Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold. For anyone who’s been following my Heroes guides for a while, you know that I love trolly characters who can go into the thick of things, negate ultimates, pick on one person and get a kill, and then heal to full. Well now, you can do it ON A GIIIRRRL! Long story short, I think Tracer is my new favorite hero in the game. I’m serious, I love this hero, like, maybe more than Murky. She’s been out 5 days, I’m almost level 12 with her. Let’s do this guide. . Tracer, the newest assassin in Heroes of the Storm, and today we’re going to be talking about my recommended talent build, I have some drills, recommended team compositions, and counters. But before any of that she has a basic combo you should know. Shoot at someone from range, blink in, smack em in the face, throw a bomb on them, and then blink out to keep shooting them. If you’re ever in trouble use your recall. You’re super sticky and can chase people down like no one else.

If you stay mobile, you not only do a lot of damage, but you confuse the enemy team kindof like Nova does. Juke around enough and eventually, they stop trying to do damage to you altogether, giving you free range to wipe the team. So yah, Tracer is essentially Illidan, if he was a ranged character, and if he was Nova. Yah. Confirmed. In fact, let’s start this off with a little trick. With practice, you can chase someone under towers and take no damage. Go into Try mode, set infinite cooldowns, and practice blinking into tower range and recalling out before the bullets hit you. Once you get this timing down and start going this deep against players in game, they’re gonna get a little scared of you. If you don’t know what her abilities actually do, let’s go over that real quick. She holds 3 charges of her Q, Blink, which has a 6 second refresh timer.

Try to keep a charge available if you’re fighting so you can escape, but otherwise, use it as a mobility enhancer and as an engage to get your W off. Speaking of her W, it’s got the very boring name, “Melee.” You hit people in the face and get 10% of your ultimate if that smack hits a hero. This hits hard, (a little more than half of Sgt Hammer’s BFG) almost double the damage of Azmodan’s globe unbuffed, so use it often.

Her E, recall, rewinds her to where she was 3 seconds earlier and removes DoTs like poison, chain bombs, and can remove certain ultimates if you time it right. Speaking of Ultimates, she gets her Pulse Bomb at level 1, and you can buff this at level 10 for more damage, cooldown reduction, or slow. Of course since it does ½ the health of most heroes you want to use Pulse Bomb as a finisher, but since you can potentially get a pulse bomb every seconds, feel free to use it as just another ability.

One quick playstyle note before I go into talents. The only thing that Determines whether or not you go in on a teamfight is if you have recall up. It’s not available? Well shucks, better hang back and wait for them. It is? Great! Go play, Tracer! Have fun! Get a kill, recall back to your healer, and get another. Ok, let’s do my recommended talent build. Level 1: We’re gonna take Slipstream. This reduces Recall’s cooldown by 15% and increases the time you rewind from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. This has a lot of synergy later, but even early game, there’s rarely a time where being somewhere you were 4 seconds ago is worse that 3 seconds ago.

Survivability is important. Level 4: Unless you have a morales or a healer you really trust, take “Is that a health pack?” Like Xul’s skeleton build, which doesn’t actually have any teamfight sustain, this allows you to go INTO fights with full hp. Tracer is mobile enough she can escape if things ever go wrong, but if she’s at half health at the start, 1 stun and a little follow up will take her out. If you have a morales, you can take Unstoppable, which is 2% extra damage per kill, stacking 15 times. This makes Stim a terrifying ult for the enemy. Level 7: At 7, we’re taking Spatial Echo all the time. If things go bad, you need to run away. Sometimes recall is enough, but often having 2 stacks of blink makes sure that you get the hell out the second you’re outnumbered. On tracer, keep your health as high as possible and just poke until it’s time to go in and kill someone.

Another cool thing about this talent is that if you’re ever fighting in one spot and out of blink charges you can recall to your current location and blink again. Use sparingly. At level 10, I mean, they’re all good, and I’m probably gonna get in trouble here but I don’t like Pulse Rounds. The extra range is good if you can’t hit skillshots, but that’s why I made drills for you. I’m recommending Quantum Spike. It does 10% extra damage to your primary target. Not that this isn’t just Heroes. If you’re fighting a garden terror, that’s an EXTRA 10% health gone from it. Merc camp? 10% Freakin the Core? 10%. I have a feeling that for organized competitive play Sticky Bombs will be more valuable because a 60% slow for 3 seconds is huge if you have teammates who can always follow up. For the easy stuff like Quick Match and Hero League, just take Quantum spike and be a carry.

