What’s up guy’s Amayze here and I’ve been playing kael’thas all morning so I thought I’d bring you a quick tutorial. Kael’s Q is flame strike which after a short delay deals area of effect damage in an area Kael’s W is living bomb this deals damage over time and explodes for damage at then end of its duration. Kael’s E is gravity lapse this stuns the first target it hits. The ultimate I choose on Kael is Pyroblast This casts for 2 seconds and then throws a massive fireball that deals huge damage. Kael’s trait which is verdant spheres is on his D key after pressing it empowers his next basic ability Looking at talents at level 1 I take convection at level 4 I take gathering power at level 7 I take fission bomb at level 10 Pyroblast at level 13 flamethrower at level 16 arcane barrier and level 20 arcane power a couple of quick tips now for Kael first off make sure you use verdant spheres alot when you’re teamfighting get in the habbit of hitting your d key before you cast any basic ability ensuring you get the most out of your verdant spheres during team fights , in this fightI manage to use verdant spheres 3 or 4 times increasing damage output by quite alot ensure that you’re always in the backlines when playing kael he is very squishy and you need to make sure you survive all fights and keep putting damage on.

The cast radius on pyroblast is quite large so make sure you use it to your advantage. In this fight I see Zulse go down in the top lane and decided that I can mop the kill with Pyro. Thrall tries to run but its too late. Slaaaam Dunk. At level 20 when you’ve gotten arcane power make sure you remember to use it before casting spells and abilities. This pyroblast takes sylvanas from 60% health to practically nothing. Hopefully you enjoy playing kael’thas as much as I do and I’ll see you next time.

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