Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re going to be doing a guide on How to play Zagara, the Starcraft 2 specialist, in Heroes of the Storm. Now, I’ve always liked Zagara. I mean, she’s a specialist and has been one of my most played since Alpha. But, I fell in love with the Zagara, one game when the opponent completely covered the map in creep by 4 minutes in. She one of the best early game characters in the game. She provides amazing vision and map control as the match moves into late game, and is the quintessential lane bully. Also, if your team is ever losing, she’s super fun to roleplay. Alright, so let’s talk about what her abilities actually do before we move on to talent selection.

Her Q shoots out 4 banelings that do AoE splash damage around the first thing they hit for a decent amount. It’s not too much, but it’s ok. Don’t use this very much in the early game laning or you’ll OOM yourself. It’s great for grouped up teams and quickly clearing out multiple minion waves if you ever start to get overrun, since you can shoot it inside the little horseshoe that the minions make. Her W puts a really annoying hydralisk on people that chases them, but can’t cross walls or anything until the lvl 13 talent upgrade. This does a ton of damage if it hits for its full duration, so use this on heroes to poke from a distance and zone people away from minions or mercs or teamfights. Whatever. Her E drops a ball of 2 Roaches on a target location and does a surprising amount of damage. The roaches themselves do a piddly amount but roaches and autoattacks are great for pushing out a lane. They’re also great for blocking projectiles, like soaking stitches hooks, Li Ming’s arcane orbs, and tower shots.

Now, her trait is creep tumor, and I could probably do an entire video just on Creep but I’ll try to keep this short. Every 15 seconds she gets a charge of creep tumors, which she can place to give vision over a small area. Now, most people only think of creep as vision, but it can actually does a lot more than that and with all of its abilities combines, Creep is one of the best traits in the game. It gives you +20% move speed which lets you engage, disengage, and maneuver teamfights better. It also heals you up for 4 health per second at level 1. Which, you know is not a lot, but it’s decent recover during laning phases.

And one of the most undervalued things, is that it gives everything you summon +20% move speed when they’re on the creep. So, this makes your banelings harder to dodge. It lets your mutalisks catch up to people who are trying to run away from them. In a nutshell, you want to have creep everywhere, lol. You want it where you’re fighting so you can heal up, in possible gank locations as a ward, so you don’t surprise die, and covering map objectives like the boss, enemy siege camps, and the spider queen turn in. Let’s get into the talents though. For this build we’re going to go almost 100% creep focused. This wasn’t considered viable until recently when some of the pro teams started running it, but it’s absolutely fantastic. At level 1, we’re going to take Reconstitution. This triples our health regen when we’re on creep.

So, it takes us from 4 health per second at level 1 to 13 health per second. That’s a 45% health heal every minute as long as you’re on creep. At level 20 it’s almost 1400 healing per minute, and you can compare that to a Tranquility, which heals for 1250. So with this we have a lot of sustain in lane early on and really good regen for those long drawn out poke fights. At level 4, even with a creep build, there’s a really strong argument for Envenomed Spines, which increases your attack range, your damage, and adds a small poison DoT, but we’re gonna with Tumor clutch. This reduces the cooldown on our creep from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, and makes it cost no mana. So with this you can put down 24 creep nodes before your first one runs out.

That is a LOT of map control. At level 7, we’re taking Endless Creep. It doubles the size of your creep which makes it a lot easier to Quickly expand your map coverage. Also worth noting is that this talent is marginally defensive. With larger creep, it’s harder to see where the node is, so an enemy Tyrande for instance is foing to be wasting her mana and Lunar flare cooldowns trying to clear your creep instead of trying to hit you with that skillshot. At level 10, we’ve got some exciting news, Nydus network now heals you and recovers mana when you’re in it, so you can use it for travelling around the map, but also for a quick heal during a teamfight. I’m still going to recommend Devouring Maw though just to get the basic idea of Zagara down. With Devouring Maw, while grabbing the whole team is amazing if you can wombo combo em, It’s better to focus out 2 or three people, usually ranged assassins or healers so that you can blow up a few of the other key targets without them getting any heals. At 13 and 16, we’re taking Mutalisk and Brood expansion.

