Hello people, MasterOfAsiaFire here. Not long ago, Blizzard entertainment again launched a closed Alpha test of a new game in the genre MOBA. The long-awaited project called Heroes of the Strom. The development team has collected all our favorite heroes together so that they can meet in an uncompromising deadly battle. Now the process is going through the final stage, and we will see a Beta version with new heroes and new features as early as January 2015. It’s pretty soon, but today in this video I’ll show you a guide about a hero who became one of my favorites in the game. As you might guess, it will be a strong bearded short man on the screen. Let’s see. Excellent training game is loaded, and pay attention to the skin. It looks brilliant, it always reminds me of the addition of Lich King to WoW. Tier 10, Sanctified armor of the Ymiriyar Lord. Good old days Jimmy. A real dwarven warrior, defender of Ironforge and these skulls are ogres.

It looks really impressive. Well, let’s see what we have here. Raise the character level to the twentieth to show the final possibilities. My goal was to create a balanced build with zubodrobitelnym damage, and we got it. Mountain King turns into a powerful fighter with a lot of directions for the game. Muradin is one of the most inexpensive heroes in the game and is also included in the starter kit, this makes this character a good initial choice, but we still have the potential for improvement in the future.

Good mobility, vitality and a huge amount of control create many opportunities during the battle. But the damage nevertheless is not enough. The problem is that we are dealing with a new game. People do not know exactly how to play, how to get the whole fan. As a result, we have a negative experience, 10 thousand damage and just donatim to get Nova. Stannerdines only for stuns and monkey jumps? Forget about it and greet Klapadin the Ultimate Warrior. And so go to the build. As the first talent, I’ll choose Echo. This will improve our stamina and give more dueling potential.

Especially against the heroes who use a large number of auto attacks. Talent, including useful in major battles, since the Thunder Raskat AOE ability. However, you can still choose the Charged Hammer, but I do not recommend it. In fact, this does not give you anything, it’s better to try to manage the flow of mana more wisely. The perfect storm is not so perfect, we will get our Ultimate Damage in another way. Echo is the best skill for this build and later you will know why. And so the number two choice is the talent of Mass Control. At first I used Scorching Storm, not so bad, but Bulk Control will allow your Thunder Rask to fire more often especially in team battles or if we have a big wave of minions nearby. You will also kill minions faster, which means more experience for the team. The Skull Crusher is really bad for this build.

But if you need it better to later choose Avatar. Such a small mill is only one in three attacks? It’s just a bad parody. The next talent is one of my favorites for Muradin. The excitement of the Battle. You ask me why? Yes, stunning for two purposes or 25 percent damage after using the ability look so good, but in practice this thing will allow you to just spam your Thunder Raskat. Battle excitement is an ideal combination with the talent of Mass Control. It also means more hammers, more jumps, more decelerations and, of course, damage. Just try to take the habit of doing auto attacks all the time when it’s possible and use your imagination. I’ll give you a few tips guys. For example, if someone is following you and a group of minions nearby, you can simply start attacking them in between and get your camp on time or you can kait melee character all day to fly just continuing to run around the minions and using your range from the ability to Raskat, reducing the rollback abilities, slowing down and continue to inflict damage.

This requires a bit of micro control, timing and as I said earlier, use your imagination. The fourth talent is the Stunning Beat. Perfect, he will give you many opportunities and quite good bursty damage. It’s always cool to throw the enemy hero away from the mercenary camp at the last moment before he calls them or just run someone to your base and allow the towers to finish the job. And now comes the Thunder Strike. There is nothing to comment on. This talent in this build makes Muradin the best dueling character in the game. If you do everything well and correctly spend the cooldowns, you will easily win any one-on-one battle or in some cases even one against two. Just make sure that your Thunder Roll throws only one target, so as not to lose your extra damage. If the enemy hero remains near the minions, just use your Stunning Blow ability and go after killing with a lightning hammer and a leap. But try not to throw it too far and choose the right direction. Keep in mind that towers and other structures are also targets.

They can also undo extra damage from your Thunder Thunder ability. The next talent, which we will take, is sometimes underestimated at the moment, but I think for a little while. Most players prefer a deafening jump or better survival, but we’ll go the other way guys and choose the Executioner. Forty percent of the damage is just insanity. Now think about it. We have a permanent slowdown from Thunder Rumble, especially in the big battles and we have the Storm Hammer to make this effect work very often. To tell the truth, almost constantly. And so let’s see what we have here. Tons of mass control, strong dueling potential, quite high mobility, survivability and really a huge amount of damage. In team battles or during the storm of objects, we also look great because all the bad things for the enemy team including slowing the attack speed from talent Echo come from our main ability in this Rascata build and we can just spam this AOE spell all day long.

