Good day my dear friends, I hope you are fine so far. In this video I want to give you some tips & tricks for Heroes of the Storm. I want to go specifically to a map and what it has for specifics, on which one should react, in order to finally be able to win. The card I’m going to mention now is called the “Damned Valley” or “Cursed Hollow “, depending on which language you prefer.

On this map you have as usual 2 defenses at each of 3 different lanes before you arriving to the main tower. The map has a layer, which means you do not have to go to a mine or Others. The peculiarity on this map consists of the fact that after some time almost random Tribute can appear on the map. However, only one at a time. The task now is to claim this tribute, by running to this and channeling it. After this process, it disappears and is assigned to your Team Tribute account. Now that you have 3 tributes, the opposing team will be cursed, which will result has that all enemy npcs (except the opposing mercenary) now have only 1 life and thus almost immediately to die. All enemy towers are also unable to attack during this time. So it is extremely important in this map to collect these tributes always, just to to invoke this curse on the opposing team.

During such a curse, you should definitely push or attack. Inverted you should definitely defend there stronger, where the opponents attack themselves. Every time, so when a tribute appears, you have to weigh in what sense it makes sense now make leave your lane to help pay tribute. For example, if you are on the upper lane and have a 1v11 situation, however If a tribute appears below, you should not rush there. First, see how your teammates beat and if help is needed. If you have 2 enemies on your lane in the same situation, You should definitely try to stay there and strengthen the two opponents keep aggressive behavior in the place where you are right now, so that your team when the tribute in a preponderance situation. An exceptional case would be the hero Dehaka, who is able to bushes to teleport. So you can rush to help within a few seconds, which is not too rare an immense Difference in tribute can make out. If the case arises that you are outnumbered at tribute and therefore not normal win an open fight, you should definitely try the opponents to stop claiming the tribute to save time.

After a few seconds, then the rest of your team should move up and open the fight possible do. Another slightly advanced tip would be to use the mercenary camp with the Timing time. This means that when you receive the curse for the opposing team, or just before it could activate a mercenary camp on, for example, the lower lane then attack even on the middle lane. Thus, you can provide more pressure and give the opponents more goals, on them then have to react. However, it takes a bit of experience to gauge when that makes perfect sense. If you head for a mercenary camp alone in such a location, you might have plenty of time lose, with the rest of your team four on the way is and could die while you’re with the mercenaries, which then probably could not help too much. So it would be helpful if the team together head for the mercenaries, but also for now must be coordinated. To bring the whole thing to the point again. Tributes have the highest priority on this map.

Even outnumbered, you should try to prevent your opponents from winning them, to win time for your team. Mobile heroes or heroes with high range have good prerequisites on this map, if you know how to handle it. Mercenaries can help with a curse, but should be well-timed. In case of defense do not play too aggressively, because you no longer help from the towers gets. I hope I could help you with these beginner tips & tricks. If you liked it, let us do a Like & Abo. For feedback also like a comment, thank you.

See you!.

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