-US Hi everyone, today we’re gonna analyze a HGC match with Diablo ! Before getting into it, I’m gonna give you some advices to use Diablo the best way. There are two ways of using Diablo’s combo. Most people only know this one. There are several bad aspects with this one. Your backline will struggle to follow, and you can end up out of position. So, what to do? It’s really easy. You just need a target: a hero, a creep, a tower…

This way, everybody can follow, and you won’t be at risk! Another tip: when ennemies are missing and you’re clearing a wave, you can preflip a creep to use it in case of danger. This is the combo without Apocalypse at lvl 20. This will come with some training. It requires a precise range: it should not be too short, nor too long. Well, let’s go, let’s analyse. We’re gonna watch our game on Infernal Shrines against Fnatic I’m not gonna talk about the draft because it’s not the point of this video, however, I will analyse it and try to explain how and why we play this way. With this draft, they will most likely have Blaze on the top lane since they already have a lot of wave clear with Rehgar and Kael’thas in this rotation. Also, they need some peeling because we can be pretty aggressive. We really lack damage before Tychus’ lvl 4, and their quadman is better than ours.

Our earlygame is all about surviving and not letting them push. We know from the start that we will lose rotation, and that we don’t need to be aggresive. I decided to go for Devil’s Due at lvl1, I don’t think any other talent is better. This talent allows you to play more aggressively during the objectives thanks to the fountain. Also, you have more presence in lane because of your sustain. As I said at the begining, their quadman is better: we don’t take any risks, and play very defensively. It’s too bad, if I had a better angle on this creep we could have killed Hanzo. I could have moved a bit further to the top to get a better angle, but maybe Hanzo would’ve moved away. Close call for him! We are being ganked: Arthas and KT both miss their CC.

Malfurion gets out and we punish them. At lvl4, I pick the range on Diablo’s charge (From the Shadows). Always pick this talent. I don’t necessarily explain our rotations and positions since they have more pressure than us. We can only react to what they do, not the other way around. I decided to engage on Hanzo here for two reasons: they’ve been missing for a while now, and Malfurion and Tychus should be ready to follow. Sadly, they were still as 4. The timing must have been off, maybe I went in too deep for Malfurion to follow. Then it turns bad for us. At lvl7, you have two choices: you can either take the Soul Shield or the Diabolical Momentum. On this map, you should always take Diabolical Momentum, no matter what since Diablo is just a beast on the Shrine phases. On other maps, it’s different: you need to know if you can survive their damage according to your support. If you can survive without the shield, prioritize the Diabolical Momentum. However, we win the objective thanks to a better split.

One of the main strategies when you’re pushing with a Punisher is to destroy a wall before he arrives so you can put even more pressure. When defending, you want to pull the Punisher to clear it more easily. The wall is destroyed, I can now take position. Now Arthas has two choices: pull with the Cleanse, or Icebound, if he uses Icebound, I will still be able to E/Q I’m already in position, I’m spamming E to pull him towards us. The cleanse being too slow, Arthas will still get flipped. Here I really don’t understand why I didn’t use Q on him.

We wasted one kill. Ouch ouch ouch, I remember this, I was mad at myself. Such a kill is really important, and we didn’t even know how Arthas died…… until we watched the replay… We got the keep, no need to push more, my team rotates into the middle and I’ll grab the last wave for XP. Now we are lvl10, we need to play more aggressively and on their side of the map. We need to keep snowballing. Not much to say here, they are lvl9 so they can’t take the fight. We will just push and take our camps. Now it’s tricky as they reached lvl10: they know that we will have our lvl13 for the Shrine, so they will most likely try to make something happen.

We just need to play safe until then. Always pre-tap with Diablo before objectives. You can’t use the Fountain when you’re full, so you can just use a spell before. Entomb used, I instantly Apoc and charge: we want some fast action, and I can’t die thanks to the pre-tap. Thanks to Diabolical Momentum, I have already another charge ready. It’s your primary source of damage after lvl13. Always try to see if you can have some angle to use it. Gul’dan is low, we need to get back into formation.

I got an angle on Blaze, I need to take the opportunity. Blaze is out, Arthas is now in a bad position. fffffffffffff Once more, I have no clue what I didn’t use my E. It was a freekill. There was some miscommunication here. We wanted to Entomb on the Punisher’s jump and go in with Apoc and Q, for an, instant kill. But.. They need to take this teamfight, no matter what. If they don’t, we will have our lvl16 for the next shrine. They have no choice. I push Arthas towards us, but flip him so he can’t stick to Gul’dan.

Blaze is low and stuck to the walls, I just need to Q and finish him. We’re 3 levels and a talent ahead, we need to take advantage of this and push the mid. Malfurion is in a bad situation, I must peel for him. I really wanted to charge Kael’thas into the Entomb here.. but I didn’t have my CD, and when I did, I got root… *sigh* No tunnel vision: they don’t need me with Arthas, so I will just go help with the left side.

There’s no way we can lose now, they can’t have lvl16 before the next shrine, and the map is ours. We just need to do the camps and get ready to take the lead on the objective. See this? This is d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. Diablo has a lot of bugs, mainly with walls. For some reason, Rehgar doesn’t take any damage… It was a mistake from me. I should have Apoc in the Entomb before I charged. If I did use Apoc, I would have been safer and they wouldn’t have been able to help Rehgar. After this, we’re just going to core. And we’re done! I hope you enjoyed this video, I’m already working on the next one! It’s gonna be about Muradin, it will be more interesting regarding rotation, and information taking, rather than pure mechanical plays. Thanks for the support and you’re welcome to give a thumps up if you enjoyed the video, bye bye !

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