Hey guys, this is Mike from Dark Goblin Gaming. Today I’m going to be talking to you about Greymane. He’s a new Heroes of the Storm hero that came out about a week ago. He’s still so new that not a lot of people know how to play him correctly and things like that but I found a way that works for me. It will probably work for a lot of you guys too. That’s why I’m making this video. He’s an extremely fun hero to play and is now my favorite hero. I’m going to go into a few different things as far as what talents to use and how to use those talents. And at the end i’ll have some videos of some game play so you guys can see him in action. So the Q spell throws a flask as you can see right here. You do need to hit a unit for it to work. The second spell is W which is Inner Beast. That one actually allows you to attack faster but you have to keep hitting units.

You only have 3 seconds to hit another unit. The third spell turns him into a wolf and jumps towards the enemy. The wolf then gets new spells like Razor Swipe that you can see right here. Then E is to disengage. So next I want to go over the talents with you guys. You can go your own route, you don’t have to choose the same things as me but this is just what I recommend. The first spell I go with the bottom one which is Viciousness.

It actually allows you to increase the inner beast ability by one second and it allows abilities to trigger it as well. So it’s just about keeping that active. You’ll see in some of the fights that I actually kite some of the enemies for quite a while and it helps a lot. So the second talent you can really choose any of these ones, but I choose the top one because I like to tank a little bit and survive when I go into worgen. It actually reduces two attacks against you after you move into worgen. The third, you have a few different options. I go with the bottom one, hero takedowns, because it’s like gathering power but instead it increases your damage. If you die though you lose everything. As far as the ultimates, I like to go with the Go For The Throat. The other one is only if your team knows what they are doing and you can mark a target for them and they can drill them.

Since I am usually playing hero league Go For The Throat is a lot easier. So you can finish off an enemy easily opposed to trying to wait for your teamates to set something up. As you can see he can dish out a lot of damage very quickly, you just have to keep him alive. For the level 13 ability I go with increase move speed on inner beast. As long as inner beast has been active for 3 seconds you get a 30 percent bonus to movespeed. As you can see right here my movement is increased and I can chase down enemies. You will see later that I kite a lot of people and it works really well. For the next ability, this one is up to you because there are a few choices. What I end up using the top one which allows gilneas flask to do a lot more damage while inner beast is active.

So the last one here I always choose the basic attack splash. The reason is because he does so good from range that I only use the worgen to finish people off. It’s the third one down which is human basic attacks splash. It helps so much. I am going to choose it here. It just wipes entire mob waves. It works out pretty well. So now it’s finally time for some gameplay. Greymore is a fun hero to play and I hope you like watching the gameplay that I have.

I havn’t played him that much because he is still kind of new but from what I have gathered of him, he is a lot of fun to play, as well as difficult to play. He is definitely worth it if you take the time to learn how to play him. Hopefully this video helps you. If you guys have any questions comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments at the bottom. Thanks for watching. We really appreciate it. Perfect body block in 3….. 2…. 1….. Kaboom! This is my favorite one guys. Coming through showing up late for that battle! Muradin is going to escape! Not TODAY!! BOOOOOOM! This part shows some good ol’ fashioned kiting. Using the Inner Beast 30 percent run speed. Here we go. Kiting Arthas. Stunned us. Keep going, Hit him, Run, hit him, run. This is the last one. Slow Motion. Can he get raynor? Done! Gotta go!.

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