High damage is applied. Proper positioning, priority of goals and micro control will allow you to control everything on any battlefield. We have many ways to improve our gaming skills and various options for smart games. I think I have good news for one part of the players and supposedly bad for the other. Muradin completely countered Nova. The last talent depends on the situation and we have two options here. Did you start dying quite often for some reason? Stop your choice on the Renaissance Storm. If all goes well then choose Powerful Strike to gain more control in combat and improve your bursty damage.

And so, let’s do a small test run to show a little possibilities, mechanics and damage to this build. Turn on minions and let’s start. Pay attention to the ability rollback time. Rumble Thunder again becomes ready to use really fast and the damage from auto attacks looks just crazy. Arthas loses many bars of HP, and he is a tank melee fighter, so what will happen to the Assassin? As we can see the people we have a fairly stable potential for pushing. One little trick guys some of you may already know it. If you have the opportunity, try to stand up or run in front of your opponent to block him with your character’s model and prevent him from leaving.

Whenever you pursue someone, always try to jump ahead of your goal and block it. This move can be very useful in different situations just use your imagination and do not forget our new habit of always doing auto attacks whenever possible to get a rollback of abilities faster. That’s all. Here he is, guys, build Clapadin. I’m sure you’ll like it. And as a bonus part, let’s take a look at my other idea. Special build for fans of the Avatar ability. An alternative version of the Clapadin build with a lot of survivability. I’ll name it … Klapatar. Yes, Klapatar sounds great. And so let’s do it. Echo, Mass Control, The Passion of Battle and we take the Avatar instead of the Stunning Impact as the fourth talent. The choice is number five Static Healing and later we will see why. You can still take a Thunderbolt if you want to deal more damage, but we are aiming for a build with Ultimate Tank.

The next talent is of course the Executioner. The reason is that this build has the same mechanics as Klapadin and huge auto attacks are always at their right place. Last choice The last choice is the Expendables. Well let me show you guys what we have in action. Let’s get a few shots from the towers and … the minions are included. Just look at this amount of healing. Update the ability rollback time and update the forts to continue our demonstration. Health points are filled up really quickly. The Sleepless Siege Machine and that’s it. And so the people are ready to go.

A real warrior. A huge fan of the game. Klapadin and Klapatar are waiting. This was my first video and the first steps in this direction. I hope you enjoyed it. I will share a few plans for the future with you and make a small announcement. Soon we will see two more mini-video guides about the two most popular Killers in Heroes of the Storm at the moment. One shot 1 versus 5 Nova and kite Valla are approaching and of course you get video of the gameplay of Clapadin … Pause … * Here could be your advertisement * with the compilation of interesting game moments. I want to say that I … … Drin-drin-drin … A great fan of Diablo 3 and played the original game since the launch of the servers. Time for telling stories to the people. Maybe I should start doing a video and talk a little about good old games.

Time for Story Tales sounds like a wonderful title for this project. I do not know yet. You can write what you think about it in the comments below guys. In the beginning, I played my Barbarian, but later chose the Sorcerer as the main character and it was the most hardcore class in the game for quite a long time. I was in the first wave of people who started playing on the High Strength of Monsters as a Sorcerer. From the Power of Monsters 8 to the Force of Monsters 10 with Zombie Bears and one-handed weapons. Those who were there in those days should know what I mean. I even saved a few videos with poor quality about this experience and maybe later I’ll add them to my channel or make a game compilation. Of course, sometimes there were Big Games on the Auction during my journey. I must say that this was an interesting and exciting part of Diablo 3, especially when something is sold for 2 billion gold or for real money.

You experience such good feelings, a special pleasure, it’s not just about money. But yes, gold really cost a lot in those days. The golden age of Diablo 3 was at the time of the highest gold prices. Funny thing, funny coincidence. I would like to recall the Community – Archon, Avoid, Turk Nukem, Moldran, Appanim, Daddy Chris, Inigo, Big Debo and other Streamers. Athene was great at that time, he just started his Journey and this stream KingKongor. This guy taught me how to love Drum’n’Bass. When Blizzard released a patch that gave us improved firebats, I already became one of the Top 10 Sorcerers in Europe with honest villainous damage.

This means that I could play with my gir and build assembly, and not just store them for huge numbers in the profile. PvP races and battles in public and a living belief that one day Blizzard will add an arena to the game. I stopped right before the release of Reaper of Souls and sold some of my equipment. Yes, the good old days of Jimmy, there was an incredible atmosphere, the magic was literally in the air. You can find a link to my Diablo 3 profile in the video description. So, what will happen next? A big return to Reaper of Souls? A new update to World of Warcraft or maybe a few battles in Hearthstone? You will learn about this people on my live stream, which comes out soon on Twitchtv.com.

Stay informed, thanks for watching and have a nice day..

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