Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and today we’re going to face the final boss in Blackrock Mountain. It’s Nefarian – the second time around. His special ability is Bone Minions, he’ll get two 4/2 minions. And during phase two you can face Onyxia, uhh, but we aren’t even going to be concerned with her because we’re doing a one-turn kill, where we kill him in phase one. His special cards are Lava, he’ll deal 2 damage to all minions, Tail Swipe, which we’ve seen before, dealing 4 damage and Bone Constructs, like I said, they’re 4/2 minions – he gets two of them whenever he activates his special ability, so he can just overwhelm you really quickly. And ummm, the deck that I’m using here, like I said, this is going to be a one-turn kill deck, it’s a pretty cheap deck. Your main cards are going to be Inner Fire and Divine Spirit. That’s what you’re going to use to buff up your minion. You need to be able to get it to at least 31 damage because he has a shield, he has Armor that’s umm, 30 Armor, and you don’t want to break that or it starts phase two, so you get him down to where he has at least 1 Armor, then you can do a one-turn kill.

Holy Champion and Deathlord are gonna be the primary ones you’ll probably use to buff up. So we’ll go ahead and get started here today. And it’s good to see a Divine Spirit right off the bat. Nice to see one of the puzzle pieces, and of course, the Loot Hoarder is gonna help you draw into the rest of your pieces. I’ve also got Coldlight Oracles in here to help draw into them, as well. The Holy Champions are really good because they can just get huge! I mean, you’re constantly healing and their Attack just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And in fact, it makes it to where you don’t have to have all the pieces, you don’t necessarily have to have the Inner Fire if you’ve got one of the Holy Champions out there because its Attack is going to keep getting larger.

It will help if you can make its Health bigger though, just to be able to survive, cause he will start throwing everything at it if it’s getting out of hand. He just wasted a Tail Swipe there, because he didn’t kill it. Now I don’t think that I made a good decision there because now I can’t use Holy Nova. If I Holy Nova it’s gonna break his Armor and he’ll go into phase two and I DON’T want that. So, I screwed up there, but I think I can still pull it out. And the Hozen Healer in here is awesome because you can kill something, and then go ahead, umm, I mean with your large, buffed minion, go ahead and kill something, and bring it back to full Health, like I’m doing right now. I don’t know why I used Inner Fire on that. That was [haha], that was pretty useless. See, there’s another Divine Spirit, so I could have just Divine Spirit and then done Inner Fire on him and I would have been able to kill him right then.

I think I’m still gonna be able to do it, it’s just gonna take longer. So evidently you don’t want to do this when you’re really tired, otherwise you’re just gonna be making a ton of mistakes like I am. Wait til you’re well rested [haha] and you can do this. Yeah, see he’s not gonna be able to kill the Holy Champion. I’m not worried about that anymore. It’s just gonna take me just a couple more turns in order to get him large enough to go ahead and do the one-shot kill. He’s got to be up to 32 damage. So next turn here, I’ll be able to go ahead and kill him. And I could have went ahead and put out the Deathlord there, not really sure why I didn’t, there’s not reason not to. So that is going to be win number one for me.

I made a LOT of mistakes in that game. Hopefully the next one won’t be quite so bad. Even so, I still won. That’s all that matters though, right? So I’m gonna go ahead and play through, as usual, until I’ve won five games here. I normally don’t care for combo-type decks, where you have to get specific cards in order to make them work, but with this one, ummm, this fight is so tough anyway if you go through the normal way, through all three phases, that it takes a lot of luck to do it that way.

I have played it that way before, but I’ve just found that this deck was SO much easier to just do it this way and do the one-turn kill. And the Explosive Sheep are absolutely awesome at clearing the field early on of those Bone Minions. The problem I’ve run into here is [haha] that I’ve umm, I’ve made him TOO large now, so I’ve got to [haha] get his Armor down a little bit closer. There we go, he’s dead now. It’s not looking real good for me this one. There we go [haha]. That one was a little bit rougher [haha]. I mean, I drew all of my cards, but I managed to make it, somehow. What really hurt was I had already used, well no, I had two of my Divine Spirits, but I just couldn’t get the Lightwell quite as big as it needed to be in order to do that one-turn kill.

And of course he went ahead and killed my Lightwell there. I was hoping he would ignore it for a turn. Yeah, I’m gonna be dead this one. He’s already got Chromaggus out there drawing extra cards and…yeah, I’m gonna be dead. Yeah, if you don’t get all of your pieces at the right time or if one of your minions you intend to buff dies before you can get them in a safe place, then yeah, it’s not gonna go too well for you. Now I just need to be able to get an Inner Fire [haha] cause my Lightwell’s huge! There it is [haha]! Yeah, I was just waiting for it.

Yeah, it’s a ton of fun whenever you can get your minions that large. Ummm, didn’t quite make it there. Yeah, he had to use a ton of his own cards just to take me out that turn. And he better be glad he did, cause he was about to be hurting from that Lightwell. I was hoping that he would leave the Lightwell alive there, but again, he went ahead and killed it. Again, he’s using like everything to take out one minion. He’s used like 10 Tail Swipes [haha] on my Deathlord here. There’s the Hozen! That’s what I wanted. You are DEAD! So anyway, that is win number five there, and we are completely through with Blackrock Mountain! I appreciate you joining me through this Adventure, and I hope that I’ve given you a lot of ideas and helped you to be able to defeat the encounters on heroic.

Anyway, thanks again for watching and I will see you on the next Adventure! Bye..

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