Hello guys! Maru here with another commentary for Heroes of the Storm. I’ll be using Nova after her HUGE change with a build focused on her W ability. For this build I go with Longshot, Rapid Projection, One in the Chamber, Triple Tap, Double Tap, Crippling Shot and Fast Reload. When you play a roaming character such as Nova your main focus is to look for opportunities all around the map. Anyone with low health, heroes with no escape or even people that are too far ahead on their lanes. Just like our friend Tychus right here. For maximum damage input for this build I’d recommend you first use the Holo, just to have a Decoy, then the W, then the Q.

So, as you can see I just go roaming around, try to look for those kills… and I actually missed that one… I got so pissed… and then I just go back to mid lane and try to see if we can kill this Lunara here, even though she has this healer, but we are 3v2 so it shouldn’t be so hard. However, here the healer left us and we should have noticed this. This was a mistake because even if the healer shouldn’t have left I guess, there’s no reason for her to stay either.

We actually needed to focus on the objectives, so she left because she saw that Thrall was farming those little plants and LEFT US! … and we died. Both of us. it was really stupid, don’t do this. Anyways we come back from the dead and just roam around see if we can angle ourselves for some kills. We don’t normally help the team with the plant, I mean, doing damage to it, because Nova is actually really bad at clearing minions, as you can see here. I’m going against this Azmodan which is a very, very bad lane for me.

Against any other specialist, really. So I just ask for help from my team. I cannot hold this top lane! and actually you shouldn’t be in a single lane for a long period of time if you are playing a roaming character, such as this one. You are most likely better off just going around killing people than… Haha I got a little desparate… but we got the kill, because my friends came, finally and we got that kill. Aaand I just left, I just wanted them to come help, that’s it.

And I really wanted to kill this Tychus right here, but there was actually a mine by Abathur. I don’t know if you saw that, there was like this little mine in the middle of the way. So that’s something that you need to be careful with when you are playing against an Abathur. There’s gonna be a lot of mines and this one actually puts them in the hallways. A lot of Abathurs like to put them in the brushes too so you need to be careful… and yeah, I died… unfortunately I thought that friendly Li-Ming was gonna come and help in time but she didn’t… so I died.

It was very painful. But still! We got the kill, two for one, that’s ok, that’s fine. And I will use this time-off, kind of time off, to explain a little bit about why I choose the talents that I choose. So in level 4 I pick rapid projection because Holo Decoy mana cost is decreased by 40%. Basically just because of that and because the cooldown is reduced. So I can use it more often, also we do not have more than one Holo Decoy anymore, so I believe this is the best one and level 7…

This is probably the most weird one that I pick if I am talking about other Novas that I have seen around. Normally people pick Anti-Armor Shells but I like One in the Chamber better ’cause every time you cast an ability your next basic attack will deal 80% more damage and with this build we cast a lot of abilities because later on level 13 we’ll get Double Tap, which gives us 2 pinning shots, so that’ll be more abilities and we also have Holo Decoy decreased cooldown.

So basically this works, so yeah I think it works perfectly. If you have seen me just like, moving around at weird places is just because I’m looking for Abathur. Normally Abathurs are very easy to kill, like this one. The reason why I used my ULT on him is because I might have died against all those minions, actually I use it every single time, because Abathur gives a full kill, so why not just go full power on him? You don’t loose anything other than your cooldown, but come on guys. Come on! Aaaand we reached mid game, where Nova really shines. Now we have Double Tap and combined with level 16 ability everything is gonna hurt REAL bad and you’re finally gonna be NOVA EX-MACHINA, the one who can kill anything by herself… at last. There’s like this little stale-mate right now and I’m just looking around for anyone that is not where they’re supposed to be just like this Abathur riiiight here. Hi buddy! Byeee! When we reach level 16 we’ll finally get our butt-destroyer: the beautiful Crippling Shot which will give us 25% more damage to enemy heroes affected by it.

AUCH. Imagine what you could do with a Tyrande in your team. And again we have the curse going for us and this Abathur is again in a bad place… and I got him and I’m clearing minion waves because there’s a lot of minions but I shouldn’t be doing that. I go back and help my team and I did not get this Lunara because I was afraid for my life. So… is not a bad call if you are really afraid to die. We still got that Tyrande so that’s good, that’s fine. And this plant is trying to kill us… I guess… I’m not sure. I need to go back for some mana and also I go back because I wanna pick this plant up, just because the last time we didn’t do a lot of damage with it, so I decided to pick it myself and see if I could do as much damage as I can. I got a little missed…

I miss-stepped there. And here we go, we’re gonna be fighting here in this mid lane. And while this happens I want to talk to you guys about incoming heroes. Who do you guys think should be introduced to the game next? My vote goes to Stukov from Starcraft, he’s pretty cool, pretty badass and Varimantras or Kil’Jaden from Warcraft. I think we haven’t got any demons from Warcraft yet, we also haven’t got any dragons from Warcraft. So a dragon maybe or even a gnome, we haven’t got a gnome so any gnome… I am not very familiar with the alliance. I’m sorry… but anyways going back to the game we actually managed to do a lot of damage to their structures and we actually also get their camp.

And we go back to this top lane to get this plant and this Tychus does something really crazy… but whatever! we all do crazy things some times. We go back to fight in mid lane, because all our enemies are there and I actually get this kill on this little Lunara, who’s at a very bad position right now and I decide to not go back, to stay behind and help my allies here in this plant. And here comes Tyrande and we actually manage to kill her all by myself, I didn’t even need anyone’s help that’s how much damage you can do at level 20. I didn’t even use my ULT, I didn’t even have a lot of mana, so it was great damage input right there. I get the next plant too and ask my teammates just to come help me, I’ll go top lane, destroy everything in there hopefully and maybe end the game.

If you are wondering how to better use Nova in team fights, well, it all depends. It depends if the enemy team has any way to detect you with things like Abathur mines or all those vision talents support heroes have now. If there’s nothing like that around then you can roam at the enemies back to maybe pick a kill or just distract them.

If they have any of those things I mentioned, then you’re better off staying near your team waiting for any enemy to be in a bad position or for your team fight starter to well… start the fight. If you like this video and would like to see more videos, then please subscribe! I upload 3 videos a week about Heroes of the Storm plus a few reaction videos for different popular shows that I’m watching at the moment. Aaaand this is GG guys, thank you so much for watching and see you next time. Bye-bye!.

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