Hello and welcome to this Heroes of the storm noob survival guide. I’m Bobbyjoe2 and I’ll be giving you some quick and easy tips to follow while on the battleground. Let’s get this started with tip number one. Number Juan Don’t objectify objectives. Help your team with the objectives as much as you can. But, always keep in mind that that one skull or half a second of capturing is not usually worth your life. This is a team game. Play as a team. Numero Dos Listen to your team. This is something I can’t stress enough, too many games I get less experienced players (due to broken matchmaking) that don’t listen.

You need to listen and learn and work as a team. If someone knows what they are doing, follow their lead, don’t flame them because you think your gold elo in league means you are good at all games. Even I had this issue when I started playing the game, but I learned quickly that if you follow more knowledgeable people’s suggestions, you will do better as a team. Number tree Mercing mercs man. Mercenary camps are essential for winning the game, especially in maps like garden of terror where, with full map control, you can have six merc camps going at the enemy’s base at once. Don’t forget about mercs throughout the game, you can leave lane with a couple people and get the camps in no time, and don’t doubt getting the boss early, if you kill a few people on the enemy team a five man boss is totally possible before late levels.

One! Two! Three! Four! Bots are there for a reason. If you haven’t played before, hit up a lot of bot games first. Sure, they can be boring, but you need to know how to play the game well before going up against real people. This game is not like any other game. Number five. Play as a team. This game is classified as a “team-brawler” for a reason, treat it like one.

You can’t carry a team on your back, you can’t always be away from teamfights, you can’t 4v1 at level one. Play. As. A. Team. Six. Soak up all that xp. Try to make sure you have someone in each lane at all times. If you are only soaking two lanes and the other team is soaking three, you’ll get behind pretty fast unless you are just racking in the kills. Seven. Don’t last hit. Minions don’t need to be last hitted, don’t even bother.

Hit minions to push. Easy as that. Final point. Haha. Have fun with the game. Being three kills down at ten minutes isn’t the end of the world. This game is made for comebacks. I’ve seen people come back from 5% core health to win. Don’t ever give up. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. Come back later for battleground previews and hero spotlights.

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