I’m sorry, what’s that? You heard Auriel sucks? Well, what other healer can do this? Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re talking about Ariel, Arielle? Auriel. She’s definitely got a place in the current lineup of female characters. We’ve got the nerdy girl with resting bitch face, the angry ex girlfriend, the ugly friend that you only invite to the club because she has a car, the one that…looks like eminem. Well now, we also have the single mom. She’s a bad bitch and will kick your ass, but she’s also a nurturer.

From the initial general chat conversations, no one is complaining about how OP she is, and honestly I wish they were. I wish Blizz would change the way they put out new heroes. When you’re deciding whether to buy a hero or not, and you drop 15k gold or 20 bucks, you want to feel super powerful, otherwise you get buyer’s remorse and Twitter rage at the game designers. And while she definitely has a place, especially in multiple warrior comps, which we’ll talk about, I wish Blizzard went for more of a “OP at first and then nerf accordingly” rather than their current “weak at first and buff until viable.” The competitive scene doesn’t allow new heroes the first week or two anyways so you have that grace period.

Alright though, let’s talk about her abilities and synergy though, c’mon! She’s got her fire sleeves of death, which is a big arc that does double damage in the center. She’s got her circle of life, which is kind of like Karazhims heal but you can cast it anywhere in a large radius around you. And she’s got her E, her whip, which does crap damage, doesn’t damage minions or mercenaries, but knocks backs and does double damage if you knock them back into a wall.

Also, her Demonic form is blue and has a tail, so everyone who said they wish Blizz put a Draenei in the game, back in my 28 Leaked Heroes video, well here ya go guys. I hope you two are very happy together. Her trait is Bestow Hope. This converts about half of her hero damage and just a smidge of her minion damage into energy. She then spends her entire energy bar with her W to heal everyone in that circle for the amount of energy consumed.

You can also put a crown on someone’s head so you get energy from that person’s damage and you can swap the crown around depending on who’s doing the most. But, it’s like a reverse mana bar, rather than staying in the back, healing everyone up and slowly draining your mana, and trying to work things around that way, you’re trying to do as much damage as possible to the enemy team, as close to the enemy team as you can without dying, in order to fill your bar up. Just looking at this so far, you can already tell she’s super team dependant and punishes bad positioning. And she punishes it more than even morales, because morales can at least heal her teammates before she dies.

But here, to do ridiculous things, Auriel NEEDS double warriors to peel for her, or take the damage, or you know maybe double healer so she’s not the only one healing the team, or at the very least, a team that knows when to back the heck up. She’s got some cool synergies though. Her Q, her fire sleeves, can be talented a bunch of ways. You can reduce the cast time, which makes them unavoidable. You can Quest it, so it double a bunch more damage. I don’t really like this one because even when you quest it, it’s not enough damage to clear a minion wave, and I hope they buff it so it’s at least enough damage to clear out an entire minion wave.

You can reduce the cooldown, give it a bigger arc, make it so it blinds enemies, and you can make it push enemies to the center – a nice little displacement. My favorite combo though, and my recommendation for anyone doing SoloQueue, or Quick Match warriors, is reducing the Fire Sleeves cooldown at level 1. This reduces it from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. You give it a bigger arc at level 4 so it’s not only easier things and get the cooldown reduction, but also you can wave clear from farther away, and just get more damage from a bigger arc, which translates to more healing. And then taking at level 13 taking the 4 second blind. So you’ve got a 4 second blind on an ability you’ve talented into having a 4 second cooldown. So you’re permanently blinding the entire enemy team. That’s good! You can build her healing circle a couple different ways. You can cause it to do damage, which is fun but hard to argue for. You can lower its cooldown, but it’s already on a 4 second CD, and you can Quest it so whenever you spend your full mana bar on a heal, your energy bar grows by 75 so you can heal more or damage more as the game goes on.

This one is a double edged sword though because, while you’ll be able to heal bigger, and waste less energy between fights, by not hitting your cap, it also incentivises not healing people. In my 5,000 games, one thing I’ve learned is you can’t heal dead people. Luckily though, one of her ultimates is a resurrect with an absurdly long cast time, that you won’t ever be able to get off. However, if you manage to rez a ChoGall, you just instantly win the video game. Long story short, rather than buffing your mana bar at lvl 16, I’m going to recommend just taking the talent that makes your Bestow Hope buff a friendly hero’s attack speed or ability power.

That’s more constant and guaranteed team damage throughout the game. Therefore it’s more team healing. Building into her whip, her E, is super fun but I just, I can’t recommend it. Diablo has a talent where if he shadow charges someone into a wall, they’re stunned for an extra second. That’s a huge stun on a really low Cooldown, but the reason why most people don’t take that is because it’s unreliable and gives you an incentive to walk into the middle of the enemy team in order to position yourself to get the stun off. And that means you’re dead. Well now, if a really good Diablo manages to land that stun, Auriel can follow up with a super easy whip skillshot, and now they’re stunned for 5 or 6 seconds and even at a low level of gameplay, you’re dead. Now, you can talent the whip to do more damage though a quest, you can make it slow after you hit someone, hit everyone in a line, which buffs your overall damage. And you can finally make it knock people farther away, which in turn makes it easier to knock them into a wall, which does more damage, which gives you more energy, which lets you heal your team for more.

As you can see, there’s no real “this is her DPS ability, this is her knockback, this is her heal.” Because all her abilities can crowd control in some fashion through some talent and all of her damage equates to healing because of her Bestow Hope trait. Now, I really like it. You’re always thinking about where exactly you need to be in order to get all your abilities off, to get the most damage out without ever putting yourself in a bad situation, cause you don’t want to take any damage.

You also need communication with your teammates so you can have them group together for maximum healing. Now, if the enemy team has an Auriel and you want to counter her, play Kael’thas with fury of the sunwell. She likes it when people group up for heals, so just put a chain bomb on one of them and a flamestrike under the group and GG. That’s all though, I’m sorry a lot of this was bot game footage, but the one game I got into on the PTR had a 2,700 second wait time.

Blizz please. I know you’re watching. Please fix this. Alright guys, I’ll talk to you later. Bye..

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