Hello everyone. This is neonangel. And welcome back for the Construct Quarter today. We’re going to be facing the first boss in that wing. It’s Patchwerk. His special ability is Hateful Strike, and it’s going to destroy one of your minions. So you’ve got to be real careful about what you’re putting out and how quickly you’re attacking him. And his only card that he has is Hook. That’s his weapon. It has Windfury. You’ll be taking 8 damage a turn from it. But he has no other cards in his deck. So let’s go ahead and get started and see how we do. And this deck is not a “Mill” deck, it’s a “Freeze” deck, uh primarily you just want to try and delay him and freeze him as often as you can. But I do have the Coldlight Oracles in here – they will do damage to him whenever they cause him to draw, but that’s really not the reason they’re there. They’re there more for draw for myself, uh, because I mean the damage that you do to him is negligible, really. Whenever you’re going to do a mulligan you really want to think about, ummm, Snowchugger is great right there or Acidic Swamp Ooze.

If you can Coin out one or other of those it will really slow him down in the early game and you can really get your board established. And the Imp Masters are in here because they generate a lot of hate. Usually uh, he’ll kill them above some of the other things, like Flamewaker. You know, a lot of times he’ll prioritize the Imp Master for some reason. And even though it just looks like you’re doing a tiny bit of damage at a time, that’s true, but it adds up. It adds up really fast.

You see, he could have killed one of the Annoy-o-Trons there with his ability, but he didn’t. He decided to go ahead and kill the Imp Master because he had a higher “hate” rating, I suppose. And at this point I cannot let him attack me anymore or I’m dead. So I’ve got to either freeze him or have a Taunt there to stop him every single turn from here on out. Still have a ways to go to kill him, so I need to be really careful what I do here. And all the Mirror Images are really helping me buy time here. As long as I keep him frozen he can only kill one of them a turn. Which, I may have to do here you know, until the end. Unless I draw some other cards. And I thought about using the Ice Lance there to get some extra damage in, but I would really rather just use it solely for a freeze on him at this point, because every turn that freeze buys me is just golden. See, now I can really have fun here at the end.

Because he will not survive this now. So, that is my first win on Patchwerk and he’s really not so bad. Uh, you just have to be aware of [haha] how many turns it is before he can kill you. And don’t miscalculate and have it to where he can kill one of your Taunts – I mean, he pretty much has to be frozen, you’ve got to be prepared to have him frozen at all costs. So I’m going to go ahead and play through until I win five games here. You’ll get the fast version, so you don’t have to sit through all of that. See, he killed the Imp Master over one of the Flamewakers there, which is really weird. And he’s dead. Just like that. And a lot of these you get a decent start like that – you can Coin out a Snowchugger, like I’m going to here, or the Swamp Ooze, then you’ve got a pretty good start.

Yeah, he should be toast here because I don’t see how he can come back from this onslaught I’ve unleashed on him. And he is dead again. So that is win number three. Now I’ve got to be real careful here. If I don’t have him frozen – uh, luckily I drew the Nullifer there and he can’t target that one, so that bought me an extra turn. And that’s win number four right there. He made a bad decision there – if he would have just killed the Annoy-o-Tron he could have killed me. If he would have used his Hateful Strike. Instead he decided to kill the Flamewaker.

And he couldn’t get rid of the Annoy-o-Tron. So that was his mistake. Uh, it’s not looking so good for him here. He should be dead in a matter of moments. Just like that. So that’s flawless victory right there. Win number five – no losses whatsoever. So I hope that this deck helps you out. As you can see, as long as you keep him frozen and you’ve got the Taunts out there he’s not going to be able to break the line. So, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching! See you next time!.

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