The demon horde of the southern plains, were all but quelled despite their malice and strain for the hunter was sharp and would vanish in the dark sundering her realm with courage in her heart hello and welcome to the very first gameplay guide on heroes of the storm. This is a game graced with countless of heroes striving to prove their worth in the confict of ages. In this video, we will look at one such hero that hails from the the realm of sanctuary. Valla the demon hunter is known for her cunning and her untainted hatred for demon hordes.

Her quest has lead her here to the realm of the eternal, so lets find out more about theis hero and learn the diverseways in which she can punish the unworthy. With an arsenal of twin crossbows, valla is a ranged hero that is feared across the battlefield for her ability to deal tremendous amounts of damage in split seconds. This makes her rightfully so, a ranged assassin that excells at punishing enemies from a range and mainting this advantage by combining slows and escapes to harass the enemy consistently. The inherent trait of any demon hunter is her hatred towards the unjust. Valla’s hatred is the source of her power and allows her to deal more damage and move faster as her hatred in combat rises.

Each basic attack allows her to store a charge of hatred that buffs her damage and movement speed. This effect is temporary and will be lost after a spam of time. Nonetheless, its her ability to store hatred is what makes her a dangerous foe on the battlefield, especially if you take your eyes off her. Her first skill is a memorable one, in form of a hungering arrow that that can hit multiple enemies or the same one if the target makes the mistake of being alone. This is skillshot which means the arrow must be manually targeted and will seek the nearest enemy. Its effectiveness can be increased by reducting the cost of its mana or making it steal health when hitting the enemy. Its range too, can be increased along with its piercing potential making this a great tool for harrassing enemies from a safe distance.

This makes this skill the most favoured one among veteran demon hunters that utilise it to hurt or outright kill a fleeing enemy. Next skill is multishot that allows valla to drown an area with a volley of arrows. No matter how many foes there are, valla certainly has plenty of arrows for them that deal a respectable 60 starting damage. This skill can be honed by increasing its range by 20% or by launching complementary grenades that deal 35 damage on hit. Further down the course of battle, mutishot can be imbuned with forst shot that slows the movement speed of targets by 40% for upto 2 seconds.

This is great addition to any demon hunter that wishes to stop fleeing foes and land that hungering arrow at the opportune moment. A hunter is never a hunter untill it learns a way of escape. Valla does this by using her favoured vault that allows her to tumble to a target location at a cost of mana. This manuver can be offensive and defensive in nature depending on the upgrades it receives.

Caltrops can slow the advance of enemy chasing you making your escape a reality whereas repeating arrow refreshes your hungering arrow when you land a vault. This allows valla to surprise the enemy and deal damage when none is expected. Finally, tumble lets valla store two charges of vault making her a complete nuisance for the enemy team. Her final class of ability is a heroic one and undisputedly is her best one yet.

LIke every other hero, she gets two choices, so lets look at the first one. Strafe allows valla to fire countless number of arrows in an area around her for 4 seconds. each arrow hits every visible enemy for 15 damage and allows valla to move freely and cast her strafe if needed. This makes this ability excellent at kiting foes and also allows her to maintain a strong teamfight presence. it can be upgraded to fire penetrating bolts in a straight line every seconds. These bolts deal an additional 8 damage and forces the enemy team to take notice of valla or else their grave awaits them soon enough. The other choice of heroic ability is rain vengeance that launches 2 consecutive waves of shadow beasts in the same area that deal 100 damage and stun for seconds on each attack.

Valla is free to cast her abilities during this and can move freely while her beasts bombardd the target area. its final upgrade allows the summoning of four waves of shadow beasts and truly devastate an area with obscene amounts of damage. Given the fast that valla will and should cast her abilities during this chaos, her damage potential goes beyond counting and allows her to quell the hardiest of foes. She also holds numerous talents and traits that range from dealing extra damage to increasing her attack speed during combat. All these aid her in combat ensuring her inate ability to assasinate heroes is amplified. So many choices, so many skills but which way is the better way. The answer to that lies in this section where we explore her possible builds. Please do remember, that heroes of the storm is a complex game and build and strategies will and should change depending upon the hero matchup you are facing.

Nonetheless, here are some popular builds for you First up is the build most often used in competitive scene. The True Caster. For this build, consider getting composite arrows at lvl 1, puncturing arrow at lvl 4 with repeating arrow at lvl 7. The ultimate here would be strafe followed by frost shot at lvl 13 and blood for blood at 16. the final skill at lvl 20 is the almighty bolt of the storm. As evident from the skill choices, the playstyle is very aggresive but a kiting one.

The goal of this build is to ensure that enemies are slowed, maimed and harassed consistently by your hungering arrows. This build makes valla mobile and hard to catch whilst dealing respectable damage to enemies. Please do note that is a build recommended for advanced players as it requires a great deal of map awareness and finesse with skill shots to make this build count. So an alternative here is the right click dps build which is all about right click glory. So aim to get rancor at lvl 1 followed by manticore at lvl 4 and searing attacks at lvl 7. Rain of vengeance is your choice for heroic ability at lvl 10 that allows you to right click your stunned enemies.

Giant killer is a great addition at lvl 13 along with blood for blood at lv 16 and fianlly ending with nexus frenzy at lvl 20. deceptively simple, this build dishes out a surprisingl7y high amounts of damage in a short interval and if valla remains uncked for over 2 seconds, the consequences can be dire for the enemy team. SO such is the hatred of Valla, a hero that is all about dealing tremendous amounts of damage from a distance. Find yourself a good lane partner and victory is sure at hand. This has been the holy hermit for you and this was our very first guide on valla the demon hunter. Leave your feedback and state which hero you would like to see next. Untill then, take care of yourself and remember to cull the inner demons before the night creeps on, for that is the mark of true hunter..

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