Welcome back everyone. This is neonangel. Thanks for joining me today! We’ll be starting on Hearthstone’s second Adventure today, where we’ll be fighting Coren Direbrew in the Grim Guzzler. He’s the first boss in the first wing. His special ability is Pile On! He’ll throw out two minions for himself and give you one. He has special cards like Dark Iron Bouncer, which always wins Brawls and Get ‘Em!, which summons four 1/1 Taunts – can be really annoying to get around. So let’s go ahead and get started and see how we do on this today. The most important thing when doing your mulligan is you don’t want any minions at all.

So if you get any minions you always want to throw ’em back, because you’ll never be able to cast any of the minions you draw. It’s just usually over way too fast. I mean, he can kill you in just a matter of turns with as many minions as he’s churning out. So you’ve just got to be real careful about that. You can use Gang Up on pretty much any of your own minions, but if you’re able to get it on Y’Shaarj or Kel’Thuzad, then those are both really good targets for it. And I try not to worry too much about his minions, because if you try and worry about doing trades you’re just gonna get overwhelmed. You really need to concentrate on smashing his face in as quickly as possible. And if he casts Get ‘Em! right here – well he didn’t cast it there, I was gonna say if he did that was going to be a problem because I didn’t have a Fan of Knives to take care of those.

But it worked out okay because I’ve got the Eviscerate to go ahead and finish the game off here. So that’s gonna be my first win on Coren. You’ve just got to be smart about which trades you do and, you know just exactly how quickly you’re smashing his face in. But that’s win number one for me and I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games. And you can sit back and relax. Now see, he played Get ‘Em! there, but luckily I did have the Fan of Knives to take care of that, otherwise it’s just nearly impossible to get around in enough time to be able to kill him before he kills you.

It’s really a race. And he’s going to be dead again here. So that is win number two for me. As you can see, these games go extremely fast. It’s like I don’t even have to have them sped up because the games are over so fast anyway. He’s just uhh, you know, since he’s getting two minions for your one the games can be over extremely quickly. And Y’Shaarj is not absolutely critical to have in this deck, but as you saw right there he really helps you even the playing field, because you’re getting out as many minions as Coren is.

So it really plays to your favor a whole lot, so if you do have him, definitely put him in the deck. If you don’t, then you may just want to try and put another large minion in there. This one’s going to be close here. I think he might have me. We’ll see. Of course he would Brawl there, and the Dark Iron Bouncer always wins the Brawls, so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do there. I had just got Y’Shaarj on the board, so things were about to get interesting. You see I’ve just drawn two of my largest minions right away. That is something you do not want to see. But I’ve got the Fan of Knives here, thankfully, and Y’Shaarj on the board. Now with Kel’Thuzad this is pretty much game over for him, unless he Brawls, which would not surprise me one bit. But he didn’t, so he’s dead. That is win number four. Let’s see if we can do it one more time. I’ve been pretty lucky here where, umm, I think there’s only one game I’ve played here where I didn’t have the Fan of Knives whenever he played Get ‘Em!, which like I told you, is a real pain to get around if you don’t have it.

But that game ended up pretty well. So that is five wins for me, only one loss there. So anyway, I as always hope that has given you some ideas for your decks to use against him and I hope this helps you beat him. Anyway, thanks again for joining me and we’ll continue our journey through Blackrock Mountain. Thanks! Bye..

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