Hello, everyone. This is neonangel and we’re back again in the third wing in The Curse of Naxxramas in the Military Quarter. We’ll be facing The Four Horsemen today – finishing that up. His special ability is Unholy Shadow, and he doesn’t have any minions at all in his deck. He just has the other 3 Horsemen there with him. And his special cards are Runeblade, which gets larger whenever all of the Horsemen are dead and Mark of the Horsemen, which buffs his weapon and his minions. So let’s go ahead and get started. And whenever you want to do a mulligan for The Four Horsemen it’s good to go ahead and get something that’s gonna either take care of his weapon or take care of the minions there – the Four Horsemen themselves. So, Shadow Word: Pain is great to start with. Also, you may want to pick up a Power Word: Glory because that’s gonna negate the damage that two of them are going to you, cause normally you’re going to be taking six damage a turn here at the beginning.

So I’ve got two Shadow Word: Pains – that’s a great start right there. And I can go ahead and start taking care of them now. And there’s one of his weapons right away. And he’s only got two of those in the deck, so if you don’t have your Acidic Swamp Ooze right away it’s okay. In fact, I usually don’t use it on the first weapon. I would rather have it for the second one, because by then you hope to have killed most of his minions.

He will pretty much wipe everything out that you play, so don’t worry too much about getting minions on the board. All he has is removal. He doesn’t have any other minions, so nothing you put out there is going to survive for very long. And I’m trying to decide here if I want to go ahead and play the Songstealer or if I want to just wait a turn and actually steal the minion with my Cabal. It’s always fun to become invulnerable yourself. But of course he decides to use the Mark and buff it, so I’m not going to be able to steal it. Well, I will…but I’ve got to Silence it so it doesn’t really do me a whole lotta good.

He’ll just go through here and pretty much wipe out everything. And it’s not looking too good for him. He should be dead in another turn or two. There’s his other weapon, but since one of the Four Horsemen is actually still alive, even though it’s silenced and on my side of the board, it doesn’t matter – his weapon doesn’t get buffed. And he’s totally dead here, but I’m just messing around with him. So that’s gonna be win number one for me. And I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games here. So let’s see how that goes. Power Word: Glory is good to start with because like I said before, it negates a lot of damage.

Also, the Shadow Word: Pains are awesome. And he keeps getting the Mark and buffing his minions. That’s okay though. And he’s dead again. So that’s win number two. And even though I have the Acidic Swamp Ooze, a lot of times even if he gets his weapon, like then, if he gets it right away I will hang on to it, umm, just because I like to go ahead and have it for the second one. I can usually recover from the initial damage. Now hopefully I don’t jinx myself, see he played another weapon right away, so I’m able to get rid of that. And I won’t see any more weapons from him, but I am seeing the buff, unfortunately. And I’m really, really low in Health. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it here. I just barely, barely survived that. But it’s still a win.

Win number three. And I’m really, really low – and…I thought I was gonna be smart and get by there by just wiping them all out, but of course he drew his weapon on the next turn. So, I rolled the dice and it didn’t work out for me there, unfortunately. But don’t be afraid to do that because, uh well you want to have the Swamp Ooze in your hand to be able to take care of his weapon in case he does draw it, so that was my fault because I didn’t have it, but you know I thought I would take a chance and it didn’t pay off, unfortunately. And it’s really nice whenever you can have all of his minions silenced, because his weapon’s not getting buffed, and umm – it really works out well that way. And as you can see, he almost always has his weapon right away, that he’ll cast it. He’ll coin it out on turn two. Now I’m getting really low here, so I’ve got to be careful. Extremely low. This is going to be awfully close. Of course he would buff them up. You’d think he was trying to kill me or something.

But I barely managed to scrape by there. So that’s win number five. As you can see, uhh you really want to hang on to your Acidic Swamp Ooze, Shadow Word: Pains are great, and also Power Word: Glory. But it’s a fun fight and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Thanks!.

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