Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and today we’re going to be facing the third and final boss in the first wing of Knights of the Frozen Throne. It’s gonna be Lady Deathwhisper. Her special ability is Whisper of Death and she’s gonna take all of your minions down to 1 Health with this ability. It’s going to do that automatically at the start of her turn. She has special cards, actually, YOU have a special card – Valithria Dreamwalker. And that’s going to be your heavy-hitter and a big way that you’re going to be able to defeat her. We’ve also got Skeletal Knight, which we’ve seen in the other fights and Looming Presence, which we’ve seen in a ton of fights, as well. And, umm, the deck that I’ve created for this one is really cheap. It’s only 800 Dust and it’s all Common or Basic cards, so it’s not going to be difficult to make.

Your big cards for this are going to be your heals, so Binding Heal, Flash Heal, and also your Holy Nova. Anything that you can use on Valithria to go ahead and heal her up to be able to attack is what you want. Your other cards, Voodoo Doctor and Earthen Ring Farseer are going to be your other heals that you use for her. And, umm, once you heal her just 4 times and attack, then Lady Deathwhisper will be dead. So let’s go ahead and get started here. And when you’re doing your Mulligan, umm, it’s not a real big deal what cards you start with.

It’s nice if you can have a heal so you can go ahead and get a hit in right away, but it’s not crucial. This isn’t one where you have to just race or anything like that. And all of the minions that I have in my deck, except for The Grim Necromancer and I think the Earthen Ring Farseer, everything else I believe just has 1 Health, so you don’t even have to worry about her special ability affecting anything. And really the whole goal of this is just to be able to heal up Valithria enough times to attack and kill her. And if she doesn’t come back with a Taunt after this, then she’s gonna be dead.

And looks like no Taunt. So that is game over for her. And there you go. That is win number one. Now I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games against Lady Deathwhisper. I almost called her “Lady Valithria”. Getting her and the Dragon mixed up. And sometimes you have to use Valithria to run into the big Taunts, which is alright, cause you’ve got plenty of healing spells in there to be able to use on her. See, like the Deathlords, they’re difficult to deal with unless you’ve got the Shadow Word: Pain. It’s usually just easiest to run Valithria in there and hit him. And I never use the Ironbeak Owl on Valithria unless I’m going to be able to kill her that turn [haha] or I know I can protect her, because otherwise she’s got a huge target on herself and she’ll be killed right away.

But anyway, that’s win number two! I really like using the Potion of Madness on Haunted Creepers. That’s always fun. Getting really low here. If he doesn’t get a Taunt here [haha], then she should be dead. And she’s dead! And again you’ll notice that I’m holding onto that Ironbeak Owl til the very end. And that’s just if I don’t have another heal. The Shadow Ascendant that she plays can be really annoying if you don’t take care of that fairly quickly. There’s win number four! And that is win number five – flawless victory! So as you all can see, that is a pretty fast fight, really. Ummm, your games don’t last very long and, like I said, you only have to heal Valithria four times to be able to attack and do enough damage to kill, to kill your opponent there. So it’s a fun fight! I really enjoy it! And you get to use all those Common cards too, so that makes it even better! Anyway, I’ll see you next time! Thanks!

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