I am your nightmare. Few mortals have had as much effect upon the cosmos as Gul’dan. Even as a young shaman, his desire for power knew no bounds. Pledging himself to the demon-lord Kil’jaedan Gul’dan became the first orcish warlock. With the aid of his dark master’s gifts, he corrupted the orcs and created the Shadow Council setting in motion the invasion of Azeroth. Now, a storm is gathering within the Nexus. Darkness Incarnate has come. Gul’dan is a sustained-damage ranged assassin whose thirst for power is his greatest strength and weakness. Gul’dan’s trait, LIFE TAP, should be familiar to Warlock players in World of Warcraft. Gul’dan does not regenerate mana by default. Instead, he can cast Life Tap to restore his mana at the cost of his health. His first basic ability, FEL FLAME, emits a wave of shadowfire that damages enemies caught within the blaze.

When his health runs low, DRAIN LIFE allows Gul’dan to siphon health from his enemies. DRAIN LIFE is a channeled ability and will break if his victim runs out of range. Gul’dan’s CORRUPTION spell summons three pools of darkness upon the ground one after the other. Enemies hit by a pool of corruption take damage over a short duration. This negative effect can stack up to three times. His first heroic is HORRIFY. Casting this spell elicits terror within the hearts of his enemies sending them running for their lives.

RAIN OF DESTRUCTION is a much grander display of power. This ability rains down infernal meteors randomly in a large area that deal damage wherever they crash. Yes Your time is at its end. Mastering Gul’dan’s fel magic requires a constant balance of dealing damage and life tapping to restore mana. Try to keep your health high, while maintaining the mana you need to cast spells. Life tap too infrequently and you’ll miss out on a lot of damage. Too often, and… you get the picture. Drain Life provides Gul’dan a quite literal life-line and allows him to make the most of his Life Tap ability.

Target minions and mercenaries, or opposing heroes with Drain Life to fill up his health bar. But be careful around heroes with stuns as getting stunned will end the effect immediately. Fel Flame and Corruption are Gul’dan’s primary tools for dealing damage. Fel Flame is a relatively straightforward cone attack but its low cooldown allows Gul’dan to throw out damage quickly quickly to multiple enemies. Corruption’s utility comes from its damage over time effect. Clever use can put a lot of pressure on enemy healers. Aim carefully and try to hit multiple heroes at once or force an enemy into multiple explosions to stack its damaging effect upon them.

Gul’dan’s Horrify heroic can be used to ensure a quick escape but it also makes for a powerful initiator. Cast Horrify into the midst of a team fight as you engage and mop up your enemies as they scramble in different directions. Sometimes, all you need to win is damage and Rain of Destruction provides a lot of it. The infernal meteors summoned by this heroic land over a large area providing Gul’dan with a powerful form of zone control. Gul’dan cannot move while this spell is active so choose the right time to unleash his rain of chaos. Gul’dan, Darkness Incarnate, descends upon the Nexus where he treads, chaos follows. Thank you for watching and make sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to Heroes of the Storm on Youtube for future updates.

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