cost you anything. So I would definitely make sure to have that in your deck. Anyway, thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time..

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