Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and today we’re going to be facing Lord Marrowgar. He’s the first boss in the first wing of Knights of the Frozen Throne. His special ability is Skeletal Reconstruction. It’s gonna heal him back to full Health at the end of his turn, so unless you do 30 damage to him all at once he’s gonna keep coming back. For special cards, one of the ones he has is Deathcharger, which we saw in the early Naxxramas Adventure. Another big threat is Bone Spike – it’s gonna do 15 damage to you, and Bone Storm does 1 damage to everything – he draws a card, uhh, Bryn’troll, the Arb – the Bone Arbiter, that is a huge Windfury weapon of his, and then he’s also got a Skeletal Knight, which is gonna allow you to draw a card once it dies – from the current set.

Now as far as my deck goes, umm – really try and take advantage of the Bone Spike that he puts out. Ummm, biggest cards in here are gonna be the Silence effects because you have to get those silenced because the 15 damage that it does – it WILL kill you. You’ve got to really be careful of that. But where we take advantage of it is we use Convert to steal it and use it against him and Shadow Visions just helps us pull out all of the different spells that we have. And we don’t have a lot of spells, but we’ll be able to get what we need in a pinch, so that should really help out. Let’s go ahead and get started and see how we do today. The cards that you start with, umm, it’s best if you do have a Silence effect, because if he plays one of the Bone Spikes early, then you really want to have something to deal with it right away.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and keep everything that I’ve got right here. And normally you want to hang on to the Shadow Word: Pains for the Sludge Belchers, but it’s probably okay to go ahead and use it on the Raptor here. Go ahead and get rid of that. You can also use that on the Bone Spikes, but I prefer not to because you really want to leave, you want to Silence them, but still leave them on the board. That way you can use your Convert to grab a copy of them. If you kill ’em, they aren’t there to Convert. I’m gonna go ahead and grab the Inner Fire here so I have it ready for if I get a Bone Spike. Probably should have taken the Shadow Word: Death [haha], but that’s alright. Hey! I drew a Shadow Word: Death, so that works out okay. And you’ll notice I’m not even attacking because, why bother? He heals to full Health at the end of his turn, so he might as well be immune. You’re just wasting your time attacking until you can do a full 30 damage to him.

And you never want to play the Acidic Swamp Ooze in here. You definitely hold onto that for his weapon. Don’t play it any other time, because if he gets his weapon out he can just clear everything and doesn’t have to worry about dying because he’s gonna gain back to full Health. I really made a mistake there because he’s gonna be able to – if I don’t go ahead and kill him here he’s just gonna kill the Elemental and get a free kill off of that, so I should have healed the Elemental actually, so I screwed up there. Cause since I didn’t heal it he was able to kill it with the Deathcharger. So, my bad! Ah, finally he plays a Bone Spike. And I’ve got everything that I need to take care of it. I’ve got the Silence and I’ve got the Convert, and also the Inner Fire to use on the one that I steal. And the key too is don’t be in a hurry to put out the Bone Spike, because there’s really no reason to, until you can do that 30 damage for sure, don’t even put him out because you run the risk of him running everything into it or drawing his weapon and he’ll just kill it.

Now it’s not looking real good for me here. But I can still do this here. Now I just hope that he doesn’t draw his weapon here. So yeah, he doesn’t have a Taunt now and I’ve got enough on the board to kill him. At this point I’m just playing around. You can go ahead and gain Health with the Priest of the Feast, which he is really good, as always, you know, for being able to just bring you back from the brink of death and being able to just gain a ton of life from the spells that you cast. But that is going to be win number one for me! And I’m gonna go ahead and play through, as usual, until I have won five games.

So sit back and relax! Now I would have had him dead there, except he was able to kill one of my guys, but I still got him anyway. I was still able to buff up the Bone Spike to be able to do just that last bit of damage to him. See, once you have the Bone Spike, since you’re doing the 15 damage all at once, umm, if you have the Inner Fire, you know, that’s another 8 damage just from the Bone Spike, so you only need to do 7 more damage to kill him.

So it’s not a lot. I’m gonna be able to kill him with just Bone Spikes here I believe. [haha] Yeah, if you get two of them out, then he’s toast. There’s not much he can do if they stay on the board. Now him getting the weapon here is a problem, because he can kill anything that I have and I don’t have the Swamp Ooze to take out the weapon.

So he’s probably gonna get me this time, just because I can’t deal with the weapon. I mean he can do 6 damage a turn to you or kill anything that you put out, so it’s a real problem. Yeah, he just got me too low too fast there and the weapon is a huge problem. So that will be my first loss there. He’s just throwing Bone Spikes out there early this time. Again, his weapon though. I really need my Acidic Swamp Ooze here. Hey! There’s a Swamp Ooze! I could have used that a turn earlier though! But he’s dead anyway [haha].

That’s win number four – just one more. I hate it whenever he plays Roll the Bones and just keeps drawing cards, one after the other. See, that weapon causes so many problems. And here I am drawing the Swamp Ooze – like a turn too late! [haha] Okay that was pretty funny! But I can still kill all of them, so it doesn’t matter. See, I’ve went this whole game without drawing a Convert, otherwise this would have been over way earlier [haha]! So, anyway, that is win number five.

Thanks for watching, everyone! I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope I’ve given you some ideas there. With this deck the big thing is being able to steal those Bone Spikes and just using them against him. And the fight is not that bad. But if he gets out his weapon against you, if you don’t have the Swamp Ooze, then you’re gonna have trouble coming back from that. Anyway, I will see you on the next one!.

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