Hi! We meet again. Since time immemorial Azeroth has been guided by the dragonflights. Azeroth has been guarded by the dragon since ancient times. Each dragon has a sacred task to preserve a fundamental aspect of the world. Each dragon has a sacred mission to protect the world. Chronormu, or Chromie to her friends Kronorm, or Cromi May appear to be a friendly yet distracted gnome may seem like a friendly, dwarfed dwarf But in truth, she is a bronze dragon and an ardent defender of time.

But she actually was a bronze dragon and brave guardian of time. Now her charge to preserve history has brought her. Now her mission has brought her to Into the conflicts of time and space, known only as Nexus. Space, Space, Battlefield, Space and Time Chromie is a fragile yet devastating artillery assassin Kromemy is a vulnerable but destructive long-range assassination hero That traps her foes and eliminates them from afar. She can trap enemies and destroy them from afar. First up, is her trait TIMEWALKER. First of all, is her trait timewalker. As a master of the timeways as a master of time flow Chromie gains talents and abilities one level ahead of other heroes. Kromemy can earn talent and skill advanced Her first basic ability is SAND BLAST. Her first normal attack was Sand Burst. With a wave of her hands Chromie manifests a ball of sand and fires it as a long range projectile and you can create a dust ball and launch it. That damages the first enemy hero it hits. Sand Blast only hits enemy heroes and will pass through anything else.

Sandstorm will only hit enemy heroes and will therefore cross any other target. Don’t let Chromie’s appearance fool you. Her W ability, DRAGON’S BREATH, unleashes her true Bronze Dragon nature Her W skills bronze dragon can release her true dragon power Letting loose a deadly barrage on a target area. Dragon’s Breath does not provide enemies an area of ​​effect indicator For the incoming damage Leaving them completely unaware of how it will impact. Chromie’s final basicity creates a TIME TRAP. Crommie’s Last Common Skill is Time Trap. Once armed, any enemy hero that touches this inconspicuous hourglass When activated, any enemy that comes into contact with this hourglass Is frozen in stasis for a short period. If you’re looking to control the flow of battle, try out SLOWING SANDS. If you want to control the pace of the battlefield, try to slow down the dust Activating this heroic creates a zone of whirling sand that will slow enemies. Activating this ultimate skill can create dust swirls and slow the enemy The sand vortex lasts until Chromie cancels the ability or runs out of mana. The Dust Whirlpool continues until Clomi cancels the spell or runs out of mana.

The longer slowing sands is activated The stronger its slowing effect will become. Chromie’s second heroic is TEMPORAL LOOP. Crommie’s second ultimate skill is the time loop. With a little twist in time, she binds an enemy hero to a location. Just adjust the time, she can bind the enemy hero in a certain position. No matter how far they try to run, after a short delay no matter how far they try to escape, after a short time They always return to the location they were bound to. They always return to the location they are bound to. Chromie’s TIMEWALKER trait is straightforward. Kromemy’s Timewalker Traits are very simple But pay extra attention when your team hits level 9. But be careful when your team reaches level 9.

Her early heroic can grant your team an unexpected advantage. She gets the ultimate skills one level ahead of time and can give your team an unexpected advantage. Sand Blast hits like a truck, but her wind up animation Provides a visual tell that it’s coming. Let the enemy predict her next move. If you want to land hits, try casting outside of the enemy’s vision range If you want to hit the enemy, try to avoid the enemy’s vision Fire from behind fort walls and within bushes Cast behind the walls and in the grass To catch the enemy off guard. And don’t forget to use choke points to secure takedowns.

Since Dragon’s Breath doesn’t leave an area of ​​effect indicator It can difficult for the enemy to predict where it’s going to land. Use this to your advantage. Take advantage of this advantage Cast it in your enemies range of vision, and watch them scramble. Use it outside the enemy’s field of vision and watch the enemy fall in front of you. And if you see an enemy impaired by a stun or slow, and if the enemy is stunned or decelerated That’s a perfect time to call down the Dragon’s Fury. That is undoubtedly your best chance to release the dragon’s anger. Time Trap has a multitude of uses And creativity with your trap placement is key. Try catching ambushers hiding in bushes You can use to counter the enemies hiding in the grass Or even prevented Heroes from slinking away into the shadows.

Use it to lock an enemy in stasis, buying Chromie some time to escape. Use this skill to make the enemy stagnate and win the evacuation time for Chromie. Or to setup an aggressive assault or to ambush an enemy Unleashing all of her abilities in a devastating combo. Chormie’s heroics offer two very different options. Kromemy’s ultimate skills provide players with two options Slowing Sands provides strong area denial Deceleration dust provides a large range of control capabilities Encourage enemies to avoid a location entirely. Pay close attention to where you cast it, as the longer the Sands stay in place The greater the slowing effect it provides. Clever use of this slowing twister Can allow Chromie and her team to mop up opponents quickly. Can Crommie and her teammates quickly destroy the enemy Temporal Loop’s strength lies in its ability To force a player back to a location.

Facing a slippery opponent you want to separate from the group? Do you want to make a single enemy hero? Use Temporal Loop to give your team time set up an ambush and eliminate them. Use time loops to create ambush chances for your teammates and eliminate them. Or force them into a Trap to take them out of a game for a few precious seconds. Or force them into your trap and wipe it out Despite Chromie’s size she’s a force to be reckoned with And her grand debut in the Nexus is just a matter of time.

And she will soon come to the space and time Got any feedback you’d like to share? If you have any comments and ideas you want to tell us Make sure to leave us a comment below And subscribe to Heroes of the Storm here on Youtube for future updates. Stay up to date on the Heroes of the Storm website for the latest information. As always, we’ll see you in the Nexus! We look forward to seeing you in the space and time again!

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