Hi guys, Today I’ll show you 10 pro tips for Heroes of the Storm Body Blocking is crucial in Heroes of the Storm. It often determines between life and death. The body sizes range from – For body blocking the body sizes of both heroes are taken into account To block someone, just move infront of him and block his path. If possible, also use your auto attack. Stutter stepping means, that you use the cooldown between auto attacks to reposition your hero. This can be very important, because you can auto attack while running away, reposition yourself in a teamfight or chase enemies better To stutter step, you need to click on the hero you want to attack, click on the ground where you want to move, and repeat An alternative would be to press the “A”-Key, instead of clicking on a hero. This only works if there are no minions nearby, because it’s attacks the closest target. Stutter stepping is also possible with Jaina’s water elemental You can pre-Cleanse almost all forms of displacements. Those include: Dragon Knight’s kick, Kerrigan’s graps and even Stitche’s hook You can right-click on names (chat) in hero league to see their rank.

Please don’t use this information to flame, but instead to adapt with the situation and help unexperienced players. Collection Regen Globes won’t reveal stealthed units or units standing in a bush. But at the moment, teammates standing in the fog of war are reavealed. If you’re stunned, you can hold the Ice Block key and Ice Block will be activated as soon as the stun is over. This can also be used to queue abilities by holding down multiple buttons. The abilities will be used (casted) in reversed order. If you know which of the Novas is the real one, you can share this information by danger-pinging her. Tap the fountain in Blackheart’s Bay before the chests spawn This way you’ll get a big advantage.

You can save your camera’s location by hitting ctrl+ F5-F10. By hitting F5-F10 again you will automatically jump to that position. This can be useful if you’re playing a control hero like Abathur or if you’re playing against a backdoor-Comb by hitting the “Shift”-key you can also queue abilities. Sadly, this is a bit more complicated than i wished. First of all: you need to stop your auto attack by making a move command or mounting up There are two types of queuing abilities: Untargeted or self-casted ablities will behave like expected. The other abilities will be requeued after the next ability This is great for a single-skill Rewind like Tyrande’s owl because you only need to hit two keys instead of three. But for most other skill it’s impossible to queue a full Rewind-rotation because the hero is waiting for the cooldown of one ability.

I’ve tested some queued rotations and i hope, some of them are useful for you. I hope you enjoyed these tricks and learned something. Next week I’ll talk about structures in detail So make sure to click the subscribe button if you don’t want to miss out. :).

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