Hello everyone! I’m neonangel, and today we’re going to be facing Rend Blackhand. He is the third and final boss in the third wing for Blackrock Mountain. And he has several Special Abilities, they’ll cycle through. He starts with Open the Gates, which summons three 2/2 Whelps out on the board and then he’ll cycle through all the other ones randomly. Umm, his special card is The True Warchief. It’s gonna destroy a Legendary minion if you have one, but the deck I use doesn’t even bother with Legendaries so I don’t have to worry about it at all. So we’ll go ahead and get started. The goal of this deck is going to be to make something ridiculously huge and it’s probably gonna be either a Deathlord or a Lightwell. Those are the most common ones that I use. Uhh, it’s really good if you can start off with an Explosive Sheep – not a bad idea to have a Holy Nova behind that, but..or a Lightbomb, but he can, he can take you out very quickly just because he gets so many minions so fast.

One thing that I like about his AI is that it’s not real smart, cause he’ll go ahead and use his ability, as you just saw there, to get more minions and then [haha] run his into your Explosive Sheep, so you take everything out. I mean it’s bad for him, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I will take every advantage that I can get in this fight. And talking about the AI making stupid mistakes – he just put a Rampage on my Deathlord [haha], which is awesome! Yeah, he just helped me out for some reason – who knows why! Yeah, so if my Deathlord doesn’t get killed on this turn I’m gonna be able to make him pretty darn big. Yeah, so he’s gonna survive here. Now I was sort of counting on the Whelps to come out on that turn, but he went ahead and cast the Dragon Consort first. Uhh, so he didn’t put the Whelps out. Well, he’s definitely gonna get Holy Nova’d here [haha]. That actually worked out really well. I still get to keep using the Acolyte and cycling through my deck. And here we go.

I think I can finish him off here. Ahhh, I drew the other Divine Spirit, so yeah – he’s gonna get massive on this turn! Yeah, not much he can do when I’ve got a monstrosity like that. So that is going to be win number one for me. It does not always go that smoothly. Like I said, he can…he puts so many minions out there, uhh, so fast that it’s hard to keep up with him, but I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games. So sit back and relax. A lot of times, umm, if you put out the Lightwell on turn two he’ll ignore it, which is a good thing, because you can go for several turns and start really buffing him up. And as long as he doesn’t see him as a threat, then he’ll usually leave him alive. That’s gonna be win number two. I won with the Lightwell there. Like I said, you’re either going to use a Deathlord or a Light…Lightwell, they seem to be the best ones. Now I just need to get an Inner Fire.

Here’s an Inner Fire. He just kept damaging him SO much I haven’t been able to get him high enough to go ahead and use the Inner Fire. But he is dead now. As you saw, that was a struggle just trying to keep him alive – keeping him at a reasonable level to where he couldn’t be destroyed. If your main minion that you’re, that you’re buffing up gets destroyed, a lot of times you’re just going to have to start over. Awwww, my Lightwell was doing such good work for me there [haha]. That is going to be win number four. Now this doesn’t look bad here. I’ve got a Lightwell, Velen’s, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire – got all of the right buffs here. I think he’s going to be me though.

Yep, all because of the Mortal Strike…I, arrghh, oh man! I just needed another turn there [haha]! Stupid Mortal Strike! So I didn’t get by undefeated there. But I think I was definitely robbed on that game. Now with two Northshire Clerics out here I should be able to draw into the cards that I need [haha]. Yeah [haha], he’s gonna be dead next turn. All I gotta do is just buff the Lightwell. There we go. So that is win number five and Rend Blackhand is dead! So I appreciate you watching with me today and I will see you in the next wing of Blackrock Mountain.

I hope you enjoyed this today and I hope it’s given you some good ideas. Thanks again for watching. Bye!.

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