Welcome back, everyone. I’m neonangel and we’re gonna continue on with the League of Explorers and we’re gonna be doing Temple Escape today. This is a really fun encounter. It’s different. It’s the first scripted encounter that we have and…ummm…it’s a little different, because the boss doesn’t have a deck at all. And the main point of my deck is going to be to use Freeze tactics on him, because Health doesn’t matter at all.

He doesn’t even have a Health bar. So all you have to do is survive. So, in order to do that, you’re going to have to play around a little bit, but I’ve got a list here that shows you exactly what happens each turn, what choices you have, what he’s going to summon, and if you watch the video you’ll see exactly how I do it. And basically you just want to keep freezing minions and just survive until the end, because he doesn’t have a Health bar, so you aren’t going to be able to do any damage to him. This is a really cheap deck too. It’s just got quite a few Taunts in there, but a lot of freeze spells in there, or minions, to really hold him off. And it’s not that bad of an encounter, in fact, I didn’t have any losses in this. So you’ll see as we go through exactly how to face this boss.

So here we go. And whenever you’re choosing to mulligan or not it’s nice if you can have a Taunt that you can cast early. You really want to hold onto your freeze spells if you can, you know, to try and spread them out, because you’ve got to last 10 turns. Now on this choice I always go ahead and gain a mana crystal here, because I want to be able to cast Blizzard a turn early and that really helps you out because at the end of turn 5 the ceiling collapses and wipes out everything. So as long as you’ve got something to freeze all the minions on turn 5, then you should be safe. And that buys you some time too. Sometimes you can’t always freeze everything, like there, you know I had to take a hit, but it’s really okay. It doesn’t matter how much damage you’re taking for the most part because a lot of times you’re either going to be, umm, have enough Taunts up there to stop whatever’s coming at you or you’ll just freeze everything.

That’s what you’re doing most plays. See, I’m gonna go down to 1 Health here, but that’s okay. See, the ceiling collapsed there so I can start building everything back up again. And which, I knew it was going to collapse there, like I told you, at the end of turn 5 for him, that’s when it does it. And he has no spells, he has no deck, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises at all from him. And I have a wall of Taunts here. I always end up taking the shortcut. I don’t care that he gets another minion out there. It really doesn’t matter, cause I’m gonna freeze everything anyway. So all I have to do here is just be able to stop, let’s see, I’ve got 1, 2, ,3, 4, 5 – I’ve got 5 Taunts out there, one with a Shield, so I can stop 6 of them and he doesn’t have anything that he can get by and I’m going to win this next turn. There we go.

It’s that easy. So that is win number one for me. Now I’m gonna go ahead and play through 5 games just to continue showing you how the decks works. There’s nothing you can do about the Boulder there, because whatever you have out at the beginning is going to end up dying. But after turn 5 it doesn’t matter anyway. And that’s win number two. And it’s all about, umm, freezing the minions or delaying the minions. You aren’t really concerned about actually killing them. I mean, sometimes you will be able to, like I had this Stubborn Gastropod out there and killed the Boulderfist Ogre, but it didn’t really matter.

It doesn’t matter what he puts out. You just want to delay him. And another reason you always want to choose the “Get Closer to the Exit” option is if you don’t, he will summon a Seething Statue, I think is the name of it, but it’s gonna end up doing 5 damage every turn to all your minions and you, so it’s a terrible, terrible option to not try and get closer to the exit.

And you’ll notice on every one of my matches here where I play against the Temple I do the same thing every time. And it works every time too. So as long as you follow what I’m doing and are smart about what you’re going to freeze and holding onto stuff, then you should be fine. That is win number four. Just one more. And I knew I was gonna take a ton of damage there, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it. But like I’ve already shown you before, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot how much damage you’ve taken. Just as long as [haha] he doesn’t completely deplete all of your Health, then you should still be able to pull it out. That is win number five. So I appreciate you watching today. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it’s give you some good ideas. And originally this deck had some Epic cards in it. I think I had Doomsayer and like Ice Block in there, which you can certainly put in there, makes it a little bit easier, but it’s just as easy with this.

And you know, I think it was all commons or basic cards. So I will see you next time! Thanks!.

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