Welcome back everyone. This is neonangel and today we’re going to be facing Sapphiron. He is the first boss in the fifth and final wing of The Curse of Naxxramas in Frostwyrm Lair. He’s the only thing between us and Kel’Thuzad. His special ability is Frost Breath. It’s going to destroy any enemy minions that aren’t frozen. He has a special card, Pure Cold, which is gonna do 8 damage to you. And then he’s got Necroknight and Skeletal Smith, which we’ve seen in several previous fights before. So let’s go ahead and see how we do today. And when you mulligan for this fight you aren’t real interested in finding stuff to cast right away. The Nerubian Eggs are really good for some of the mid-sized minions, but you don’t absolutely have to have them right away. Now I’m gonna go ahead and be able to put one out here because I want to deal with the Faerie Dragon, which those and the Spectral Knights – those are more difficult to deal with actually, because you can’t actually target them. But with this deck you’re pretty much just going to be destroying all of his minions.

You aren’t going to be going to face or anything like that. These games go really long because they will all go to fatigue and you’re really just going to win by killing him at the very end with some of your direct damage spells, or you can kill him with fatigue damage. And whenever he puts the Necroknights out I really like to try and hold off for a turn or two, uh which is why I’m gonna go ahead and Frost Nova now cause I want other minions beside him, because you really want to be able to get a freebie there where he’s gonna destroy one of the other minions beside himself. And it works great whenever you can get a Spectral Knight with that ability – like I’m gonna be able to do right now, which is exactly why I help on to it for a turn. He has three Faerie Dragons and 3 Spectral Knights in his deck, so once you’ve been able to take care of them you should be able to take care of any of the other minions that he brings out. I like having the Counterspell in here because a lot of times I can catch one of his Pure Colds.

He has two Frostbolts, which you know it might catch one of those, but whenever you can catch the Pure Colds it’s awesome. He has Blizzards in his deck too, which he never uses. See, I’m gonna get a Frostbolt right here, which is okay, you know, but I would have rather been able to stop the Pure Cold, cause that was 8 damage that I wanted to stop. And I don’t know if that was the most efficient way really to do that, you know I might should have just used Flamestrike, but I really would rather hang on to that until a little bit later. And that’s a good way to deal with the Shade of Naxxramas there. The Explosive Sheep are a good way to deal with it too, of course. There was the other Pure Cold, so I’m getting really low right now. So luckily I was able to go ahead and gain some back with the Healbot there and I’ve got the Ice Block out, so that should help as well. And I want to go ahead and let the Mana Wyrm attack me just so I get the bonus of the Armor.

And I’m not very worried about the Mana Wyrm getting any bigger because he only has 1 other spell – the other Frostbolt, that he’s gonna play. Now it’s still gonna be tricky here to get rid of that Spectral Knight, but there’s the way I’m gonna be able to deal with it. And he’s got another Faerie Dragon, but I’ve got the Volcanic Potion and Blizzard, so I’ve got several different ways that I could take care of that once he puts that out. Or now the Flamecannon as well. So since he didn’t play anything there he’s probably got 2 Blizzards in his hand and he just drew a Necroknight.

Now I’ve got to decide if I want to go ahead and kill the Necroknight, which I really don’t want to do, because like I mentioned before, I want it to be able to take out something else along with it – really get the full value from it. There’s the last Faerie Dragon. I just drew another way to deal with it. And the last one that he draws should be a Skeletal Smith, so after I take care of that and the Mana Wyrm here, he’s all out of minions. I can go ahead and start burning his face. He doesn’t have anything else in his deck. And there it is. So like I said, I can just go ahead and start burning his face with everything else that I have left and he’ll either die to my direct damage or he’ll die from his fatigue damage there.

And unfortunately, all of your games are going to be long like that, because you really have to take him to fatigue. It’s, it’s very difficult to try and win without doing it that way, because any minions you put out are just going to die the next turn. So it takes a little while, but it’s a sure way to beat him. So that’s going to be win number one. I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games here. Luckily for you – you’re going to get the sped up version, so you don’t have to sit through all of that. Like I said, the games run a little bit long since you have to run him out of cards. Now I love being able to get the Spectral minion right beside the Necroknight. Love it when that happens! My Counterspell there was able to stop one of the Pure Colds. That’s always nice.

And there’s the last Spectral Knight, also the last minion. So he’ll be dead here in just a moment. That’s gonna be win number two. This is going to get a little tricky here with two Spectral Knights out there – and a Faerie Dragon. Really need a Flamestrike here is what I need. Oh great – now I’ve got a way to be able to deal with that. My Counterspell caught the Pure Cold again. Gonna be really close here. Gotta kill everything through here though. And that’s his last card. So he got me down to 1, but he’s gonna die. That’s gonna be win number three for me. I hate to go ahead and use Flamestrike right then….but now I can use it. Wipe everything out. It’s just gonna be cheaper to do it the way that I did with the Bluegill there.

The Spectral Knights and Faerie Dragons are really annoying in this – in his deck. I really need my other Flamestrike. Oh, well thank goodness he decided to play the Necroknight. Again, very, very, very close to the end here. But I was able to pull it out. You’ve just got to be able to keep dealing with those Spectral Knights and Faerie Dragons. They’re the trickiest minions to deal with.

So that is four wins in a row there. Now I’ve got two Faerie Dragons coming at me and no way to deal with them. And a Spectral Knight now. They did a ton of damage. And unfortunately they just did so much damage, I couldn’t stabilize. So that’s gonna be my first loss there. Once again faced with Faerie Dragon and Spectral Knight. He’s used both of his Frostbolts, so I know that the Counterspell I just put down is going to catch one of the Pure Colds – like right then. So that worked out well. And that’s the last Spectral Knight there. And the last Faerie Dragon.

His last card there is a Necroknight. He has nothing else. I should be home free here. And there we go. That is going to be five wins for me. So I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and I appreciate you watching. Join me next time where we’re going to finally wrap this up with Kel’Thuzad. And hopefully that goes well. Thanks again for watching. See you next time..

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