Hello everyone. This is neonangel, and we’re going to finish up the Plague Quarter today. We’ll be fighting Loatheb, he’s the third and final boss in this wing. His special ability is Necrotic Aura. He does 3 damage to you – it’s not on auto-cast, but he will do it every turn. He has Deathcharger, also Sporeburst – it does a damage to all enemy minions and it summons a Spore for him. Deathbloom does 5 damage to a minion – summons a Spore. And there’s the Spore minion that he gets from those cards. So let’s see how we do. The Crazed Alchemist can come in really handy for you on this fight because you can instantly get a buff from the Spores. So you don’t necessarily want to use him right away, but sometimes you have to just to get rid of the Fen Creeper that’s there. But I’m gonna go ahead and use the Power Word: Glory on him so it negates that he’s doing to me every turn.

And I’m gonna roll the dice here and hope that he doesn’t kill the Shadowboxer. A lot of times he will, though – so it’s a toss-up whether he survives or not. It just depends on what kind of mood he’s in I guess. Now here if I go ahead and flip the Spore I can just go ahead and kill the Fen Creeper. Unfortunately I lose the Shadowboxer too, but there’s really no way to get around that. I can’t keep taking all this massive damage every single turn. And I’ve seen him use the Sporeburst card multiple times just to kill one minion. So if he’s got three or four of them in his hand he will cast all of them and just fill his board with Spores just to kill your one guy. And having the Priest of the Feast is absolutely awesome, because you can gain so much life back and really be able to stabilize with that card.

I think I’m gonna go ahead and put the second one out here and this next turn I should be able to just gain a ton of life as long as I can live. Yeah, see this is gonna, this is gonna work out pretty well it looks like. Cause I’m gonna gain 6 life just from casting that from the Priests and another 5 for the spell itself, so I’ll get 11 just right off the bat from that and kill one of his big guys.

Of course I’m absolutely going to clear the board cause I’m killing the Shade too. Now I’ll be survived [surprised] if they survive a turn. Yeah, I knew one, at least one of them was going to die. Now I want to try and put some minions out to go ahead and get them buffed up as well. Go ahead and make the Lightspawn a little bit bigger here and go ahead and kill the Fen Creeper. And of course this whole time I’m just gaining more and more life from the Priest – the Priest of the Feast. Not to mention the Holy Champion just keeps getting bigger as well. And he should be dead the next turn here. As you can see, I’m back up to full health. And that’s all from the Priest of the Feast. So that’s the plan you know, just get a couple of minions out there – they get quickly get buffed to a ridiculous amount – and then, just take him out.

I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I win five games. And you’ll get to see the fast version. And the Lightwells are good to start with too, just because most of the time he ignores them. So you may be taking, you know, 3 or more damage a turn, but uh, you’ll be gaining 5 back. Yeah, he should be dead after this [haha], cause they’re huge! That was win number two. I’m cutting it really, really close here [haha]. If I can just survive another turn I think I can stabilize. Yep, he’s dead. That was win number three. As you can see, whenever you have the Shadowboxer and the Priest of the Feast, and the other minions that get effects from the heals there is just a lot going on.

And it’s awesome to see Shadow Word: Pain, because that’s the best way to get rid of the Fen Creeper. I love seeing that in the opening hand. Poison Seeds is absolutely annoying, because you get these minions buffed up and then suddenly you have nothing. Now that he’s got a Shadowboxer too we’re both sort of – both taking damage from it. I really think I left the Shadowboxer out there too long probably. I don’t know that, that was the right move on my part. I should have went ahead and killed the Dancing Sword. I was just hoping to try and take him out there, so…that killed me right there. Yeah, unfortunately not much I can do. Well, that’s my first loss there. It was pretty close there until the end, and I made a mistake there, so let’s see how the next one goes. I’m surprised that he let my Cultist live, cause he hates those things.

He never lets them stay on the board. And he’s dead there. So win number four. Again, as you can see, the Crazed Alchemist is great for just putting your minions out and then putting the Crazed Alchemist out and, uh flipping one of the Spores. Give them all that huge buff. Again, I hate Poison Seeds here. It’s really annoying. And for a second time. And there we go. That is win number five. See it’s not too bad as long as you can get a, a decent start. You really want to have Shadow Word: Pain, or Crazed Alchemist in your hand, or Power Word: Glory. Something to get you started right away. And if you can just hold out – you should be able to come out okay in the end. Anyway, thanks for watching! See you next time..

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