Welcome back, everyone! This is neonangel. We’re going to be starting on Knights of the Frozen Throne today. We’re jumping right into The Prologue with The Lich King. He has a series of cards that he plays that are the same every time. He starts off with Blood Tap, makes his next spell free. He casts Army of the Dead and gets all of these Ghouls here to fill up his side of the board. Umm, after that he’s going to play Frostmourne and then Bolster all of them. So this is a fight that you cannot win, so don’t even worry about dying, because you’re supposed to die in this. It’s part of the fight, in fact. Once you die you’re going to be raised as Jaina and you’re going to get a new ability here, where you still deal 1 damage, but anything that you kill is going to summon a Water Elemental. And you aren’t going to be able to lose, pretty much. You’ll be facing Tirion at this point and he has a series of lousy minions that he keeps churning out here for five turns, the first five turns.

And during this time you have just a free chance to destroy him. You’ll get certain cards, Death Knight cards, that I’m showing here, that you can play on turns 2, 4, 6, and 8. But you really shouldn’t even make it that far, in fact, you shouldn’t even make it to where you get Frostmourne. And once I show you the fight here you’ll see why. It’s a fight that you’re meant to lose in the beginning, but then you’re meant to win once you become a Death Knight. It doesn’t matter what cards you see here at the beginning, because none of them you’ll ever be able to cast. The cheapest ones cost 4 mana – you’ll never make it to turn 4, because you will be dead on turn 3. So just pick whatever, throw everything back, don’t throw anything back, it doesn’t matter. And just sort of enjoy the ride. What I love here is that, you know, they’re building up Tirion coming to help you out and he does not make it in time. See, I’m just damaging myself here [haha]. It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever! So there’s no way that you can win here, and just to add insult to injury here, umm on turn 3 you’re gonna geta Magma Rager.

It’s in fact the only thing that you’re able to cast the entire time. Such an awesome card to have! And to add insult to injury he has to Bolster everything, just to further smash your face into the ground. And like I said, this is intended. There’s nothing you can do. Now he does have other cards in his deck, but you never know what they are because you never make it past turn 3 and he always casts the same cards in the same order. The encounter is meant to go that way. And now that you’re the Death Knight here, uhh you pretty much cannot lose. You have to just outright make a ton of mistakes to lose here.

And you will get certain Death Knight cards, like I was saying in the intro here, on your turn 2, 4, 6, and 8 once you’re a Death Knight. See, you’ve got Obliterate here. Really, none of the Death Knight spells matter, except whenever you get to the Anti-Magic Shell that really buffs everything up and you should definitely use that, but until then, you can really play however you want. Because all of these minions that Tirion plays for the first five turns are absolute garbage [haha]. He even mentions what garbage they are here in another couple of turns. So really just play whatever you want, kill his stuff, get more Water Elementals out there, and you should have no problem beating him whatsoever.

I love A. F. Kay here, and if none of you have played World of Warcraft or any other MMO, you may not be familiar with that term: AFK is Away From Keyboard [haha] and the minion can’t attack or anything, so that makes perfect sense. Warlock on Fire – big attack, but it kills itself at the end of the turn, so not much use. A lot of funny stuff coming out there. Now here’s where I’m going to draw the Anti-Magic Shell and just go ahead and buff everything. I’ll go ahead and kill one of these first to get a free Elemental, buff everything, and then just go for face, and you don’t have to worry about anything else the rest of the time. Like I said in the beginning, it’s not a fight that you should lose if, if you just play halfway decently you should be able to kill him pretty easily. And that’s going to be it. So you’ve beaten Tirion here and he’s like “Oh, please turn away from the dark side!” and you know, you do, you turn back to Jaina instead of Frost Lich Jaina here.

But it’s a really fun prologue, and if it’s your first time playing it, then you’re going to get a free Death Knight, that you don’t already have, so that’s pretty cool. So that is my first win. Normally, this is where I would go through and play five games through, until I’ve won all five of them, but I don’t think it’s necessary for this. This is one of those things where it’s a really nice opening encounter, uhh sorta just show you what the set’s about and it’s just a lot of fun, so I don’t think I feel the need to go through and show you five games because you should be able to do that on your first try. Anyway, I really hope that you have enjoyed this. I enjoyed the encounter a lot. It’s a lot of fun! And look for some other videos, actually showing you gameplay here soon. See you next time!.

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