Now, there’s a lot of argument between which Hydralisk upgrade you take, but Mutalisk does more damage to single target people in the long run, 1900 dmg vs 1500. Mutalisk also has a chain attack and can fly over walls, so it’s just better. And since we have creep everywhere, it’s fast enough to keep up with people during that entire duration. Baneling Massacre, Metabolic Boost, and Stoneskin aren’t bad talents, but the Muta’s are just so strong that unless you go with a Battle momentum build, you can’t really afford the DPS loss. For level 20, I generally take Fury of the Storm if I’m behind, since it lets you clear waves and merc camps super quick so you can get back to defending. Bolt of the Storm is great depending on the map and so good Blizzard is sunsetting the talent, and Tyrant Maw is situationally amazing if you find yourself in a bunch of teamfights. It not only makes maw deal 1300 damage to anyone it grabs rather than the normal 800, but any kill teamfight kill reduces the Cooldown on it by 30 seconds.

So hypothetically, If four people die after you cast maw, you could cast a second one immediately. Alright, early game setup, let’s go. When you just start a match, put some creep nodes at key gank bush locations on your side of the map. Putting nodes on their side might be tempting for the vision but just imagine every bush early game has two people in it. It’s not worth. Also, keep 1 node next to your towers so if you get in trouble, you get the move speed and healing as you disengage. For laning, don’t use banelings early or you’ll oom yourself, and instead just drop roaches and clear the waves with autoattacks. Whenever a hero gets in range of you, just W and put a Hydralisk on them. Now, here’s the important part. When you’ve killed off your lane minions and have at least 2 creep tumors saved up, go run up and spread your creep.

You’re forcing your lane opponent to either respond to your creep or respond to your push and either way, you’re going to overrun them in one avenue. Now if you’re up against 3 people instead of just one, form a U with your creep around your towers in a really safe area and keep expanding that creep forward. In this case, you don’t need to “Spot for ganks” because everyone’s there already trying to kill you. Just play safe and stay back near your towers so that they have to come in and take tower hits to engage on you. But you’ve got the move speed so you’re fine. And the last thing I’m going to say about creep. A big part of SC2 was button spam, spamming buttons even when you didn’t need to press them. With Zagara, one thing that can go wrong is great creep early game but then forgetting as time goes on and you get into more teamfights and fights over objectives. So if you aren’t always comfortable with the amount of spread you have, I’d recommend spamming D, repeatedly pressing it throughout the game so you get used to the cooldown of the creep and using creep tumors even when a teamfight is going on.

It’s a little awkward at first, but once you get that internal timing of every 10 seconds putting a creep down, you’re good to go and you can start placing it more creatively. Alright, merc camps. You’re excellent at taking camps so if there’s an opportunity where you can grab one easily, do it. It gives your team the tempo lead and allows you to overwhelm your lane if you push with them. Have a creep tumor down so you get the healing, open with roaches and use your Hunter Killer from actually a distance, kind of back up before you use it, so that your roaches and you tank the damage from the camp, rather than your Mutalisk. Now when it comes to teamfights, you want to be positioned back and use your long range autoattacks, your banelings, your roaches to whittle the enemy team down. Keep a muta up on the focus target, usually the healer, the whole time and If you have the opportunity to maw that healer or the backline, you know, do it. Zag works well with people who can take advantage, who can capitalize on her maw with a great sundering or Rain of Vengeance, people like Valla, Jaina, Gazlowe, Thrall, but be careful if you’re playing with an ETC or Falstad who relies on people actually being there and not in Stasis to maximize their dance parties or Lightning Cannons.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for watching my how to Zagara. I’ll be putting out one character guide a week every Tuesday, and if you want to see more, make sure you like this one and subscribe. In the comment tell me…I don’t know, the pros and cons of international sanctions. Talk to you guys later! Bye!.

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