The Hladims in the sheltered land have little record of a devil named Butcher. Well documented records twice, spanning up to 20 years Thousands of Trastheim victims tragically died in this terrible demon hand And it is said that this demon is made up of other devil’s limbs. Therefore, the butcher seems to regard all other living things or dead objects as their own parts. The butcher was a savage melee assassin who collected the bodies of the victims. Constantly accumulate your own damage Butcher’s character is fresh meat When a nearby enemy killed, it will fall fresh meat. Soldiers will drop a piece And the hero will drop three pieces Each piece of fresh meat collected will permanently increase the butcher’s attack damage until the butcher’s death.

The first skill of the butcher is to break the rib Hit hard with a terrible iron axe Inflicts damage and slows down enemies in a wide range ahead The next skill is the branding of butchers The butcher hits the hook of the left hand and marks the target for five seconds So that the butcher’s subsequent attack on the target can be restored to the equivalent of 75% of the health he deals damage. When used against a hero, the amount of healing is doubled The last common skill of the butcher is to kill The butcher is like a nightmare and rushes to the target enemy and becomes unstoppable After reaching the target, the butcher will inflict damage and stun him.

Incineration shock is the first ultimate skill of the butcher After a three second delay Shoots flames around the butcher, causing massive damage to nearby enemies You can also use this skill when you use it to kill the charge. The last is the second ultimate butcher skill, the lamb to be slaughtered The butcher puts iron posts in the target position And bind the nearest hostile hero shortly after Any victim who flees will be pulled back to the target The early game will be very important to the butcher You need to collect fresh meat as much as possible before the start of the team fight Butchers can kill soldiers online Little soldier collecting fresh meat Another way is to walk with teammates Finding and killing heroes But be careful if butchers die if they are too radical Will lose all the fresh meat collected When the upper limit is collected The butcher should kill the enemies by separating them from their teammates and kill them one by one.

When you have low health, you can rush to an enemy and imprint it with a butcher. If the enemy tries to escape, strike it with a broken rib Only a few ordinary attacks and proper walks are needed Butchers can kill almost any enemy Lambs to be slaughtered are good at helping butchers separate enemies Use this ultimate skill to start a group battle, or a key opponent Separated from the fight, gaining number advantage for teammates If you want to do more damage, make sure you can kill your opponent Then choose the incinerator impact Try to use incinerator impact when you can hit more than two targets To maximize the benefits of this skill If you have to face the butcher Separate it from his teammates and work together to wipe it out as soon as possible If he can stop him from using butcher marks for treatment He will soon fall If you have any idea about the use of butchers Please tell us in the comments We are very much looking forward to how players will use this horrible melee assassin Please be sure to follow us on YouTube and online In order to get the latest information on all Heroes of the Storm.

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