Having trouble playing Hammer in solo q? Want to improve your chances for victory? Well Stay tuned to find out how! In the latest patch Sgt. Hammer took a pretty big hit to her power. No longer can you select hover siege mode and graduating range together. In addition you cannot get hover siege mode until level 16. Because of this Sgt. Hammer suffers from a lack of mobility and is an easy target while sieged. In this build I focus on keeping hammer alive. This is my go to build for solo q when I cannot rely on my teammates to peel or block for me. For level 1 I am taking lethal blast, increasing the damage of concussive blast by 50%. This talent was recently buffed to do more damage and comes in handy to do a surprising amount of damage to those who get close. This is great for the melee assassins like Illidan or Zeratul who will try to gank you.

At level 4 I am taking excessive force which doubles the knockback distance of concussive blast. This can and will probably save your life many times. The enemy will get knocked close to edge of your siege range, which is pretty far. This is great if you need time to get out of siege mode, escape, or even if you want to put a couple more hits on the enemy to snag a kill. Level 7 I am using Hyper-Cooling Engines. This improves Sg.Hammers mobility a lot. The cooldown of your Z is reduced by 10 seconds and the thrusters are always active at the alter. This means whenever you return to base you essentially get a free charge of thrusters. You can thruster out of the alter and then use your z again to quickly get back to the action. The reduced cooldown means your thrusters will be ready for a quick escape when you enter battle. Level 10 I am taking Napalm Strike for my Heroic ability.

I just simply like this talent better and find it does more damage overall thanks to the short cooldown. At level 13 I am using Giant killer. This will increase damage to the enemy heroes, especially those with high health. You can take first strike if your team is adequately protecting you, but giant killer is my pick for solo q. At level 16 we finally get to hover siege mode. This allows hammer to move while in siege mode at 50% movement speed. This is critical for pushing late game. The level 20 talent will either be resurgence of the storm if your team is losing or advance lava strike if your team is winning. Resurgence allows you to revive after 5 seconds and advanced lava strike increases the range and damage of napalm strike. That covers the build. Some general tips when playing are to mind your surroundings. Check your mini map often. When you siege be prepared to move at a moments notice. Heroes to watch out for are Nova and Zeratul who will try to stealth gank you. Also be on the look out for Stitches as he can hook you while sieged and put you in a bad spot.

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