Hello everyone. This is neonangel. And today we are going to be facing the fourth and final boss of the fourth wing of the Curse of Naxxramas. He’s in the Construct Quarter. It’s Thaddius. His special ability is Polarity Shift. Every single turn it swaps the Health and Attack of all minions. He starts with Feugen and Stalagg, but unlike the cards that we get they don’t have the Deathrattle aspect. And he also has a special card, Supercharge, which gives Health to his minions. So let’s go ahead and get started. And whenever you’re going to mulligan on this fight you really want to see a Corruption or Soulfire. The perfect hand is getting one of each of those. That way you can go ahead and “Corrupt” one of his minions and kill another one right away. And I would say next to Grobbulus this is probably my most hated fight for this Adventure, cause it is a really tough boss fight. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t win the first time, because it is gonna take some luck. Basically, if you don’t have a way to deal with ummm, Feugen and Stalagg right from the very beginning, then you’re gonna have a pretty tough time.

Gonna go ahead and anticipate that he’s gonna have something else nasty come on the board here and hopefully I can sort of manage their Health with the Explosive Sheep. It’s really a good way to clear stuff off. And I will be able to. I’ll actually be able to clear the board here. Except for the Spiders there, but that’s okay. And the goal here is to go ahead and kill my own Feugen and Stalagg so that I actually benefit from their Deathrattle and get my own Thaddius, which I get to use to kill Thaddius…such sweet irony. Now hopefully I can really start taking him down here. Once you get your own Thaddius you can really just keep killing everything he puts on the board. Which you should do, but you want to watch your Health too – you don’t want to put yourself within Lightning Bolt range. I’m just holding on to that Explosive Sheep now because I don’t really need to put it out right now.

See if I go ahead and kill the Cultist now the Egg gets the buff, but then it’s gonna explode – it won’t matter, so I don’t mind giving the buff to that. That is really annoying, but I think he’s gonna be dead anyway. Well, there is no “think”, I KNOW he’s going to be dead. So there you go. That’s win number one. As you can see, it started off pretty choppy, but I was able to recover. So I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games with him, which this almost drove me crazy doing. But I did get a block where I sat down – and these are five in a row here, win or loss – and that’s how it went.

But, let’s see how it goes. And I got lucky there and was able to take out his side of the board. It’s not looking real good for him so far. Yeah, I never let him keep anything on the board. Always clear everything off of there, because he’ll do something crazy. He’ll do his Supercharge thing and then, suddenly you have a 7-Attack minion hitting you the next turn, so it’s just best to kill everything as fast as you can. It’s not really a very good start. I did draw a Soulfire there, so I was able to get rid of one of the minions at least. I was going to have to Hellfire here in a second and try and clear everything else.

This is going to be extremely close here. I am just hanging on for dear life [haha]. I’ve been at 1 Health here for like the past three turns. And OH, MY GOD I was able to clear his board and stabilize [haha]. That was very, very scary [haha]. And now I need something out here. I need some more heals is what I need. And I’m just dangerously low right now. If he draws a couple of Lightning Bolts here – I’ve already seen one Lightning Bolt, so he only has one other one.

So as long as I don’t go below 3 Health, then I should be okay [haha]. And that’s win number three. That one was pretty crazy right there. And that’s sort of what you can expect on most of these fights, where your Health is just going to be dangerously low, and you’ll be lucky if you can survive it. I did not get a good start at all. I mean I drew a Soulfire late, but that…that was a terrible, terrible start. I didn’t get a Corruption or a Soulfire and didn’t have anything to deal with his minions right away. So when you get a draw like that sometimes you just may want to go ahead and restart the encounter.

And that’s another one where I’m, I’m dangerously low right now. So I really need to try and stabilize here. Thankfully, I drew the Shadow Bolt there and was able to take care of one of those. And having the Succubus there has been great, cause you know she brought me back from the brink, all that Health I was able to gain from her. She definitely helped save the game for me right there. And that’s win number four. Come on. Let this be the last one. Please! And that was actually a really nice start until he did the uh, Supercharge. And I’m toast I think. Yep. Just wasn’t gonna happen that time, unfortunately. And I had a really good start that game, but you can see, sometimes he just throws out every single bit of removal that he has and you just can’t overcome it. I always expect a Lightning Storm whenever I have the Succubus out there. He absolutely hates those. He does not want me gaining any life. He Supercharged a Zombie Chow. That looked a little bit desperate to me. It’s not going to be enough to save him though – he is MINE! And that is win number five and the last time that I ever have to play Thaddius again – thank you very much [haha]! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this encounter today.

We’ve finished up the Construct Quarter. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time!.

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