Welcome back everyone! It’s neonangel again and this week we’re going to the Military Quarter. It’s the third wing for The Curse of Naxxramas. We’ll be facing Instructor Razuvious. His special ability is Unbalancing Strike. It deals 4 damage to you or a minion. He uses Deathcharger, which most of the other bosses here do. Massive Runeblade is…massive. It will deal 20 damage to you if it actually hits you. He starts with two Understudies, which you can immediately take control of with this Mind Control Crystal. And I do recommend using it right away, otherwise he can get his weapon out and just hit you right away. If he is able to hit you with his Massive Runeblade you should probably go ahead and restart, because it’s just too much damage to recover from. I want to go ahead and keep the Noble Sacrifice and the Bloodsail Corsair here because Noble Sacrifice is a great way to go ahead and prevent him from attacking you with his Massive Runeblade, because a lot of times he will coin out his weapon on his 2nd turn and just straight attack you, so you buy yourself some time there.

Also, the Corsair is a great way, obviously, to get rid of his weapon. And see, there’s his Massive Runeblade and he’s going to get stopped by the Noble Sacrifice right away. And I’m going to get pretty good value here because since he doesn’t have anything on the board I can probably stop him with this other Noble Sacrifice that I have left, but I’m just gonna go ahead and put out a minion right now. Now a lot of times the Deathlords do pose a problem getting through, because I don’t have bigger stuff until a little bit later, although the uh, the buffs can help. But I’m not real concerned about getting through and damaging him just yet. I’m more concerned about keeping stuff alive and dealing with his weapon. Just making sure that I don’t get hit. You don’t want to get hit once. And now in this part of the game he’ll probably just start using his special ability every turn and killing something or nearly killing something. Hopefully I can get something nice from the Deathlord here. Sunwalker is good. And you usually want to be pretty careful here about how many minions you put out, you don’t want to really overextend, so I probably got a little too many on the board, because he will cast Brawl and just wipe you out.

And his third Runeblade. He has four in his deck. I’m able to deal with that one right away, thankfully. But if he draws the last one, that could cause problems. Get a free card there. And a lot of times he will ignore your shielded stuff, umm because he knows he can’t kill it and he doesn’t want to damage himself, but he will put stuff out there to take care of it.

That’s usually when you’ll see him do a Brawl. Yeah – and there it is. At least I got to keep one of them. I would have been really upset if it got both of them. And at this point I’m just gonna hope that he does not draw the last Runeblade. He’s just gonna try and race me by damaging my face here. I’m gonna go ahead and buff these guys up to just get a massive amount of damage in there and insure that anything that attacks me is going to die. Also, if he attacks me he’s going to be taking a lot of damage. There’s the last Runeblade, but if he attacks me he’s going to be killing himself, so he…he’s gonna do it anyway, but it does not help him cause he’s going to be dead.

So that one worked out pretty well that time. But it’s a toss-up you know, especially when he draws into that many of his weapons. I mean in that match he drew all of his weapons, so luckily I had a good hand to face that. So I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I win five games. Let’s see how that goes. Like I said before, you want to go ahead and use the Mind Control Crystal right away and keep anything in your hand, like the Swamp Ooze or the Corsair that can go ahead and destroy the weapon because he nearly always has at least one of his weapons right at the very beginning.

And he has two of them. And he’s gonna cast Brawl on that. At least I got to keep my big minion there. I really hate The Black Knight. He can definitely cause you trouble. Especially with your Arcane Nullifiers, cause he can go ahead and kill em. Soggoth is really handy to have because he just has to run everything into him – he can’t get rid of him either unless he Brawls and gets rid of him that way.

This is going to be difficult to come back from here. And another Runeblade. Wasn’t anything that I could do there he was just going to do too much damage to me. So that’s my first loss. Again, drawing two of his weapons right in a row. I was lucky to get the Soggoth out then. I’m actually surprised that he didn’t kill Soggoth with The Black Knight. He really hates anything that has Divine Shield on it. Cause that causes him a lot of problems. I was looking pretty good there until the Avenging Wrath just wiped everything out. But I think I got him. And another Brawl. Luckily I was able to survive there. Win number two. Noble Sacrifice is good here. See – wiped his weapon out and didn’t even have to use anything to destroy it. But of course he had a second one waiting again…like he has every single game so far.

But with four of them in his deck odds are pretty good he’s going to draw into them fairly quickly. Well, at least my Taunt stuck around there. I think I got him here again. Well, the Deathlord doesn’t help, but I should still have him. There we go. Win number three. Let’s see if he has another Runeblade to replace it. If he does – I’m ready. And he does. Have I mentioned that I hate Brawl. Oh, and The Black Knight – I hate him too. There’s a lot that I hate about Instructor Razivious actually [haha]. It looks like he’s gonna be dead though unless he Brawls again.

He did not Brawl – he is dead. Win number four. Let’s see if I can get that last win here. And I think every single game so far he has had two Runeblades at the very start. And number three here, so this is already looking very bad. It’s like I said before, if he gets one hit in, I’m done. But that’s also the reason I didn’t concern myself with heals very much in this deck, because he does 20 damage with one hit. So, there’s nothing that really heals that much, that effectively anyway. So, if you take one hit you’re probably gonna lose. Oh gosh [haha] at least my guy stuck around there after the Brawl. It was a tough one, but I managed to pull that one out. That’s win number five. Thanks everyone for watching. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it gave you some ideas on how to face Instructor Razuvious. See you all next time!.

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