Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and we’re going to start the League of Explorers Adventure and we’re going to start on the first boss, which is Zinaar. And his special power is Djinn’s Intuition. It costs him 0, it’s on auto-cast – he’s going to draw a card and gain a mana crystal, but he also gives you a Wish. And these wishes are Wish for Companionship, that’s if you’re a Hunter, you’re going to have the ability to get another companion. Then you’ve got Wish for Glory, to Discover a minion; Power to Discover a spell; and Valor to Discover a 4-cost card. And it’s random whichever one you end up getting. And this deck that I use is really going to try and abuse that, uh, the power of Wishes, and mainly you do that from the Flamewaker that’s in the deck, cause whenever you stack up those zero-cost spells you can just do a ton of damage.

Another good card that goes in there is Questing Adventurer. If you get him you can really build him up to be something huge! And Animated Armor is great because he does a ton of damage to you and he’ll end up prioritizing face over anything else most of the time, so a lot of times it can really cut down on damage. So we’ll go ahead and get started today and see how we do here. And whenever you mulligan you want to hard mulligan for a Flamewaker. It’s THE most important card you can have, and there, I got one, so that’s great! If you don’t draw one, then you know, you may have a hard time. You may have to use an alternative way to try and win, such as the Questing Adventurer or something else. But umm, and Flamewaker is not a guaranteed win. You can still lose even if you have him. It’s just if you have him though, you can do a ton of damage if you play it right. You just have to be really cautious. And whenever you put him out he’ll almost always kill him right away, because he has just a ton of removal.

So it’s really good if can have one of your Duplicates out there, just to backup the Flamewaker and give you some extras. That’s why the Mad Scientist is here to help you try and get to those Duplicates a little bit sooner and be able to have something for when the Flamewaker hits the board. Most of the time you aren’t even going to put out the Flamewaker before like turn six. Uhhh, but around that time you can just pile on an amazing amount of damage. You can usually clear his entire board with just one Flamewaker. See, now I’m going to have the Duplicate here, so hopefully the Flamewaker is going to come out next, here in another turn or two and have the Duplicate there. Or, I’m sorry! Well, the Duplicate unfortunately got the Mana Wyrm there.

I wasn’t paying attention! But, that’s okay. One thing that you have to watch out for is you’re drawing so many cards from all of the Wishes, if you aren’t paying close attention you’ll just start burning cards because your hand’s too full. The Explosive Sheep are great, especially in the early game, because you can just wipe out most of his board from his early stuff. I’m hoping he’ll toss out some more so I can maximize the Explosive Sheep, but I think he’s going to kill it here. So, still going to kill the other stuff on the board, but it would have been nice to have ran it into something.

It will probably be good enough to where I can clear most of the board and I have a Duplicate here for the Flamewaker, so this has worked out really well. And I’m probably being really greedy here, because I’m hoping that he doesn’t kill the Flamewaker right away. If he does, it’s okay though because I can drop two of them and then just unload with all of the Wishes there. Now this is where – oh wow! He Silenced his, his Elemental there. I thought he was gonna Silence my Flamewaker, which he does a lot of times, and that just pretty much destroys your ability to do anything when he Silences your Questing Adventurer or your Flamewakers. It really, really messes with you, so I would say that the Ironbeak Owls are really a pain to face. I don’t think I’ll need the Echo of Medivh here, but why not pick it up? I’ll just go ahead and hold onto some cards and see what I can do here on this next turn.

See, there’s his last Ironbeak Owl, but it is still so frustrating to get your Flamewaker Silenced like that. It just wrecks him. Arcane Missiles is pretty funny here. So unless he does something crazy I think I’ve go a pretty good shot here [haha] against him. Cause if you have a couple of Flamewakers on the board, well, if he doesn’t continue killing them all, then you have a pretty good shot. See, he’ll just use multiple cards to get rid of your Flamewakers. Like I said, he has a ton of removal. He…all in all, he has like 42 damage or so in his deck, and since he’s drawing extra cards he just gets to it, like consistently, so he’s really hard to keep up with on the damage charts.

