Come forward and be ready to face Alanaq Prehistoric, Tadalin Left all the Protoss hometown Ayr Followers of Sarnaga Into the dark universe There, they built a barbarian social system. They believe only obedience Can be promoted to a hybrid, for their gods – Emon’s life But this is all a scam. All that’s just to control them With the help of Templars Aranak rebelled against his master And seized control of the people Now as a senior lord He led Tadalin for eternal glory Embark on a new journey Aranac is a Changeable Melee Assassin His psionic skills can make him Insulate and destroy the enemy Aranak’s trait is sadistic Can automatically increase his hero against the enemy Damage caused This trait can be adjusted through talent For example, you can reduce the effect In exchange for other unique benefits His Q skill is a chaotic blow After a short delay Aranac thrusts forward with double-edged sword While causing a lot of damage Silence the enemy As a psionic master Aranac can use telekinesis to target Push the enemy or himself This skill can be aimed at Simply hold the left mouse button while casting Move to the direction you want Then you can watch your goal fly away His last common skill is lightning flash An energy shock jumped out of Alanaq And to the target enemy as well Injuries to all enemies along the way In addition After causing damage to an enemy hero A large part of the damage will be converted into Aranak’s health.

Aranac’s first ultimate ability is deadly assault Activate this skill Allows Alanak to enter the fighting stance Start charging for the attack After releasing energy, he will sprint forward Inflicts heavy damage to all enemies along the way The longer Aranak recharge time The farther away from the charge Aranac’s second ultimate skill is counterattack After the activation, Aranak Will become a protected state of immune damage If an enemy hero is Attacked during counterattack activation Aranac will Release a shock wave Inflicts heavy damage to all nearby enemies After reaching level 20, Aranac can Choose to get his second ultimate skill After selecting this talent, you can press D to activate this extra Ultimate skills and independent cooling time Your death has come Aranac’s advantage lies in his unpredictability.

His many talents are double-edged swords Let him while strengthening skills Will expose new weaknesses Skillfully matching talents can surprise your enemies Let you get new advantages Must pay attention to Alanak’s sadism And focus on attacking enemy heroes To take advantage of these extra injuries Destroy the enemy Confusion is interference The effective way of enemy tactical planning Use this skill to silence the healer Or prevent the target from escaping Understand your enemy Can make you before tearing them Insight into their secrets Mind Drive allows Aranak to Disrupting enemy formations You can pull the enemy over Repel them Even use it for yourself Depart from a defeated war situation But be careful Improper timing of mind drive can cause fatal results Lightning is a good way to harass the enemy Try to hit multiple enemies with a lightning flash Pay attention to the position of the hero’s hero Because of the blood-sucking properties of this skill Can have a huge impact on the war situation Aranac’s ultimate skills provide it with two Different ways of killing the enemy A fatal assault with the right timing Can cause a lot of damage at the same time Create opportunities for the team Take a tactical walk Charging after the charge to important goals But make sure your teammates can keep up with you Otherwise, Aranac will find himself quickly surrounded by the enemy.

Aranak’s Counterattack Allows the enemy to attack while Taste The highlight of this ultimate skill lies in dealing with high-eruption heroes Because the protected state can Let Aranac Immunity suffer It also causes a great deal of damage from tooth and tooth Finally, when it reaches 20 levels Aranac has the opportunity to learn the second ultimate skills This gives him extra tactical options Aranac is a master of manipulation The right tactical choice can make every step of his All take advantage of unsuspecting enemies I want to revenge Thank you for watching this video Want to get the latest information on Storm Heroes Please remember to follow our official website We are as good as before and see you at the space-time hub!.

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