Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel, and today we are going to be facing the second boss in The Hidden Laboratory – it’s Maloriak. His special ability is “The Alchemist”. He’s going to get a +2/+2 bonus to all his minions and they flip Health and Attack. Yours do the same, but you don’t get the +2/+2. His special cards are Release the Aberrations where he’s gonna summon three Aberrations – they’re 1/1 minions with Charge, but with his ability on heroic, they’re 3/3 with Charge, so they can be pretty challenging. And it’s not unusual for him to do two of those back to back and just completely run you over. There’s not a whole lot you can do in that instance. The deck that I’m using, uhhh, it relies a lot on some of the Poisonous cards, so you can take out some of the larger minions he has. Some cards that will be real useful to you are Abyssal Enforcer and Hellfire because they’ll deal with quite a few of his minions. They’ll be able to do that 3 damage to take them out. And other cards that are important are gonna be Eater of Secrets and Kezan Mystic, because that way you can steal his Secrets.

He has Counterspell and Duplicate, which can be a real problem. So we’ll go ahead and get started and see how we do today. I usually like to start off with something you can do pretty quickly, like the Voidwalker and Stubborn Gastropod. Those are excellent. So, umm, it’s a good thing that I drew those. Also, the Annoy-o-Tron – things that you can start putting out right away, because a lot of times he will play his Release the Aberrations right away and will just completely run you over if you don’t have something out there to deal with him. You’re pretty much always at a disadvantage no matter what you’re playing. The Nerubian Eggs are really good because you immediately get the 4/4 once it flips, so they can deal with a lot of stuff that he has. The Acidic Swamp Ooze that he puts out are actually more of a problem because of the 5 Health that they have, so it’s harder for your minions to be able to take care of that unless you have one of the Poisonous minions or a Blast Crystal.

The Succubus is a great way for us to gain life back though. And this is where the Poisonous minions really come in handy, being able to take out the Drakonid Crusher, but we want to get rid of the Secret first because if it’s Duplicate – and it is – we definitely did not want him to have two of those back in his hand. That’s just crazy. He decided to do double Drain Life on my Eater of Secrets. He was that mad at him. This is also where Blast Crystal comes in really handy because I can take care of that Abyssal pretty easily this way.

And without knowing if that is a Duplicate or a Counterspell – I really don’t want to give him, you know, two of those – okay, so it’s obviously a Counterspell. I was gonna say we’d be able to get rid of it anyway with the Hellfire, umm, and that was a nice top-deck of the Blast Crystal. Gotta go ahead and cast something to draw out the Counterspell that I know he has, so I’m just tossing away the Darkbomb so I can go ahead and Blast Crystal the Abyssal Enforcer now. And I should have him beat here. Yeah, he’s gonna be dead, cause I can just double Hellfire right here and, game over. So that was win number one for me and I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games against him. And this is a really challenging and frustrating fight – I’m sure that many of you have already found that out. Ummm, whenever he starts off with Release the Aberrations, like he just did, it’s very difficult to come back from that. And his Imp-losion, which he just used, gives him a tremendous advantage because he’ll nearly always get, you know, 2-3 at least, minions that are 3/3s right away.

So if you don’t have an Abyssal Enforcer of Hellfire to be able to cast, then you’re just not going to be able to deal with it. I hope to get something good here with the Mind Control [Tech]. So he’s got the Counterspell, there we go. I think I’m actually going to pull this out, I mean, even as ridiculous as it started [haha]. So I actually managed to pull that one out. You saw how low my life total there was. I pretty much figured I was dead, because he got such a fast start, but I was able to pull it out. And you also saw how challenging the Secrets can be. If you can either draw out the Counterspell or, you know, if you just get unlucky and it’s a Duplicate, then it can really cause you a lot of problems.

The Silences and Kezan Mystics in this deck are really great. They’re just able to help tremendously – controlling his minions and taking care of the Secrets that he has. Have I mentioned how frustrating it is whenever he starts right off the bat with Release the Aberrations? Because it really is frustrating. Cause you’re taking 9 damage right out of the gate. So if you don’t have something within a turn or two that can deal with them you’re gonna be dead. Just like that, unfortunately. Just too much for me. Well at least I have Hellfire here, but I may not need to use it just yet. I was gonna say I really need to draw a Blast Crystal to take care of that Crusher, and I did. I’m really, really low on life. But he’s dead anyway. Yeah, when he gets a full Imp-losion like that – that is really hard to come back from.

Unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do there. And of course he has [haha], you know, just a ton of Sludge Belchers out there. Now he’s at least got one Duplicate. And, again he’s got Duplicate and Counterspell. I really need a Hellfire or something. There’s my Hellfire. He should be dead here. I’ve got the Counterspell, so Release the Aberrations isn’t a problem – there, I got it Counterspelled! So, thank goodness [haha]! And that was win number five for me. I appreciate you watching and I hope that this helped you out. Like I said in the beginning, this is a really frustrating fight, but stick with it, you can beat him.

It just takes a little bit of patience and it is gonna take some luck, cause, like I said, if he starts off with the Release the Aberrations or definitely if he does back-to-back, you probably want to restart. Anyway, I’ll see you next time. Thanks!.

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