A professional player who was once a world champion Song Hannah also has a louder name “D.Va” joined the Korean MEKA force Driving a Mech against a Huge Terrorist Threat D.Va’s superb technology coupled with a strong competitive spirit Makes her extremely effective in combat operations Whether in the East China Sea Fighting wise weapons or killing demons in spacetime D.Va never retreats and always wins D.Va is a tenacious soldier who can suppress the enemy Forcing them to retreat Prepare for action! The characteristics of D.Va are divided into two states: Mech mode and driver mode She can get all her skills in mech mode And can be attacked on the move Her attack will also damage all enemies in front D.Va becomes vulnerable in the driver mode but it is a high damage ranged attacker She can cause high damage to single targets But cannot attack on the move Her attack will be recharged to call a new armor again Propulsion is the preferred maneuvering mode of D.Va in mech mode Activate this skill to increase the speed of movement for a short period of time The enemy that she collided when the propeller was activated Will be hurt and knocked back Propeller can be cancelled at the beginning Press the skill key again D.V’s next mech pattern skill is the defensive matrix D.Va casts a sharp decrease in position after activation Enemy hero damage D.Va can move while activating the defensive matrix But she was locked facing only in the initial direction Defensive matrix like thruster can also be cancelled D.

Va’s E skills are self-destruct After activation, D.Va can be ejected from the armor Mech then exploded Inflicts damage and repels a large range of enemies This skill has no cooling time but only Use when energy is full D.Va will receive self-destructive charge if he is injured and deals damage. In the driver mode, D.Va’s E skills are called mecha Once energy is full, she can be re-entered mech mode If her mech is destroyed by the enemy This skill will have a long cooldown but D.Va’s normal attacks can shorten the CD D.Va’s mech is self-destructed and the call mech is immediately available D.V’s first hero skill is a rabbit jump D.Va’s mecha becomes unstoppable after activation At the same time deal damage to all nearby enemies and slow down Rabbit jump can only be used in mode Pulse firing is a powerful attack in D.Va’s driver mode She shot a laser in a straight line to inflict damage on all enemies along the way This skill cools down very quickly And each hitting an enemy can be greatly reduced Call mecha cooldown This is definitely one of my classic shots D.Va has two unique ways to play The main thing is to see if she is in the mech D.Va has high health and mobility in mech mode She can rush into the crowd and oppress the enemy team D.Va has high damage in driver mode but has very low health Attacking an enemy allows her to return to mech But there is the danger of death D.Va’s mech is automatically put into driver mode after being destroyed So that they have the opportunity to escape Remember this is D.Va’s only escape method Because she can’t use the mount in mech mode D.Va relies on thrusters for quick arrival Mobility The propeller can be used flexibly to use it Quickly shuttle across the battlefield Take the enemy or flee the enemy Including the pursuit of the residual blood to complete the final blow Propeller cooling time is very short so don’t hesitate to use it Self-destruction forces the enemy to evacuate from a large area 7 to withstand particularly terrible injury When using the self-destruction when the propeller is activated And launching the armor forward can turn it into a very threatening remote attack.

D.Va can also cancel the thruster during the self-destructive countdown period So that the mech can stay exactly where she wants When playing against D.Va After using her armor, use the skill of setting and stun Prevent her from fleeing and killing it Destroy D.Va’s Mech can only get half of normal experience So you can fight in the mech mode and you have to fight in the driver mode. Don’t let the enemy team get experience Use a defensive matrix to force opponents Between substantially reducing injuries and leaving make a choice When D.Va activates the defensive matrix Can’t attack and use other skills But she can move to follow her opponent Let them stay within this effect Rabbit jump is the best choice for opening group Immediately after the activation into the enemy crowd Because it will not only cause damage but also slow down the enemy You can also use it to catch a single or keep people Pulse firing allows D.Va to have a high range of high-injury blood pressure in driver mode But also to recharge the mech Although it cannot be used in Mech mode, it still gives those Want to slap a big surprise on her weak enemy D.Va is a face-breaker, she is not afraid to rush to the frontline And you can do whatever you want to win.

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