Hi guys, today I’ll show you 10 adanved tips & tricks for heroes of the storm. You can skill talents by holding Ctrl and 1-5. The numbers are aligned from top talent to bottom. Cloaked units aren’t invisible. You can track them by a slight distortion they produce. They are easier to see while they are moving, and by hitting them with a skill shot or AOE-spell, they become visible. by pinign on a bot, he is forced to follow you around if you ing him again, he is released. Towers will reload 1 ammunition every 15 seconds. if a tower is out of ammo, he will take 30 seconds, but reload 2 ammunition.

The “No-Ammunition”-icon will start pulsing, five seconds before ammo is reloaded. Experience are gathered as long as one hero is in range if a minion dies. Abathur”s Symbiote counts as hero, but summonings need to last hit minions to collect experience. The mid camp(s) in Haunted Mines have more skulls than the others. You can hit Ctrl+Alt+F to show ping and FPS in the top-left corner. the “seed”-icon below the map indicates if there are enought seeds to spawn a terror in that night. An open seed indicates there are still enough seeds to spawn a Terror, A closed-one indicates there aren’t. You can hold the “Shift”-key to queue commands. This can be used to save time when mounting up, using the Healing Well or collecting a Tribute. IF you tank towers as the Dragon Knight, make sure to only tank one tower so you get half the damage. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe-button if you don’t want to miss the next episode!:) (now available!).

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