Braxis Holdout Braxis Holdout is a medium size 2 lane battleground Home to an experimental complex where Terran scientists have been studying captured zerg to find a means of controlling them. Now adrift in the Nexus this space platform offers a unique opportunity for competition between heroes. As they look to utilize this weaponized zerg in pursuit of victory. Located in the middle of the battleground just inside each lane are two energy beacons. These beacons must be used in concert to power the zerg holding pens that sit at the top and bottom of the map. Should both beacons come under the control of a single team their holding pen will begin to charge and populate with zerg. In order to stop the progressing charging of the capture beacon the opposing team must first remove the heroes in possesion of the point. If the opposing team rests away complete control of both beacons they too will begin to amass zerg inside their now charging pen. The battle for control over the beacons continues until either team has fully powered a holding pen and assembled a full regimen of zerg consisting of zerglings, hydralisks banelings, guardians and ultralisks.

These final massive units have a large health pool and deal significant damage. Only two can be earned. One at 50% beacon charge and the other at 100% Once eiher team has fully powered a holding pen both pens will open releasing the units inside Each zerg wave will push towards the oppossing team’s core destroying whatever is in its path. Minions and buildings serve as priority targets but the zerg will not hesitate to attack enemy heroes if the opportunity should arise. Once the rush has ended there will be a short period of reprieve before the beacon phase begins again. Symetrically situated inside the center of the battleground are two new sets of mercenary camps and a singular boss.

In the bruiser category are a squad of three goliaths that attack quickly at range covered by a flying raven equipped with seeking missiles. In the siege category are a pair of hell bats that utilize an area attack in melee range backed by a high health pool that will absorb a solid amount of damage. They will respawn faster than standard mercenaries and are also easier to capture. Set squarely in the middle of the map is the archangel. If captured, this boss will push towards the enemy’s core utilizing a missile barrage and a frontal cone of destruction that will deal damage to anything inside. Braxis Holdout will test your team’s ability to gain control of individual lanes and their corresponding energy beacons. Think about how to build team compositions that can smultaneously control and defend this objective points. The longer you can hold them the stronger your zerg push will become.

Keep in mind that heroes with strong wave clearing options will provide an effective means of eliminating whatever zerg come your way. The primal power of the zerg is now accessible on Braxis Holdout. Will you control it or will you fall to its hideous strength. Machines of War..

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