Hello everyone. It’s neonangel and today we’re going back into The Curse of Naxxramas. We’re starting in the Plague Quarter today. This is Noth the Plaguebringer, he’s the first boss in that wing. His special ability is Raise Dead: Whenever one of your minions dies he gets a 5/5 Skeleton. He uses Necroknight, which we’ve seen before. Skeletal Smith is a new one – when it dies it destroys your weapon. Plague is a real problem – if you overextend it will wipe out everything – he’s get’s ton of Skeletons. And that’s his minion for the Skeleton that he gets. So let’s take a look. And ultimately what you like to do is to get a minion, buff it up ridiculously high, and then kill him with that. You don’t want to overextend, because Plague is extremely punishing and it will just fill up his board with Skeletons – it’s very difficult to overcome. If that happens you hope to have a Lightbomb, because that’s about the only way to get around it.

And the Kezan Mystics are actually the star of this deck, because often times I’ve stolen Counterspells from him. Uh, he does have several Secrets and that’s one of them. So I’ve been able to steal that and then prevent him from even casting Plague. Let’s see if we can go ahead and steal one here in another turn. So the other one is, hopefully a Counterspell. Let’s see what we got – yep, it’s the Counterspell. But I got it pretty early, so I rather like having them later in the game, that way around turn 6 that’s when he’s going to be casting Plague.

Shadow Word: Pains are really good for the Acolytes. There’s not a whole lot of other stuff that is real critical in taking care of. See – that’s what got countered and I would really rather have the Plague be countered. And right now he could have a Counterspell, so I have to be careful what I do here. Probably gonna draw it out with a Divine Spirit and that way I can use the Holy Fire without worrying about the Counterspell.

But I decided to go ahead and just use it anyway cause I’m gonna save the Divine Spirits for my Lightspawns, or whatever I’m able to get buffed up. So that should be an Ice Block that left now, uh cause he does not have Mirror Entity. And I don’t really want to go beyond two, maybe three minions on the board because he will cast Plague and then it’s really difficult to come back. I do have the Lightbomb ready though, so that helps. And the other Secret that he just got should be a Counterspell I think. Or it could be another Duplicate. So it’s a Duplicate then. Again with another Secret, so either another – that one’s got to be a Counterspell. Cause I think he’s already had two Duplicates. Yeah, there’s the Counterspell. Really don’t want him drawing cards, but with him this low, um I really just need to go for face. And there’s Plague, but luckily I do have Lightbomb ready, which is really necessary right here. Now I can grab that other Secret that he’s got, which is the Ice Block.

I’m just gonna go ahead and make him really big here. So he should definitely be this next turn here. And he’s going to be. So that’s the first win against Noth. You really got to be careful about how many minions you put out there, like I mentioned before, and you saw where he did Plague and then got five, err three 5/5 Skeletons. So it can turn really quickly if you aren’t careful. So I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I win five games, so we’ll see how it goes. Like I mentioned before, the Kezan Mystics are really great for this deck. Really want to try and keep my Blademaster alive though. But it’s not gonna happen. Love being able to steal all his Secrets. Hopefully I can get the Lightspawn buffed up really huge here.

Be able to kill him next turn here. And he’s dead. And you hate having anything die [haha], but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Stupid Plague. That bought me a turn. And Lightbomb is exactly what I needed there. Except for the fact that it killed my guy too, so…. I really didn’t need a Duplicate of that so I’m pretty much dead here. So that’s my first loss. Let’s see how the next game goes. Not sure why he wanted to hit me with Mortal Coil whenever he didn’t a card or anything else out of it, but that’s okay. Trying to decide if I want to wait a turn. That way I can kill all the rest of his and I was able to Counterspell Plague there, which was really key. Now if I can grab another Counterspell, which I did….that’s awesome! Cause now if he draws the Plague again I’m safe.

I should have this one in the bag. Win number three. Hoping to get another minion over here so I can just kill everything by taking out the Necroknight. There’s Plague wiping me out there. I could have had him next turn with a huge Lightspawn. And I’ve got the Ice Block so I’ve got, we’ve got a little bit of leeway here. I didn’t quite make it that time. See I can get the Secret, but he’s going to kill the Mystic, so really don’t want him getting one of the Skeletons this early, but he’s going to. Have I mentioned that I HATE Plague? Might be able to pull this one out here.

Yep. Win number four. Now if I can just keep buffing the Lightspawn he’s gonna be dead in just a matter of turns here. And there he goes. So that is win number five. So as you can see he tosses out just a ton of different Secrets, so again the Kezan Mystics are really good for this deck and can help you out a whole lot. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for watching. See you next time..

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