Hello everyone. It’s neonangel, and we’re going to be finishing up the first wing for The Curse of Naxxramas today. We’ll be fighting Maexxna in the Arachnid Quarter. Her special ability is Web Wrap. It returns two minions to your hand every single turn. It’s on auto-cast at the beginning of her turn, so you’re always going to be getting something back to your hand. And the only special cards that she uses are Necrotic Poison, which is extremely annoying because it only costs two mana and she can use it to destroy any minion that she wants to. So let’s go ahead and get started. And when you’re thinking about your mulligan you want to go ahead and keep things that you can cast right away, like the Archers or any of the other 1-cost minions.

That way you can go ahead and start doing damage just as quickly as possible. She’s gonna start with two Haunted Creepers and she will pretty much cast those every turn. She has about six of them, I believe. Yeah, that’s not uncommon for her to just go ahead and coin out another Haunted Creeper and you’ll probably see her cast another one on the next turn. Now this also makes it very easy for you to cast your Sea Giants, because there are so many minions on her side of the board. And the Scarlet Purifier is great here – it’s sorta like a Consecration, but a turn earlier. Whenever you draw it early on against her. Now what’s good about this is that she can’t cast anything else unless she kills my minion, but because of the auto-cast it goes away. It goes back to my hand. Now I could go ahead and cast the Sea Giant, but it’s going to come back to my hand immediately, so there’s really no point in doing that.

Now that I was able to do Muster for Battle I got some minions out there and then cast the other Knight that was in my hand. So – he still ended up coming back to my hand, but there was a good chance that he might stay on the board. Now she’s got her own Sea Giant, as you can see. And uses a Necrotic Poison on one of my Knights there, so…not really sure why she wanted to do that. But with the Mind Control Techs here I can roll the dice and hopefully get a Sea Giant. Even if I don’t, that’s okay. Uh, I’ve got the Equality here – I’m gonna go ahead and kill it. But I really made a mistake there because I should have went ahead and cast the Sea Giant first, but that’s alright. And I got lucky there that I was able to get the Spectral Knight, because again, I really screwed up the turn before where I didn’t go ahead and cast the Sea Giant where I could have had it for free. And as you can see – I’m dangerously low right now, so I really need to be careful if I’m going to survive after this.

I’m trying to not screw up [haha] and be able to cast the Sea Giants, but my board is full right now, so I have to be careful how I do it, if I want to be able to cast him. And I’m just gonna be able to get one of them out there this turn, but that’s okay. And she still has another Necrotic Poison uh, which she’s probably gonna use on my Sea Giant if I’m not careful.

I’m just gonna go ahead and put out some of the larger minions here. And she’s just emptying out her hand here at the end. And I’m so low, well at least I’ve got a heal here. I can also steal something. But I run into the problem of where I have a full board and can’t cast anything else – certainly not a problem at the very beginning of the match. I’m just gonna go ahead and try and clear everything on her side so I don’t have any surprises.

Now I can go ahead and get a heal in and put something else out. Or just fill my board up again [haha], which you know I should have went ahead and cast the heal. And I’m just gonna go ahead and clear everything. But I’ve got to get some stuff on the board because there’s a good chance that the Sea Giants are gonna come back to me. But, that’s just not a problem. I can fill it up again. See, there comes one of the Sea Giants and the Spectral Knight. Again I keep making the mistake of killing minions before I’m putting out the Sea Giants, which that should be what I do first, since they’re gonna be cheaper right there while everything’s still alive. So, don’t make that mistake – if you’ve got your Sea Giants go ahead and cast them before you start killing stuff. See – that time I remembered. Go ahead and cast them before you start killing stuff. And she should be dead next turn. But as you can see, you are playing from behind for a very long time.

And you have to keep killing all of her minions that she puts out, otherwise you may run into a situation where you can’t kill the minions. And they’re just gonna keep slamming you in the face because you’ve got all this stuff returning to your hand. You’re also going to uh, fill up your hand very, very fast – and especially at the end of the game it’s gonna be full. So, let’s go ahead and see how the rest of my games go. I’m gonna play until I have won 5 of them. You get the fast version here, so you don’t have to sit through those long matches, because these do go very long. Just because you’re getting all these minions back to your hand, so it’s hard to get a foothold. See I was able to kill everything pretty quickly right there.

But I’m also taking a ton of damage and it looks like she got a Savannah Highmane from the Webspinner, so that doesn’t help matters. It looks like I’m gonna be dead here. Not much I can do. Just did not work out that time. So that’s a loss for me. And that looks like a decent start. Got a couple of things that I can start casting right away at least. And the Cult Apothecary in this deck is awesome. I know you can’t cast it until later, but by the time you can cast it she usually has a board full and it will take you almost back to full health. That Equality can come in really handy there. And I played it smart because I made sure to go ahead and use the Equality – and put my Sea Giants out after that and then go ahead and kill everything else on the board. And of course the Sea Giant comes back, which I need to kill something right away. But as you can see the Cult Apothecary really brought me back there. Now I’ve got the board cleared again and that’s how you want to keep it.

It – it’s really the only way to make sure that you’re gonna be okay, depending on what gets thrown back to your hand. You’ll see so many times that Sea Giant ends up coming back to my hand. And, uh, she’s dead. So win number two. And I hate seeing the Dire Wolf Alpha out there because you take so much damage in the beginning. And I’m just gonna go ahead and start trying to steal minions, but you can see she already used the Necrotic Poison on the Mind Control Tech, so that ends that little game. And I’ve got to get stuff out here really quickly because the Shade of Naxxramas gets out of control really quickly. Now see, I came back from the brink there with the Cult Apothecary. And for some reason she did not decide to kill uh, my Sea Giants with the Emperor Cobra.

Let’s see if I can get back up in Health again. Probably gonna have to kill one of ’em here though. Well, I’ve almost managed to clear the board, so I’m almost, uh, I’m almost in a good place here. Uh, I think I should be able to recover okay. And the Sea Giants keep coming back. And she’s dead. Win number three. And the Saboteur is pretty cool because if you go ahead and play him uh, even though her ability costs zero and is on auto-cast, it will add to the cost.

So she either can’t use it, or she’s forced to use it. If she can pay for it – she has to use it, but if she can’t then you just don’t get anything returned that turn, which is a great way to sorta sneak around and keep something out there for the next turn. It’s not looking too good right now though cause she’s got quite a start on me. I might be able to uh, might be able to pull out of this – we’ll see. Definitely need the Equality here. Uh, I think I’m out of the woods now. And like in the previous games I want to go ahead and just kill everything on the board that she puts out. Don’t let her keep anything. And she’s dead again. So that’s win number four. Just need one more. And it’s really fun whenever you can get the Elven Archer and the Voodoo Doctor there in the beginning because you’re just pinging and healing yourself every single turn there right at the very start.

Do not like to see the Sea Giant, but thankfully, with the Equality I should be able to really take advantage of this – which I did. I was pretty well hosed right there, but because of Equality I was able to clear everything on the board. And I still get to keep healing myself. Finally get to put a Sea Giant out there. Again, I hate the Dire Wolves [haha] – they can really be a pain. And that is win number five. So as you can see through the fights, really you want to just start getting stuff out as quickly as you can. It’s gonna come right back to your hand, but you gotta keep playing it, uh use it to get out the Sea Giants and then just fill up the board. Use the Equality and Consecrations wisely and hopefully you’ll have success. Thanks a lot, everyone..

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