Welcome back everyone. It’s neonangel, and we’re going to face the third and final boss of Molten Core. This is going to be Ragnaros the Firelord. First we’ve got to go through Majordomo Executus, he guards the gate. His special power is The Majordomo and he’s gonna summon a 3/3 Acolyte, uhhh, pretty much does it every turn. And once Ragnaros comes out his special ability, “DIE, INSECTS!”, is going to deal 8 damage TWICE to a random target. So once he comes out you can’t survive very long.

So the goal of this deck is really going to be to get one minion, preferably a Deathlord, and just buff it to a ridiculous amount, so it’s an unbreakable wall pretty much. And what we’ll do is – you never want to get Majordomo below 16 Health, because as long as you hold him at 16 Health he can never cast any of the Molten Giants that he undoubtedly has in his hand. He has 10 of them in his deck, so you can rest assured he’s usually got some in his hand. If you keep him at 16 Health he’ll never be able to cast them. What you want to do once he’s at 16 Health is really build your side of the board to where you can do that last 16 damage to him and then hopefully that same turn or by the next turn, at the latest, go ahead and finish off Ragnaros.

Uhh, you’re gonna have to do 60 damage to him, he’s got 30 Health and 30 Armor, so you’ve pretty much got to do it all at once. And you really want to be careful whenever you put out your Deathlord. If you can’t, umm, if you can’t make sure that he’s gonna survive, because right now it’s sorta iffy if he’s gonna make it or not. But he did go ahead and survive that turn – that’s good, but being able to have him survive another turn, that’s gonna be tricky here.

I think I may be able to pull it out as long as he doesn’t kill the Deathlord. But now I’ve got a lot of heals that I need to do. And I really made a mistake there, because I should have went ahead and cast one of the Sea Giants, but you know, that’s my mistake. And see, he could have killed the Deathlord there, which he should have done, but the Stoneskin Gargoyle they generate just a ton of hate. You will not leave him out there more than a couple of turns if he can avoid it. I sort of rolled the dice there to see if I could get him buffed up really good.

And once again, I really should have cast the Sea Giants first, but my utmost concern was being able to umm, save the Deathlord, which I would have been able to do. So I’m just making all sorts of mistakes here [haha]. Don’t do that whenever you play him. If you can get out your Sea Giants – get them out! I think my problem is I’m getting too focused on keeping the Deathlord alive that I’m messing up on some other plays that I could be making. I’ve got to try and calculate how much until I put him at full Health again, before I throw the Divine Spirit on there. I want to get as much out of him as I can. So finally I’m gonna play the Sea Giants here.

I’m tired of holding onto them. And see, the way I’ve got the Deathlord right now, he’s never gonna be able to break through that wall – well, I wouldn’t say never, but it’s gonna be pretty difficult, but I really want to get ahold of an Inner Fire so I can go ahead and match his Attack, cause then he just wipes out everything that runs into him. Holy Champion is really good too cause she just gets huge in hardly any time at all, cause you’re doing heals all the time. Now I’ve got to be careful here on this next turn because like I said at the beginning, you do not want to take Majordomo less than 16 Health.

Ahh, there’s the Inner Fire. Now I think I should be able to kill him here in a turn or two. I’ve just got to setup the amount of damage to, hmm, no I should have enough to be able to kill him right now, cause I’ve got the Sea Giant and the Holy Champion. We’ll go ahead and take Majordomo out and then I have exactly enough to kill Ragnaros. Or actually, I’m sorry, I was 2 short there, so I went ahead and took that one out, but that’s okay. Once the Holy Champion hits 19 I’ll be able to kill him. Yeah, so this turn should do it here. Or sorry, next turn. I obviously can’t do math today. Can’t cast Sea Giants, can’t do math. It’s just one of those days evidently. And once you defeat Majordomo, like I said, Ragnaros comes out with 30 Health and 30 Armor, so I’m able to do exactly 60 to kill him right away. So that’s what you need.

You just need a huge wall like that. But it can be pretty tricky [haha]. It’s not always that easy because sometimes your wall gets killed before you can buff it up completely and then that’s pretty devastating, it’s hard to recover from that when it happens. But I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I have won five games. So sit back and relax. It’s pretty useless to put Northshire Cleric out at the beginning, because he’s immediately going to start putting out the Acolytes and they will just kill the Cleric immediately. And of course he got rid of the Gargoyle, which I knew he would. So this one’s gonna be a little bit trickier here because I messed around and didn’t get the, uhh, didn’t get the Deathlord buffed up the way that I wanted to. I’ve still got my Divine Spirits so, ummm, I still have a very good chance of being okay. See if the Holy Champions can stay alive here I can just buff to a ridiculous amount, well – there went one of them, but that’s alright.

So I’ve got a pretty big Deathlord right now. I just need an Inner Fire, but that’s okay there. He’s dead. And if you’re able to get the Lightwell behind the Deathlord it’s a really, really great way to make sure he’s going to stay alive. I’ve just got to see if I can keep him alive for another turn or two. Yeah, I’ve got two Lightwells behind him, so that, that is awesome right there. So I should be able to, uhh, get myself healed up completely and then he’s always going to be getting healed pretty much. Yeah, this is going to be really, really hard for him to recover from, cause I’m going to be drawing just tons of cards here with the Northshire Cleric. It’s only a matter of time before I get my, umm, my other Divine Spirit or Inner Fire.

See I’ve already got two of the Inner Spirits…or Inner Fire, sorry – need the other Divine Spirit, that’s what I need. There it is. And that’s gonna be another win there. Now see, that’s an optimum play right there to be able to get the Lightwell on the second turn – Deathlord on the third turn, because then it’s just going to keep healing the Deathlord. Unfortunately, as you can see, I had – it was just perfect right there and he was able to kill him before I finished buffing him, and of course he got a Molten Giant out of it. So I can come back from this, but it is, umm, it’s not looking real good right now, I’ll say that.

Okay, there’s my other Deathlord. Now I need those Divine Spirits to show up. And that works. Keep drawing cards [haha]. Dig for it! There it is! Oh, there’s both of them – yeah! So that is gonna be another win there. I’m actually surprised I pulled that one out. After the start there with losing the Deathlord before I could stabilize and him getting a Molten Giant. That’s pretty bad right away. Hopefully I can stabilize here and just keep healing the Deathlord up. Should be able to pull back ahead here. Did not get to buff him quite the way I wanted to, but that’s alright.

Yeah, at this point I’m suddenly realizing “Hey, there’s not really any other cards that I’m gonna draw that are gonna help me”, but once I went ahead and killed Majordomo he could not longer cast the Molten Giants anyway, because he wasn’t at a low enough Health. So that buys you some time there anyway. So anyway, that’s five wins. I hope you enjoyed the deck and I look forward to seeing you in the next wing. Thanks!.

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