Hi everybody! Today we will be taking a look at D.Va, the Wrecking Ball! Although it looks like a koubu from Sakura Wars, D.Va’s Meka is a very potent weapon on the Nexus. While short on crowd control and tankiness, she does the little things that makes a difference in the game. Things like body blocking, damage prevention, and best of all, her ability to JUST. NOT. DIE! She’s so great at surviving, you hear your enemies rage whenever you escape! Her wrecking ball technique makes her Meka run faster and you can bump your enemies back.

You can use this to escape sexy elf and football player’s gank, get in between the enemies trying to target your dying monk, help your teammate hit their stun even when it’s a mile off target, or just because you feel like it Your best skill is the barcode scanner. Enemies in the area have their best attack turned into tiny mosquito bites. It’s so great, you’ll survive being trapped with Muscle Girl by Voodoo Boy, turn Ugly’s hellfire into a hot spring, and basically make your enemies hit like a girl.. oh wait. Danyboy draining your health? That’s okay, you’re draining his will to fight. For maximum effectiveness, cast the bar code on a enemy choke point so all of their attacks feel like they’re tickling your team. Her kamikaze move forces her out of her Meka and turns it into a bomb. You can use this to deny the enemy team half a kill, thus denying them of experience.

SORRY, NO KILL FOR YOU, NINJA BOY! You also use this to zone the enemy team from an objective. You can also use your wrecking ball technique into your kamikaze move and turn your Meka into a moving death nuke. Since the time it takes to explode is too long, this is mostly used for denying kills and zoning purposes. I mean come on, who is stupid enough to get hit by this explosion? Let’s move on. In pilot mode, your pew pew gun deals much more damage, but you will die quicker than Kathy Griffin’s career. Just pew pew anything in sight to ready your Meka, and when you’re about to die, call your Meka and get back in it. Not only are you saved, your enemies will hate you for life! Tall Krillin using Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Fist on you? Troll throwing axes at you? Football player rushing you down? You get the point.

If your team has very few crowd control, you must take bunny hop and make your enemies become as slow as your turtle butt. Charge your way in the middle of the enemy team, then hop your way to victory by letting your teammates feel important by letting them kill your enemies. You can also use this to save your noob teammates just in case they get caught. FRIENDSHIP ACHIEVED! Most of the time though, you’ll pick the Pew Pew Lasorz! Not only does this decent damage on a long range and short cooldown, hitting enemy heroes shortens your Meka cooldown by 8 seconds per enemy hero hit! THAT IS AWESOME! In teamfights, try to stay in your enemy’s face as much as possible.

Then charge onto Muscle Girl for a kill, then turn your attention to Dany who is trying to kill sexy elf lady and use your water pistols to kill him and win a date with sexy elf lady tonight. Then turn your attention to the dying voodoo boy and use the barcode scanner on him to make him weaker than he already is, then let him die a slow painful death.

And when your impostor is trying to steal your girl, use your wrecking ball technique to separate the two to assure that you’ll be getting some bumper-to-bumper after the game Being invited to a menage a trois by skeleton lady and queen elsa? Entertain them a bit by charging your way onto them, then when you got their attention, use barcode scanner for some ticklish action, then finish them off by bunny hopping to victory before charging away like a boss. EZPZ! And that ends our episode featuring D.Va the wrecking ball! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to press that like button, and subscribe for more Heroes of the Storm videos! Leave a comment as well, and I’ll try to reply to as many comments as I can.

See you on the next episode! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.

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