Hello there guys! Maru here with my first commentary on Heroes of the Storm. I’ll be using Sylvanas with a slightly aggressive but effective build for solo laners. For this build I go with: With the Wind, Envenom, Life Drain, Wailing Arrow, Evasive Fire, Blood for Blood and lastly, Deafening Blast. The first thing that you need to master with Sylvanas is definitely positioning. She’s very dependent of that due to her Q ability which hits the nearest target to her. So if you want to max her damage you better be using your Q.

I also like to use my W on enemy heroes instead of minions to get as much damage on them as I can, because minions will still get a lot of damage out of the spread-ed curse. Sylvanas has actually been a very low pick for a while now but still, I think she’s very decent and fun to play. Also she’s one of the coolest heroes so that doesn’t… not help. I mean… it helps her a lot. Okay so here we are laning against this Nazeebo which has a lot of sustain, more sustain than us for now and also has a lot more damage than us if he can hit us with those abilities of his. But in this case we got the kill, we got those gems and we actually manage to deposit.

So, that’s a win and we didn’t even need to go back to base. Once we get Envenom we can be even more aggressive and get kills or send enemies home. The only real bad thing about Envenom is that you have to near your enemy to use it, but if you’re aggressive Sylvanas that’s kind of the point, so that’s gonna be fine. Here I think we get ganked by the enemy team, yes here we go. But we’re still in a very good position here, we are not in trouble and we go for this Nazeebo, asking for help and Li-Ming, our friendly Li-Ming comes here and does a beautiful assist and we get that kill The next ability I like to pick at level seven is Life Drain. It’s super important for solo laners since this is the only sustain-ability Sylvanas has other than Blood for Blood but… that doesn’t really count. I mean, it’s an ability you use like once a minute, so no.

If you want to do even more damage you might want to try using Remorseless instead. You can try, if you’d like. Actually in this, ok… here I died. Yeah *tsk* my bad. I think I was over-extended and actually I could have gone through the hall below but I was already in that position so my best bet was to go through the turrets. Anyways, still that’s fine, we got a few kills before them and we actually got those spiders. And this is something that has been happening to me a lot: every time I pick Sylvanas in ranked the friendly team goes all “NOOooo whyyyy” so, let’s talk a little bit about playing your best character. So if you have this character that you know how to play a lot and with which you can fill a spot for your team, maybe you should pick THEM instead of picking that super-broken-OP-champion-that-you-just-bought. Ranked matches and quick matches are not so different, if you think about it you want to have fun in both of them and winning is fun so you’ll try your best to win in Ranked.

So don’t be troll and try your aggressive Li Li build when there’s no other healer. Pick your best hero, using your best build and try not to get counter picked … that’s also pretty bad. Okay so here we do a Wailing Arrow on enemy Diablo which was a very bad idea, but actually we got two kills out of it sooo, not so bad I would say. We got damage on Diablo so he wasn’t able to be on that fight and here we try to push that lane a little bit more. We actually got to deposit all those gems so, good, good, good, good. My team is actually doing a very good job too. And I also got that bot lane fort so that’s awesome. And here we got another team fight and I think we got killed in this one. Oh no, we actually survived. Yeah we survived <3 by a little bit, but we did.

At this point I already have my Life Drain ability so I can use it to stay in lane a little bit more, still I didn’t have any more mana so I needed to go back and actually they got their spiders so we need to defend and for that we’ll need all the life and mana that we can get. Okay so here we’ll be defending and this Li-Ming has been doing a great job. We are actually pushing them back, even though they have their spiders so that’s how much this team is doing better than the enemy team.

We actually got a little more experience ahead of them and we are gonna be defending and killing these spiders. As you can see I used my banshees only to disable their minions it does a little bit of damage but you shouldn’t be using your banshees to do damage if you can avoid it. You need to use your banshees to escape. So in that way, if you want to clear minions waves, that’s fine you can use your banshees but against heroes or in team fights, I’d say don’t use like that, just keep it so if anything happens you can re-position yourself, be safe, stay alive, because alive you do a lot more damage than dead so, logiiic.

Which is some advise that I should be following because I used my banshees the incorrect way as you could see last fight I used them to get inside instead of getting out so, yeah I died. *sobs* too bad And we got the spiders! A spider push! Okay so here’s another team fight, you’ll see how we use the Wailing Arrow, we’re actually level fourteen so we got our other ability which is Evasive Fire so we can positioning ourselves a lot better now and be more aggressive even with this ability. Okay so we got this fort in mid lane and we are actually gonna be pushing at top lane now. The Evasive Fire ability, I really liked it since the beginning. I actually was using a different one for a while, but I found that this is the best one because if you want to kill someone you can pretty much get to their faces and if you want to re-position you can just use it to move around and don’t get killed. So both options are very good. So they are pushing with their spiders again and we are defending like we did last time, just pushing them around and I’m killing the spider little by little with my Q because the Q is like, its own mind.

It does what it does and you can just be doing something else and compulsively be clicking that Q to kill everything around you. Yeah we got those kills right there even though they had the spiders on us and we actually get to kill this Nova too. And we need to go back to defend, since the spiders are right there. And we do, we go back. I go bot lane to get this little spidy here. Hi Spidy, byeeee… yeeeahhh… Alright so going back to what I was saying about playing the best character you have I wish I could maybe know what specialist you guys are using right now. I have seen a lot of Azmodans and a lot of Zagaras and even Murkys around and not so many Sylvanas this past couple of months.

Li-Ming has been a top pick but she’s not an specialist… she’s an assassin. God, focus. But anyways I wish you guys could tell me what character are you using right now. What character you might want me to be using next time. I think I might be doing a commentary about Nova because she got this huge change made to her. I have been using her a little bit these past couple of days and have found that you can still do a lot of damage and be a pain in the ass with Nova but it’s just not the same. Her mechanics are very different and her abilities are all changed. So here we have another huge teamfight, we actually manage to avoid that ult by Diablo with our Evasive Fire and here I go super aggressive on the enemy team. As you can see this build let’s me be aggressive but also be safe all the time. And here we decide to just go back and defend because this bot lane is really pushed.

This was a very good match actually. It was very, very matched, so to speak. Very tightly matched between both teams. I think at this point Nova didn’t have the patch change made to her, so this Nova is actually old Nova. Alright so here’s another huge fight. Diablo managed to miss that ult. No one got hit by that and with this Li-Ming we did a lot of damage. A mega kill, we got them all. So we just decided just like: Yeah let’s go and win this, so we do just that.

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