Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and today we are going to be facing the first boss in the final wing of Blackrock Mountain. It’s gonna be the Omnotron Defense System. His special power’s gonna change every turn – he’s gonna be churning out all these different “trons” that he can summon, until eventually, he gets to an ability that just activates a random one. His special cards are Recharge and Magmaw. Recharge is gonna fill up all of his mana crystals and Magmaw is just a big Taunt. Although he has low Health, though. And these are the different “trons” that he has and they all have special sbilities. This deck is going to abuse Electron’s ability where all of your spells cost 3 less mana. That’s for him and for yourself. And the whole point of this deck is to just get out a Gadgetzan Auctioneer and then draw your entire deck, and then within a turn you’re going to just run him over with Savage Roar.

You’ll do double Savage Roar for free and kill him. And it’s a really effective deck. The most important cards besides the Auctioneer are gonna be Jade Idol, where you can just keep churning out more minions, and like I said, your Savage Roar, because that’s what you’re gonna use to kill him. So let’s go ahead and get started and see how we do today! The most important thing that you can mulligan for is your Gadgetzan Auctioneer. You HAVE to have that card. If you don’t have him, then you’re not going to win. This deck can’t win any other way, so don’t even try it, it’s just ridiculous. See, there I got my Auctioneer, so I’m good. I have not lost a game where I was able to draw him before, umm, at least before turn six. Because if you don’t draw him initially and you end up waiting too long, at turn six he’s going to cast Magmatron and he’s going to deal damage to you for every card that you cast, so if you hit that point you’ve already lost the game because there’s no way you’re gonna be able to come back from that.

You’ll just be taking too much damage. And most of the time you don’t even want to worry about how much damage you’re taking, because as long as you survive until you can cast the Auctioneer – once he hits the board, that’s game over – for him. Cause there’s nothing that he can do to stop you from overunning him. The Auctioneer is the only minion in this deck.

Everything else is spells, and all of them cost 3 or less mana, so once Electron hits, like now, everything in your hand is going to be free. So you’re just drawing your entire deck. And it can take some time here, you’ll see, cause I have to go through drawing everything out of the deck, preparing for the next turn where I’m just gonna kill him. So it’s a little bit of setup time – can be a little tedious – but it’s extremely effective.

And it’s not unusual for him to uhhh, he’ll use Earth Shock to Silence one of your minions, he’ll usually do whichever one you have buffed all the way up with the Taunt and everything from the Mark of the Wilds and everything. And, umm, but it doesn’t matter [haha]. It’s like, go ahead and Silence away, we don’t care! And I could be using the Marks on different minions, but the reason I keep putting them on one is to really get the best effect from the, ummm, the Earthen Scales, because you’ll get just a ton of armor from that. I’m just pretty much toying with him right here because I could, I probably could have went ahead and killed him with the Savage Roars, but I’m just putting out huge stuff to make sure there is no mistake. He will be dead. And it’s also fun to just draw out your entire deck. And that is going to be win number one for me. I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games here, so sit back and relax! And unfortunately I did not draw the Gadgetzan Auctioneer in my opening hand, so my only hope is that I draw him here this next turn, otherwise it’s gonna be game over…well, it was going to be game over anyway, unfortunately.

Yeah, like I said, if you don’t draw the Auctioneer you’re gonna be toast. But if you do, you win. It’s that easy. Sorry about the delay there. I had a crying baby to take care of. There is win number two. There’s win number three. I don’t see an Auctioneer, so this one [haha], this one could be another loss here if I don’t draw one. Yeah, I’m gonna be toast here. Yeah, once Magmatron comes out, that’s the end. Yaaaay! Thank goodness I drew into an Auctioneer. That’s win number four. And even though he got Magmatron out on that last one, I completely had the board, it did not even matter. I had so much Armor too that it made no difference that I was taking damage from the spells I was casting.

And I’ve drawn my entire deck – I can just keep recycling Jade Idols though. And that’s win number five. Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you enjoyed it. And, umm, like I said, this is a really, really consistent deck and it’s pretty good, especially for being as cheap as it is, as well. But, umm, I will see you next time. Have a good one!.

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