Level 13: We’re going to take Leeching Rounds. This heals you for 20% of your damage when you attack heroes. It’s just good. The other two are wave clear. Tracer is not a specialist. Stop clearing waves, and go kill people. What’s that? You can solo Bruisers without Bullet spray? 1. Learn to kite. 2. Stop getting camps and go kill people. You’re Nova mixed with Illidan. You should be looking for opportunities to kill people the whole game. Level 16: Everything on this tier gives you an autoattack damage boost. Sleight of Hand gives you 20% more dps all the time. Focus fire gives you 30% more dps some of the time. And Locked and loaded gives you 35% more dps all the time. So, we’re going to take 35% all the time. The reason why this has the lowest win rate is because it’s hard to hit buttons. You have to hit the D any time you reload whether you’re blinking or ulting, and you also have to hit it when you mount up or hearth.

I have 4 practice drills in a few seconds to get good at this. Level 20: Here, take Total Recall. The heal is just game-winningly phenomenal when timed properly. The only other option is Get Stuffed! which you want to consider if the enemy Dehaka, Tracer, or Uther have consistently been negating your pulse bombs. The cooldown reduction and knockback are ok, but the best thing about this talent is controlled demolition of your bombs. Ok, let’s talk drills. These are all in try mode on the target dummy. Do each drill until you kill the dummy and try to maximize your dps. Use the preferred talent setup, but take pulse rounds at level 10 since quantum spike ruins the fun on the target dummy. Drill 1 Reloading: Circle around the target dummy and just boost your reload.

Don’t Melee and don’t use your ult. Also, try to just look at Tracer rather than her reload bar to know when to press D by her animation and the autoattack firing. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick, but the goal here is to miss no more than 3. Target dps is more than 440. If you miss either of those, do it again. The highest I’ve gotten is 444. Drill 2: Circle around the target dummy in melee range. Boost your reload, melee on cooldown and use your ult. This gets you used to hitting a target with your ult while you’re moving, and gets you used to the short CD of your W.

Repeat this until you can do more than 555 damage per second. If both your bomb and melee are up at the same time, use your bomb first and then melee hit for maximum charge rate.. Drill 3: This one gets you used to Tracer’s combo. Circle around outside of melee range, boost your autoattack, and whenever your W is ready, blink in smack them in the face, and blink out. Use your ultimate whenever it’s up. This one can feel hectic and gets you used to Tracer’s mobility.

With practice, it turns her frantic button spam into a normal dps increasing rotation. You’ll also notice that you don’t always have 2 stacks of blink up when you need to melee. The actual abilities here are the same as drill 2 so any dps loss is from your inefficiency with the rotation. Redo this until you can nail 540 damage per second out of the park. Drill 4: This is as realistic a drill as I can simulate.

Rather than circle, just loop back and forth on the left hemisphere, like you’re chasing a target, but try to stay on the outer rim of your range to get used to being as far away as possible. Use your 3rd blink whenever it’s up. Whenever you can Melee, blink in, smack em, and blink out, use your ultimate, and finally, use your recall on Cooldown. This teaches a couple of things. First, that recall removes your damage boost, so to maximize dps, try to recall immediately after spending a full clip. Next, how to stay in range of your target while keeping your distance so you take less damage and deal as much as possible.

It also gets you used to your blink and recall CDs and gets you used to tracking where you were 4 seconds ago. Let’s talk combos, tracer is absolutely ridiculous with a morales and they can 100% carry a game. Go in, punch someone in the face, throw a bomb on em, take a bunch of damage, and then recall to morales who can heal you to full in 2 seconds. And then you’re at full health so you can go kill another person. Also, since almost all of Tracers attack damage comes from autoattacks, Stim is ridiculous and can melt through an entire team.

However, I would recommend slight of hand over Locked and Loaded if you’re planning on getting stimmed, because timing the reload can be difficult if you’re reloading every ½ second while also worrying about being the focus target. I’m gonna make some enemies here, but Tassadar is horrible with tracer, at least with this playstyle. When you go into melee and bomb someone, you’re either stunned out or focused usually, so your bubble is gone. You find yourself at half health, without a bubble, and without Tass being able to help you. So you have to disengage from that fight and let whoever was there die if they can’t get out. Mentioning stuns, I’m gonna finish with the best counters to Tracer. She does crap AoE damage so single target heals are great. If you stun tracer when she comes into melee you, she’s dead. By those powers combined, we have Uther! In my opinion, his ranged stun is the best counter to Tracer. Blinds are ok, but you need to build a team around it: have a Johanna and Lili and make sure you’re not overlapping Jojos flashlight with Lili’s wind.

One of the best ability counters is a really well executed Wailing Arrow whenever Tracer engages. Suddenly, she can’t recall, blink or burst, and she’s at half health in Melee range of the enemy. That is the opposite of where you want to be as Tracer. So that’s the guide guys, hope you enjoyed. If you’re new to the channel, subscribe, you’ll get my videos on your front page, and I mean, I think that’s a good thing, right? See y’all tomorrow. Bye!.

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