I am Dehaka. Zerus, the forgotten home of the zerg. After eliminating their Xel’Naga masters the Swarm left the planet a barren wasteland or so they thought. In truth, a few survivors had burrowed deep beneath the surface. These primal zerg were individuals free from the Overmind’s control. As one of the strongest surviving primals Dehaka is driven by a need to consume the essence of powerful foes claiming their strength as his own.

Dehaka is a devious melee warrior who regenerates health by consuming essence collected from fallen enemies. Dehaka’s Trait is ESSENCE COLLECTION. Killing enemy minions and heroes grants him essence. Activating this ability causes Dehaka to heal over time. The more essence consumed the more health he regenerates. Instead of a mount, Dehaka uses BRUSHSTALKER. Simply target a bush or a vent and after burrowing into the ground emerge unseen across the battleground. Dehaka’s first basic ability is DRAG. This skillshot latches Dehaka’s ballistic tongue onto an enemy stunning them and allowing him to pull them a short distance. Next, is DARK SWARM. This area ability erupts from Dehaka dealing damage to nearby enemies and double damage to heroes.

While the ability is active Dehaka is free of enemy collision allowing him to move in and out of crowded combat situations. Dehaka’s final basic ability is BURROW. Upon activation, he scrambles underground becoming completely untargetable. Dehaka’s first heroic ability is ISOLATION. As its name implies this ability silences and slows the first enemy hero it hits. While under the effect of Isolation the target’s sight radius shrinks and their ally vision is completely shut down. If you’re a fan of a more direct approach Dehaka’s ADAPTATION heroic might be more your style. Activate this ability while under attack and after a few seconds Dehaka will heal himself for a large percentage of the damage he received. Dehaka’s major strength is his ability to gank enemy heroes. Use Brushstalker to maneuver around the map and secure takedowns. The ability can be used as a daring escape or as a way to pin down enemies fleeing a team fight.

Be aware of the ability’s cooldown and use the Brush to press your advantage! Dehaka’s ability to collect essence is the cornerstone of his survivability. Keep close to minion waves and participate in hero takedowns to obtain the essence you need to stay alive in team fights. Don’t be afraid to activate your regeneration at half health as Dehaka needs to stay in the thick of things to gain value from his basic abilities. The skilled use of Dehaka’s Drag ability will be the mark of a great player. Do your best to grab squishy Assassins or Healers for your team to focus down. Watch out for heroes with strong crowd control as it can break Drag’s effect.

If you choose to grab an enemy warrior make sure your team is ready for the fight as Dehaka’s low damage alone may not be enough to secure a kill. Dark Swarm is Dehaka’s main source of damage and a great wave clearing option. After engaging in a team fight try your best to put pressure on grouped up opponents as the area damage will soften them up for your teammates. Since Dark Swarm allows you to walk through units use it to set up your positioning or to establish an escape route. Burrow can be used in numerous beneficial ways. Bait enemies into thinking they have secured a takedown then burrow, giving your teammates time to show up and provide support. The Stasis granted by Burrow can be used to dodge important abilities like Chain Bomb.

Keep in mind, both Essence Collection and Dark Swarm can be used while burrowed giving you options for a safe heal or strong area denial. If you’re facing a team composition designed to support a major melee Assassin consider taking Isolation. It provides an effective way to take out enemy support heroes or to punish aggressive players. If you find that your opponents are focusing on you more than average Adaptation might be the perfect fit. Activate Adaptation in the middle of a fight soak up all the damage thrown your way and heal up in exchange. Try absorbing heroics like Kael’thas’s Phoenix for the ultimate value. To Dehaka, change is survival. Adapt to the enemy’s tactics and reign supreme. Thanks for watching and make sure to let us know what you think about Dehaka in the comments. Subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on Youtube to stay up to date about the newest heroes and announcements and we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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