I was thinking about building the Adventuring, uhh, the Questing Adventurer up a little bit more because that way he couldn’t be killed quite so easily, but it’s not going to matter anyway. I’ve got another Fireball and should be able to do a ton of damage here, so it doesn’t matter what happens – he’s gonna be dead this turn. And it doesn’t really matter what I draw here. This is just for fun at this point cause he’s dead. But that is going to be win number one for me. That one worked out pretty well with the Duplicates there and the Questing Adventurer. And I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games. So sit back and relax! I had originally recorded all of these games a week or two ago and discovered that there was a problem with the recording where evidently they had made some change to OBS that I wasn’t aware of.

I’m not sure what happened, but it stopped recording my cursor, so I didn’t have the mouse on anything. Now it’s really a minor thing and I think you all would have probably been [haha] able to get the gist of what was happening without seeing my mouse, but I went back and re-recorded everything. So, I had completely finished this entire wing, umm, all five games for every single boss, but I decided to go back and record them all, so that’s why it took me a little bit longer this time around.

And unfortunately he got rid of the Flamewaker there. Now the Animated Armor should really help here because he’s probably gonna keep trying to smash me in the face. Flamestrike is gonna be really good here. Ahh, so I’ve got the Questing Adventurer, it looks like I’m gonna have to build him up because it’s late in the game here, he’s almost out of cards, and I’ve got to start doing something though and who knows when I’ll draw the other Flamewaker, so that’s why the Questing Adventurer is there, so you have a backup. So now he’s out of cards [haha], so he’s gonna be dead pretty much no matter what here.

I’m just gonna make the Adventurer huge. So that is going to be win number two. See, you don’t absolutely have to have the Questing, er, I’m sorry, the Flamewaker, but a lot of times it’s the best route to go. Umm, but you can certainly win with a Questing Adventurer, as you saw there. I’m gonna be hurting here, really bad. And that certainly hurts whenever he silences my Explosive Sheep, because you know that limits my ability to take out his line, so I’m probably gonna be dead here. If he kills the Animated Armor, I’m definitely dead.

Yep [haha]. So there’s my first loss. Sometimes he just churns out the big minions really fast and if you aren’t able to freeze ’em or if you don’t already have a Flamewaker, then it’s going to be tough to do anything. See, I’ve got two of the Flamewakers here, but he’s already got two Windfury minions here so I’ve got to do something pretty quick. The Stormwind Champions always screw everything up too. This next turn I’m going to drop both Flamewakers and try and blow everything up. I was able to pick up another Flamewaker there, so that’s gonna come in handy.

Shifter Zerus is a lot of fun to pick out of there because you just never know what you’re going to get. You just hang on to him. I would have loved to have used King Krush there, but I don’t think it was a good time to put him out. Yeah, I think I’m going to have to build up the Questing Adventurer here again like in the game before last.

And he should be dead. At least one or two more turns. Next turn he should be. There he goes. That’s gonna be win number three for me. That was a really good start. I really couldn’t ask for better. I had a Duplicate, which is a good thing, because he silenced my Mad Scientist. And hopefully I can have a really good turn here. Thankfully he did not kill him, so that’s gonna make all the difference in the world. Having 3 Flamewakers out is pretty awesome, and now four [haha], so if you have four Flamewakers you are going to easily clear the board! Cause you’re doing, at the minimum, 8 damage every single spell you cast. So there’s win number four. Just need to get one more. Now see, unfortunately he killed the Flamewaker that I had and I didn’t have Duplicate out there, so… But now I’ll be able to build up the Questing Adventurer – until he gets Silenced, and he’s still got another Ironbeak Owl in there too.

Like I said before, it can be extremely frustrating whenever he’s Silencing your Flamewaker or Questing Adventurer. It just wrecks you, pretty much. Now if he wouldn’t have frozen my Annoy-o-Tron I could have done something there. I’m totally dead. Couldn’t quite pull that one out, unfortunately. But there, he killed key minions there. Killing the Flamewaker and Silencing the Questing Adventurer really hurt. Again, silencing right away the Explosive Sheep. It just gets very frustrating. Now he’s got an entire board full, so this is gonna be tough here. Now I built up the Adventure just enough so he couldn’t Fireball it, but he nearly killed it there anyway. I’ve got some huge Adventurers here, so he’s gonna be dead next turn unless he does something. That’s not gonna save him. So that is win number five! Anyway, I appreciate you joining me for this. It’s good to be back on the next Adventure and hopefully you’ll join me for the rest of the bosses that will be coming up here soon.

Like I said, I had to re-record this entire wing last week, so I should be getting that out here pretty soon. So join me next time and I’ll see you later!.

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