Hello everyone, and welcome back! I’m neonangel and today we’re going to be facing the fourth and final boss in Blackwing Lair. It’s Lord Victor Nefarius. First thing he’s gonna do is use his “True Form” hero power to change into Nefarian, add 50 Armor to himself, and his special power is “Wild Magic” – he’s gonna get one of your class cards. That’s on auto-cast. One of the special cards that he uses is Tail Swipe. It’s gonna do 4 damage. He can target you or one of your minions with that, and you will be able to get help from Ragnaros. Uh, in normal he will give you a card every turn, but in heroic you only get one card.

And hopefully you get something like the Son of the Flame, which will deal 6 damage, uh, to something else. That’s really helpful. The deck that I used for this incorporates a lot of new cards from Journey to Un’Goro. Some really good cards to have in your hand at the start are gonna be Lost in the Jungle or Muster for Battle. As long as you can keep putting out even small threats, he’ll exhaust a lot of his removal on getting rid of those, but you’ve also got Lightfused Stegodon and Quartermaster in this deck, which can really make your small minions very powerful. And in a single turn you can take out his whole line. Let’s go ahead and get started and see how we do. Now one thing you’ll notice right away is that, umm [haha], whenever I was doing my recording for this, I had changed some settings on my computer and unfortunately I didn’t record any of the gameplay audio.

Ummm, luckily we all know what the sounds “sound like”, so hopefully you won’t miss it too much. I’ve got some music playing under here, so that will take some of the dead silence out, at least. Sigh…sorry! I absolutely refused to go back and re-record this just because it didn’t have sound. It was such an absolute pain to record in the first place. I was a little bit mad. Just a little bit. Now, it’s not unusual for him to go ahead and just Flamestrike – yep, see – there he goes! Uh, he loves to do that at the beginning. Again, if you can just keep putting out small threats he’ll waste a lot of his removal on them.

And it really helps whenever you can get Son of the Flame, like I did just there, from Ragnaros. You only get one card from him in heroic though, so you’ve got to make the most of it. And with Muster for Battle here on my next turn, if I’m able to keep them alive, I can do the Lightfused Stegodon and really, hopefully get something good from the Discover ability and I can take out whatever he puts out, especially if I get something like Poisonous.

Or you know, he can just continue to burn his removal spells on those small minions. That’s fine with me. Yeah, I think I’ll probably use one of the Stegodons here, see what I get. I’m gonna prioritize that I think over the Quartermaster. For one, I can go ahead and get an extra Silver Hand Knight in there – and I did get Poisonous, which is awesome. If he doesn’t take these out, then I’m really gonna be able to destroy anything he puts out for the next several turns, at least. Of course he’s got a Cleave – and he’s got another Cleave in there too. Or, I’m sorry, he already used the other one. So no more Cleave, but again, he’s burning through his removal spells. Now he will still have another Flamestrike in there that he can use to take out my line. That’s another reason I don’t want to put the Quartermaster out yet, cause even if I have several of the Silver Hand Recruits buffed they’ll all get taken out by the Flamestrike, so I sorta want to wait.

And Dinosize is pretty hard for him to deal with, unless he draws one of my cards that does something, unless he gets another Equality or something else like that, then he’s gonna have a hard time dealing with it. I’ve got plenty of ways to deal with the [haha] Drakonid Crusher though. Not too worried about him right now. Yeah, and for some reason, instead of killing [haha], instead of trying to kill one of the Silver Hand Recruits, which he could have done, uhh and killing one of the other minions with 3 Health, he was just determined to kill that Quartermaster. So not a real smart move on his part. And he should be dead next turn. Well, maybe he survives…I dunno. I don’t think he can [haha] take care of enough to keep me from killing him. I’m just sort of rubbing salt in the wound right here. I feel like I’ve earned it. And that’s gonna be win number one for me. And right now I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games.

Again, like I said, this is uhh, this was a really tough boss, which is why I did NOT want to go back and re-record winning the games just to get the gameplay sound. Sorry about that! Once you play him you will understand why I didn’t want to go back anymore! Like you saw there, if you just keep putting out small threats he’ll start burning all of his removal and that’s really the best that you can hope for, is to…see like I just drew out a Flamestrike with two minions on the board.

If you can continue to do that, then you’ll finally be able to establish yourself. And for some reason he did not kill Tirion there! I don’t know why! He decided to go for the Stubborn Gastropod – that’s fine, cause it killed him anyway! See, I figured that would draw the other Flamestrike out. So he’s already burned his Flamestrikes, now I’ve got my minions really buffed up. What started off looking like a really bad game for me has completely turned around now.

And I’ve got Consecration, so that just wrecked him, absolutely! That’s gonna be win number two. Now one thing that I don’t like about the Gastropods, especially using them early, is that a lot of times he’ll use his Blackwing Corruptor to deal 3 damage and just destroy it outright. Don’t get to do anything with it. So that’s a little frustrating. That game went pretty fast though, unfortunately, first loss. And see, like I said, exactly the way I said, he just killed it immediately. But that’s what it’s there for – to draw out removal. See, I didn’t get Poisonous there, but I got the Deathrattle to get the Plants, so [haha] that’s really frustrating for him because he’s gonna keep trying to kill everything, but again, it burns his removal so I’m completely fine with that. Still need to try and wipe out what he has on the board. Uhh, don’t want to get too confident there. Once he fills up the board, it…you know, it’s just a matter of turns before you’re completely dead. I always love to see the last Flamestrike go by.

And that’s win number three there. And he’s nearly emptied his hand of minions there. Yeah, he just got…got going way too fast. And sometimes you’ll have games like that. You’ll just have to try again. So getting to use the uh, the Poisonous Silver Hand Recruit twice is awesome! See, I’m gonna get to do it with the Pit Snake here again. Awwww, that’s too bad. I could have had double Quartermaster that next turn and that would have been HUGE! At least I don’t have to worry about Flamestrike anymore. I was able to get Poisonous again. But he still keeps killing everything! This one was a pretty tough one, but I think I’ve got him.

Uhhh, I screwed up there. I could have killed him, but I still got him anyway. And that was win number four – just one more. Yay!!! My Eater of Secrets did good! He wasted two Tail Swipes just to kill the Quartermaster, who is absolutely useless after he actually hits the board. He’s really not much of a threat. And that is how you beat Lord Victor Nefarius.

I appreciate you watching today and sorry it took so long to get it out, but this wing was really tough! And it was also challenging because Journey to Un’Goro was coming out at the same time, so I had a lot of stuff going on. But anyway, thanks for watching and I will see you next time!.

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