I’m neonangel, and welcome back to our journey through Blackrock Mountain. Yeah, Lord Victor Nefarius is very threatening [haha]. Right now we are going to be facing the first boss in Blackwing Lair. It’s going to be Razorgore. His hero power is The Rookery. It’s going to give 1 Health to any Corrupted Eggs that are on the board, even if you control them. And whenever they have five or more Health, they hatch. It’s going to turn into a 7/7 Dragonkin whenever it does hatch, so you’ve got to be really careful of that. It costs zero, it’s on autocast at the start of his turn. Here are some of the special cards he uses, like Flameheart. The tokens he has are the Corrupted Eggs that you’ve got to watch out for and the Chromatic Drake, which like I said is the 7/7 Dragonkin that you get. And this is the deck that I used against him. It’s not a very expensive deck. It’s only 1,320 Dust to create. It’s got several Rares in it, but not too bad.

Most important cards in this deck are the Mistress of Mixtures and Zombie Chow, just because you can cast them on your first turn. Next up are gonna be Argent Lance and Crazed Alchemist, both of those are very important to have. And the Mind Control Tech, which a lot of times you can get control of an egg of his and then have it hatch into a huge 7/7 Drake.

So we’ll go ahead and get started here. And this looks like a really good start already. Like I said, the Mixtress…Mistress of Mixtures is really important. And the reason that that and the Zombie Chow are so important is because you really want to have something to cast on your first or second turn. That also goes into the Argent Lance that I have in my hand. Because a lot of times he’ll coin out a Cruel Taskmaster and buff whatever you put out, so you can immediately destroy an egg. So if you can follow up with the Lance and kill the Taskmaster, then you’ve just really got a very good value out of that. He should have went ahead and killed the Huge Toad there, so that was a mistake on his part, but that’s alright. We’ll let it slide. And I went ahead and let one of the eggs hatch on purpose there because I already had uh, the umm Peacekeeper, the Aldor Peackeeper in my hand, so I knew he wasn’t gonna be a real problem.

And like I said in the beginning, along with the Argent Lance, the Crazed Alchemist is also really great to start off with because you can just flip an egg and immediately kill it. And you’ll want to try and clear everything off the board if you can, just because he runs two Bloodlust, so you know they show up at inopportune times. Of course I don’t guess there’s ever a good time for that to show up if you’re facing it. I’m trying to keep everything alive as long as I can and I’m hoping that he doesn’t run his Drake into my Hungry Dragon here. See, he’s still going for face, so… Of course he’ll probably Bloodlust here or Dragon’s Breath my Sen’jin. Ahhh, he’s gonna Corrupt it. That’s alright though. Since he’s gonna die next turn anyway I might as well go ahead and get some value from him. A lot of these games against him will go long, just simply because you have to clear everything off the board and he’s getting eggs every single turn, so it’s really hard to keep up sometimes.

And then he’ll play Flameheart and draw more cards, so you always feel like you’re just trying to keep up with him. Now I really hope that he doesn’t Bloodlust here, because I’m getting pretty low now. Whenever you get below 7 Health you really want to watch out, because he also has the Wolfriders too, so he’ll, you know, do a Dragon’s Breath or Bloodlust or something, then toss out the Wolfrider too. So he can do a lot of damage at once. And right now this is not looking real good for me, unfortunately. He’s gonna have me low enough here where if he draw another Dragon’s Breath I’m gonna be dead. Now if I only had an Equality to go along with that. Luckily the Shield hit one of the guys who hadn’t attacked yet, so that’s good. I someone managed to take care of all of them [haha]. Well, not ALL of them, but the most dangerous ones. But again, I am just ridiculously low right now. Finally, a completely clear board.

I really got to get some heals though. Hey, there’s a Mistress of Mixtures. I will definitely take that. I need some healing. I wanted to go ahead and clear everything just in case he had a Bloodlust, because that would have been bad. Now I’m gonna be a little crafty here. I want to go ahead and get the Health from him, but I also want to keep as many minions as I can alive, so out comes the Peackeeper, and kill him off – bam! Ahh, see, there’s a Bloodlust – he did have it. Yeah, so if I wouldn’t have cleared them off a minute ago he would have been able to kill me. See, like I said, you really want to keep the board clear, especially when you’re really low like that. At least he didn’t use that on me! Now I’m probably gonna be a little greedy here and see if I can’t manage to get one of his eggs with the Mind Control Tech.

Ahh, another Bloodlust, but that’s his last one, so at least I don’t have to worry about that anymore. So, if it goes according to plan, me and my greedy little self, I’ll be able to snag an egg here this next turn. That might make it a little more difficult if he plays two minions. Oh, see, there’s one of the Wolfriders, taking me very low again. But he has used his last Dragon’s Breath too, so I don’t have to worry about that either. This way I’m gonna make sure that I get one of those eggs here. Yeah! It was one of the ones that was about to hatch too, so that’s awesome! And he is going to be dead. So like I said, that did take awhile, just because he keeps churning out stuff and you’ve got to keep the board cleared. That is win number one for me and I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games, so sit back and relax. Now what sucks is he used a Corruption on that and his Corruption will trigger to kill the egg before it hatches, so I could have had a really good start there.

I always think it’s weird whenever he uses Bloodlust on one minion. And then he doesn’t even kill anything. He always goes for face whenever he hits Bloodlust. Oh, of course I draw the Humilty now. I am desperately, desperately low right now. He has used both of his Dragon’s Breath, but he’s still got the Wolfriders. Yeah, I definitely need some healing in here. Oh! If I wouldn’t have had the Truesilver right there I would have lost [haha]. That was extremely close right there. Extremely close. So you can see where Bloodlust becomes an issue, just because he’s getting minions every single turn. So you just always have to tidy up. And I hate it whenever he Corrupts my largest minion. Stupid Bloodlust again, but thankfully he only had one minion that could attack. So he is dead again. I’m really glad I got him on that one [haha] cause he had me very, very close again. You see just how relentless he is.

Bloodlust for just one minion again, but he doesn’t care because he’s got me so low he’s got, he’s like, okay I just need another Bloodlust or a Dragon’s Breath or a Wolfrider and he’s dead. Now I have to kill this Dragonkin here. So of course I just wipe out my entire line. And he’ll be dead again. He’s not happy about it.

But that is win number four for me. Okay, that really hurt. He finally got a Bloodlust that was pretty good. I still might be able to pull this out, though. Oh, then he’ll just get you low enough and then, like I said before, you’re just a Dragon’s Breath and a Wolfrider away from death. Now this looks like a really good start here though. It would have been better if I had an Argent Lance to go ahead and take out that Taskmaster. This one’s looking pretty good so far, if I can just keep this up here. And there we go. So that is going to be it for me guys.

Thanks again for joining me on this and I look forward to seeing you on the next adventure, which is going to be, umm, well not the next Adventure, but the next boss in this Adventure and that’s gonna be Vaelastrasz. So I’ll see you next time!.

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